How to Pick the Perfect Birthdays Cake

Birthdays are special – every person has their own special day, unless you have a twin, or triplet etc.  A cake just makes that day even more special when you have others help celebrate– so choosing the right cake is important.

Here are 4 to help get you started:

How to Pick the Perfect Birthday Cake Size: The number of people you plan to serve will determine the size cake you need – whether you buy it or make it.

Budget:  Depending on what type of cake and where you buy it, a birthday cake can get expensive. Many people choose make birthday cakes for their loved ones, which is perfectly fine. Have fun!

Bakery: If ordering a cake, visit a few bakeries, then decide. Check out the baker and their reputation –ask friends, family, co-workers for their recommendations.

How to Pick the Perfect Birthday Cake Type and Flavor: Depending on the age of the person’s whos birthday is being celebrated, the type of cake you order should be appropriate. Children like character cakes and ice cream cakes while young adults like themed cakes.  Mature adults seem to prefer the fruit filled and ice cream cakes as well.  Some just like the good old-fashioned birthday cake with white icing and well-wishes.

When in doubt, ask the birthday boy or girl what they would like – chocolate is always a big hit! And don’t forget the ice cream!

Happy Birthday!



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