How To Get Hailey Baldwin Glowy Look In 5 Steps

How To Get Hailey Baldwin Glowy Look In 5 Steps

How To Get Hailey Baldwin Glowy Look In 5 Steps

The model looks don’t come cheap! Hailey Baldwin shares her surprisingly easy glowy make-up routine that requires just ten products – but they will set you back a whopping $572!

Hailey Baldwin, a 21-year-old model, grew up in Rockland County, N.Y., and now lives in Brooklyn. The daughter of the actor Stephen Baldwin, she has modeled for Tommy Hilfiger, Guess, and more, and she is a beauty ambassador for BareMinerals, a makeup brand.

Below, she shares her skincare, beauty, and life advice.

Skin Care

I should wash my face in the morning, but I usually don’t. I like Dr. Barbara Sturm skin-care products. I came across her stuff through a makeup artist during Paris Fashion Week. Dr. Sturm came to my hotel and took blood out of my arm and made these creams she’s known for.

I use the custom blood moisturizer and some of her serums, like her Glow Drops. Essentially they make you glowy, but they also give you this really nice natural lift. I’ve also done the PRP facials with her. I’ve found that they maintain my skin really well.

If I’m traveling, I really love Shiseido Benefiance masks for my eyes. I do it on the plane. I don’t care if I look like a crazy person.

I’m adamant about washing my face at night. I use coconut oil to take off my makeup. It cuts through the mascara and all the makeup. Then I use Dr. Christie Kidd Facial Cleanser and my normal Dr. Sturm products.


When I’m off-duty, I’m usually wearing really minimal makeup. For me, social media is pretty integrated with real life. I have no problem showing my bare skin, and a lot of the time when I’m photographed, or when you see photos by paparazzi, I’m not wearing any makeup.

I know that not everyone is comfortable with their skin. Some people feel confident only with a full face on. It’s whatever works for you. Just be true to yourself.

But if I’m not completely bare face, I like products that are good for my skin. I use a little bit of concealer, mascara, and then Complexion Rescue by BareMinerals. I really like the BarePro Glow. It’s like a liquid blush and highlighter in one. For the daytime, I wear that and I don’t contour, but if I’m going out, I use the company’s powdered bronzer.

I love a nude lipstick that’s as close as possible to the natural shade of my lip. They’re hard to find. I like the ones by Tom Ford. I also really like the Charlotte Tilbury lip liners called Lip Cheat. Sometimes I wear that solo with a little lip balm.

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I wear Fleur Narcotique by Ex Nihilo. It’s so good! Somebody gifted it to me a couple of years ago, and I’ve kept it as my scent. At first, I didn’t know where to find it when I needed to restock, so I’d wait until I went to Paris to buy it.


I was blond as a child, and now my hair is more like a sandy blond that can get very blond in the sun. During the summer, I don’t touch it. Otherwise, I do have it highlighted.

The thing is, my hair takes forever to grow. I take all the vitamins possible, and it still grows only a quarter of an inch every six months. It’s especially hard when you have to bleach it for work — it’s hard to keep it nice and healthy. Just the other day I decided to tone it a little darker so I can leave it alone for a while.

I use Ouai shampoo and conditioner by Jen Atkin. She also does a scalp and body scrub that’s one of my new favorites. I didn’t even know about scrubs for hair, but it feels great, and the smell is so good. I like Olaplex on my hair every couple of weeks.

I sleep with coconut oil in my hair. I also put coconut oil in my hair if I’m going to the beach or if I’m going to a pool. I use coconut oil a lot.

Other Services

I’m big on the chiropractor. In L.A., I see Jocelyne Miranda. I’ve had many people work on me, and honestly, she’s the best I’ve ever used. I started seeing her because she worked in a doctor’s office I was going to. I used to be a ballerina, so I’ve done everything as far as physical therapy goes.

Diet and Fitness

I generally like things that are upbeat because otherwise, I get bored. I do Rumble boxing all the time. It’s basically 45 minutes of intense boxing and cardio. And I enjoy SLT — it’s really hard. I also like hot Pilates or hot yoga at Hot 8 when I’m in L.A.

