11 Most Popular Balenciaga Bags

Most Popular Balenciaga Bags

Spanish luxury fashion house, Balenciaga is one of the most successful and well-regarded brands in the world today. Known for cutting-edge, almost abstract designs, the most popular Balenciaga bags are beautiful, stylish, and timeless, which makes them a good investment too.

Fashion designer Cristóbal Balenciaga opened his first boutique in Spain back in 1917. After moving operations to Pairs in 1937, his relentless drive, passion for niche-design, and incredibly exacting standards catapulted the Balenciaga brand to explode onto the catwalks of Paris and beyond.

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11 Most Popular Balenciaga Bags

Balenciaga has produced a multitude of stunning bags in a variety of styles and sizes to suit every occasion. We have selected eleven of the best Balenciaga bags that have become hugely popular due to their attention-grabbing edgy designs.

1. Balenciaga Hourglass Small Top Handle Bag

Understated isn’t a word in Balenciaga’s vocabulary, even when designing a classic style bag. Presented in a light, almost lime green, the Hourglass Small Top Handle Bag is made from grained calfskin. It features a matte silver ‘B’ logo hanging from the overhanging flap.

Classic, elegant, simple – these are all appropriate descriptors for this bag, but one word that could never be used is dull. The sharp lines and curved bottom edge, as well as the subtle sheen of the grained calfskin, make it feel sophisticated.

This is the bag Miranda Priestly would wear to a formal function, not your mother’s funeral bag. With magnetic closure, a back pocket, and an interior zip pocket this small bag packs a big punch.

Hourglass Small Top Handle Bag



2. Balenciaga Ville XXS AJ Tote

The trend for mini and micro bags has been fading of late. After the microscopic bags were toted by stars like Lizzo, there has been a return to function over form designs.

Despite this, Balenciaga has a stunning range of mini and micro bags that have never quite gone out of style. This cute bag looks and feels more substantial than its metaphorical boots. So pink it might easily be classed as neon.

With bold, block lettered ‘Balenciaga’ on the body; this bag ties into so many early 2000s trends that it may as well be Paris Hilton’s love child. Despite this, it feels authentic rather than tacky. The small grain calfskin and high-quality dressing materials prevent it from looking or feeling cheap, too.

Designed to be a statement piece more than a day-to-day bag, it’s very small, but the inner zipped pockets and card compartments make the most of what space there is.

Ville XXS AJ Tote



3. Balenciaga Cabas XS Tote

Casual yet striking, this canvas and calfskin top handle bag is very in keeping with the current smart-casual style that Balenciaga champions. The contrasting monochrome panels of black calfskin leather and white canvas depict the ‘Balenciaga’ logo.

The bold, block letters give the bag an almost sporty feel which is offset by the classic handbag silhouette it employs. The open top and side snaps are reminiscent of a classic tote. And it certainly has a similar inner space with zipped pockets and a detachable pouch to keep valuables separate.

The detachable shoulder strap is a nice touch, too, as it makes the bag easy to carry when the shorter top handles are inconvenient.

Cabas XS Tote



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4. Balenciaga Shopping XXS Tote

A cute and quirky love letter to the classic shopping bag given when one purchases luxury goods, the XXS Tote is simple but effective.

Block lettered ‘Balenciaga’ logo stamped to the front, makes this small, minimalist bag perfect for those who like statement pieces. For those who prefer a more striking color, there are white and red versions available, which are ideal for more casual wear.

As a small tote, there’s not a massive amount of room inside this bag. Although it is perfectly capable of carrying all daily necessities like your phone, wallet, keys, and some essential makeup items.

The bright red hue of Balenciaga’s Shopping XXS tote is sure to encourage any outfit. Stamped with the label’s logo, this structured accessory is crafted from patent leather and finished with contrasting black leather top handles.

Shopping XXS Tote



5. Balenciaga B Dot Cross-body Bag

If you want a classic, sophisticated crossbody bag that can transition from day to evening easily; the B. bag is perfect for you. Compact, sturdy, and simply presented it nonetheless has the look of luxury.

Available in multiple colors, including this fantastic yellow, as well as a crocodile effect version this is surprisingly demure for Balenciaga, but it is undoubtedly beautiful. The soft, high-quality leather is complemented by the bold ‘B.’ logo in either gold or silver-tone (depending on the version you choose).

With an adjustable shoulder strap and inner compartments, this bag may be small, but it is mighty. But if you’re willing to travel light, this bag can go anywhere you do!

B Dot Cross-body Bag



6. Balenciaga Classic City Leather Tote

The iconic Balenciaga ‘City’ bag has seen many iterations, so this mini bag is only the younger sibling of a large family. Despite this, it is truly eye-catching.

