How To Choose The Best Bridal Party Dress Fabric

How To Choose The Best Bridal Party Dress Fabric

Whether you’re having a small party at your local club or have Magaluf Events planned out, you need to look your best at your bridal party. From dreamy and romantic to elegant and refined, fabric shapes the essence of a bridal party dress. Design, cut, and style go hand-in-glove with fabric to bring a designer’s vision to life. When you find the perfect fabric for your body type, the effect is magical. Whether you are looking for plus-size bridesmaid dresses or a dress for your mother-in-law, be sure to do some research into a variety of fabrics and styles, so you can find dresses to please everyone.

From form-fitting to free-flowing, read on for more about the most popular bridal party dress fabrics available for Bridal parties and tips on how to choose the best fabric for you.

Chiffon Bridal Party Dress

Best Bridal Party Dress Fabric - CHIFFON Seeking sophistication and effortless beauty that’s easy to wear? Choose chiffon! Made from silk or rayon, transparent chiffon is often layered or placed over other thicker fabrics. A dress designer’s favorite for its dreamy drape, chiffon’s light-as-air quality makes it a comfortable choice for all body types and bridal party members. In low-cut bridesmaid dresses, an inset of sheer chiffon adds coverage without being fussy or old-fashioned. Used for sleeves and wraps, it conceals and adds a touch of modesty. Layered chiffon creates a visual effect that distracts the eye without adding weight for an effortlessly elegant look, making it a great pick for any body type or pregnant bridesmaids. Perfect for any party you have prepared using Party Rentals Springfield equipment making you able to host.

Jersey Bridal Party Dress

Best Bridal Party Dress Fabric - JERSEY Soft and stretchy with a laid-back, easy drape, jersey provides fun swing and comfort! Jersey has substantial texture without being heavy, making it a good choice for concealing the body and a perfect pick for junior bridesmaids who need to feel at ease on the big day. As under the layer of a mother-of-the-bride dress or bridesmaid dress, it is easy to move in and perfect for hours on the dance floor!

Sequins Bridal Party Dress

Best Bridal Party Dress Fabric - SEQUINS The secret to sequins for bridal party dresses is deciding how much shimmer and shine you want, and where you want it. In addition to bringing bling, strategically placed sequins can trim waistlines and draw the eye away from imperfections. A general rule of thumb for bridal party dresses is to keep sparkle to a minimum so that the bride can shine. However, if the bride loves her glitz and glam, there’s no reason to hold back on sequins.

Satin Bridal Party Dress

Best Bridal Party Dress Fabric - SATIN The essence of sophistication, satin is simply a fabric finished with a glossy surface and a dull back. This finish can be used on many fabrics including silk and polyester with silk being the most popular fabric for satin bridal wear. Choose the satin look that works best for the wearer. Body-hugging satin is lustrously sleek and brings on the glam. A slightly thicker, structured satin, such as Duchess, can emphasize the artful design of a bridesmaid dress and lends a royal air.

Crepe Bridal Gowns

Best Bridal Party Dress Fabric - CREPE Light and thin with a slightly crinkled surface texture, crepe dresses bring a breath of fresh air with their soft, flowing feel. In modern and minimalist designs, crepe adds a look of softness while enhancing the smooth lines of the bridal party dress design. A layered crepe can bring the depth of color to a dress and add fluid movement. When it comes to bridesmaid dresses, consider crepe for the graceful drape it provides.

Tulle Bridal Party Dress

Best Bridal Party Dress Fabric - TULLE Tulle is the “secret ingredient” in princess-worthy poofs and jaw-dropping bridesmaid gowns. The stiff, open weave makes it ideal for adding shape and volume to the lining of a dress. Used in overlays, tulle takes center stage in tiers or layers for a romantic look. Used under a short bridal party dress, tulle adds a fun vibe, and in longer styles, it provides a whimsical charm. Choose tulle bridal party dresses for delightful, dreamy, and playful styles.