It’s hard to eat super-healthy when you’re traveling, especially in other countries where you don’t have your go-to places. I try to juice as much as I can. My thought is, if I can’t have a salad, then I’ll just drink one.

I’m definitely conscious of what I eat, but I don’t think about it in terms of some special diet. That’s more of an L.A. thing. L.A. culture has a lot more vanity to it than New York does. I enjoyed growing up on the East Coast, away from that kind of thinking. I would like the same for my kids.

How To Get Hailey Baldwin Glowy Look In 5 Steps

Hailey Baldwin 5 step Glowy Look guide

She uses ten products, including a Tom Ford palette and MAC mascara

The priciest item is her Dr. Barbara Sturm Glow Drops, which costs $145 a bottle!

Dr. Barbara Sturm The Skincare Guru Behind The Famous Blood Moisturizer


When you grow up privileged and go on to become a famous model in your late teens; you develop a taste for expensive things. Just look in Hailey Baldwin’s make-up bag. The 21-year-old took fans through her beauty routine in a new video for Vogue; it becomes apparent pretty quickly; that just because her look is easy doesn’t mean it’s cheap. Her tutorial, titled ‘Hailey Baldwin’’s 5-Step Guide to Faking a California Glow,’ includes just ten different products, which cost a jaw-dropping $572.

Step 1

The first product she pulls out is the most extensive! Dr. Barbara Sturm Glow Drops, which ring up at $145 a bottle. According to the brand, the skincare liquid has ‘potent anti-aging compounds’ that hydrate and refine pores, providing an ‘instant glow’.

Hailey drops the liquid onto her hands, rubs them together, and then rubs it on her face.  ‘I use my hands on my face because… I know where my hands have been,’ she says.

Step 2

Next, she moves on to a $53 Tom Ford concealer, and dots on under her eyes and above her brows. ‘I was always told to tap your concealer. Don’t rub it,’ she says.

Adding more on her cheeks, she notes: ‘I get really red because my skin gets really, really dry, especially when it’s allergy season.’

After that, she uses the Tom Ford Shade and Illuminates palette, which costs $82, on her cheekbones and hairline for contouring. She also puts it on her cheeks to make her look, a tanner.

‘I’m really, really picky about my eyebrows,’ she goes on. ‘I usually just brush them and call it a day, because I don’t like my eyebrows to look too done.’

For this, she uses the brush end of the Estée Lauder Brow Now Brow Defining Pencil, $25. Then, with her fingers, she applies Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer, $62, a pink blush.

Step 3

‘I think when you’re doing a sun-kissed glowy type of thing, you bring it across your nose, it kind of makes it actually looks like you got caught in the sun,’ she says.

Hailey goes back to that Tom Ford palette for highlighter, dotting it around her eyes, nose, and Cupid’s bow with her fingers.

Next is Giorgio Armani Beauty Luminous Silk Powder Foundation, $62, applied with a Sephora brush. Oddly, she puts the powder on after her blush and bronzer, but just ‘right in the areas where I get a little bit oily’.

She also uses the Tom Ford palette for eyeshadow, before finishing her eyes with a $19 MAC Extended Play Lash Mascara.

Step 4

‘If I had to choose two things to take to a desert island, for sure it would be lip balm and mascara. I would die without lip balm,’ she says, putting the mascara on her bottom lashes as well as her top ones so they aren’t ‘abandoned.

After using the Sephora brush to dust on Laura Mercier Face Illuminator, $44, she pulls out Sisley Paris Phyto-Lip Twist, a $50 tinted lip balm that she applies gingerly before tapping with her finger.

Step 5

‘The last thing that I do is always a little bit of lip color,’ she says, but the ‘final, final, final thing’ is sun protection — care of Supuergoop! Invincible Setting Powder, a $30 SPF powder.

Finally, Hailey musses her hair and pronounces her look complete, preening for the camera.


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