Lace Bridal Party Dress

Best Bridal Party Dress Fabric - LACE Nothing says romance and classic elegance like the delicacy of lace. Available in a variety of styles and patterns, lace adds an exquisite refinement to any bridal party dress. Be sure to consider the varying body types of the bridal party when choosing a lace dress or pattern. Too much lace or an elaborate lace pattern can overwhelm shorter frames. A full lace bridesmaid dress is a stunning way to convey the romance of the day, while a bridesmaid dress adorned with delicate lace appliques can add just the right amount of tenderness. For flower girl dresses, lace accents add a charm of innocence and sweetness. Lace is a lovely fabric for achieving a timelessly romantic look for your bridal party.

Beaded Mesh Bridal Party Dress

Best Bridal Party Dress Fabric - BEADED MESH Beaded mesh brings versatile elegance and glamour to any bridal party look. Beads add a touch of class and work well with the drape of mesh to create a style that is timelessly chic. Create a beautiful balance of glitz and grandeur when you select fully beaded-mesh bridesmaid dresses. You can also opt for subtle sparkle by choosing a mesh bridesmaid dress with a bead-patterned skirt or bodice. A beaded-mesh bodice combined with a mesh skirt can create a flattering bridal party dress for nearly all body types, especially pear-shaped figures. The easy, flattering drape of the mesh skirt will complement the lower half, while beading in the torso will draw the eye upwards, balancing out the look to create a shapely silhouette.

Jersey Mesh Bridal Party Dress

JERSEY MESH A loosely woven, strong fabric, jersey mesh goes the distance as a smooth, pleasant, and reliable fabric to wear from sunrise until well after sunset. Used in the bodice of a bridal party gown, jersey mesh brings the comfort and breathability of a favorite top to a formal dress. Jersey mesh is a great choice for balancing a full tulle skirt, and it also works well on its own. A floor-length jersey meshes bridal party dress provides an easy, flattering drape. Jersey mesh is a great choice for bridal party dresses, as, by design, it’s easy and comfortable for anyone to wear.

Glitter Mesh Bridal Gowns

GLITTER MESH Glitter mesh combines the comfort of mesh with sparkle, without adding weight to the bridal party dress. More subtle than sequins, glitter mesh is a good fabric choice for adding understated shine and shimmer to the bridal party. Glitter mesh can be a fun, expressive choice for junior bridesmaid dresses and flower girl dresses as well. When combined with sequins in a sophisticated pattern, glitter mesh can bring elegance and a slimming effect to a variety of body types, making it ideal for achieving a stunning bridal party look.

Dupioni Fabric

DUPIONI Distinctively elegant with a sumptuous, iridescent sheen, dupioni is a raw silk fabric that is heavy and slightly thick. Perfect for all shapes and sizes, dupioni bridal party dresses hold their structure and effortlessly accentuate the wearer’s silhouette. Additionally, the sheen of the fabric can help distract and draw the eye away from problem areas. Refined without being stuffy, dupioni is a perfect fit for mother-of-the-bride gowns, as well as a flattering choice for bridal parties with an array of bridesmaid body types.

Georgette Gowns

GEORGETTE Although it is sheer and light like chiffon, georgette is slightly thicker and provides a bit more structure. Made from polyester or silk, georgette is nearly weightless and can be used for specific areas of a bridal party dress, such as sleeves or long, sheer hemlines. Like chiffon, airy georgette can be layered without adding bulk, making it ideal for petite body types, as well as maternity or plus-size bridesmaid dresses.

Sateen Bridal Party Dress

SATEEN Sateen has the same luxurious shine as fabrics in a satin weave, such as silk. But it is made from cotton and rayon. Bridal gowns are extremely soft and durable while still conveying lavish. the glossy look of satin. It has a beautiful shimmer and is most flattering for all body types! when laid over tulle or another supportive fabric.

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