The trend for mini bags may be waning, but it isn’t dead; amongst the real fashionistas, there is still a degree of appreciation for this off-the-wall style.

After all, high fashion has always valued form as much as, if not more than, function. Available in a range of colors from blue to white, this is a funky little bag that comes with interior zip pockets, a front zip pocket, and a leather framed mirror.

The top handles are big enough to be looped over the elbow, but those who want to wear it over their shoulder will need to use the detachable shoulder strap.

Classic City Leather Tote



7. Shopping Phone Pouch Shoulder Bag

If you want to channel your inner Lizzo and rock a truly ‘mini’ mini bag, then this shopper-style phone holder bag is for you. With the simple, printed logo and a metallic sheen to the body of the bag, it’s a little whimsical.

The rounded top handles are really designed to be hand-held, but there is a detachable shoulder strap for convenience. Of course, you really cannot fit much other than your phone, card, and lipstick into this bag so be prepared to travel light or wear a jacket with pockets. Better yet, reserve it for fancy events as a statement piece!

Balenciaga Shopping Phone Pouch Shoulder Bag



8. B Dot Quilted Leather Bucket Bag

If you have ever wanted a luxury handbag that transports you to your youth, this Balenciaga bucket bag is for you! But if you were born before the mid-80s, then it’ll just take you back to the early 2000s.

The chunky, quilted body and drawstring effect top, all made of high-quality leather; reminiscent of the style that was popular from 2005 – 2010 (as well as a staple in highschool across the country).

If this sounds like a criticism, it isn’t; this is a well-made and genuinely attractive bag that has an element of fun and bold swagger which isn’t really common anymore.

The ‘B.’ logo is understated but ties in with the detailing. This fairly spacious day-to-day bag will stand the wear and tear of regular use.

Balenciaga B Dot Quilted Leather Bucket Bag



9. Sharp XS Satchel

Compact, stylish, and bold – those are the words that best fit this bag. The lizard-embossed, polar white calfskin leather and a stylized mirrored ‘B’ logo in aged, matte gold make this bag really stand out from the crowd.

The top handle gives it a sleek, compact look, but there is a detachable shoulder strap for ease of use. Unlike many bags, the inner lining is leather, which gives it an opulent and hardy feel. While the two compartments make organization a breeze.

The addition of zipped inner, front, and back pockets is a nice touch. Not big, but capable of carrying essentials; this is a day to evening bag which balances beauty and functionality perfectly.

Balenciaga Sharp XS Satchel



10. Vanity XS Round Bag

Looking to make a statement? If this pillar box red, crocodile embellished, round, raw-edged handbag doesn’t fit your requirements, then you’re definitely Extra (possibly with an extra x).

Few bags manage to be simultaneously bold, vibrant, quirky, and elegant, but the Vanity XS bag manages it well. The top handle is definitely the go-to for drama, but if you need to keep your hands, there is a detachable shoulder strap.

The Nappa lambskin lining adds a touch of extra luxury. At the same time, the inner patch pocket makes the most of limited space by letting you keep cards or cash separate.

While the mirrored ‘B’ logo is embossed into the leather, there are a few gold touches in the form of the strap attachments and zipper handles. This offsets the otherwise block coloring nicely without disrupting it.

Balenciaga Vanity XS Round Bag



11. Ghost Medium Shoulder Bag

The Ghost shoulder bag may be the closest thing that Balenciaga has ever made to a ‘standard’ handbag. Deceptively dated in its shape and style, this simple black shoulder bag comes to life when the light hits it.

The different textures and raised edges elevate it and define the sharp, clean lines. This understated bag feels almost like a feminine briefcase, which makes it perfect for professional functions and more serious evening affairs.

The inner space is limited thanks to the bag’s slim designs and rigid, but it is more than tall enough to house your phone, wallet, and makeup essentials. Only bulky items will cause an issue.

Balenciaga Ghost Medium Shoulder Bag



Producing clothes with never-before-seen silhouettes and shapes was a calling card of Cristóbal Balenciaga. The best Balenciaga bags we have reviewed are popular due to their edgy designs and attention-grabbing looks. Balenciaga brand continues to carry the torch for its beloved founder and strives to produce revolutionary shoe and handbag designs.

How to Spot Fake Balenciaga Handbags

Balenciaga one of the world’s leading luxury brands, so no surprise that the market flooded with Replica Balenciaga handbags to almost epidemic proportions. Spotting fake Balenciaga handbags not as difficult as some other brands if you know what to look for, the big three (price, material quality, and craftsmanship); the first things you need to investigate. And will in most cases reveal whether the bag you’re purchasing is authentic or fake.

Spot Fake Balenciaga Handbags

Below, we’ll discuss the specifics of how to spot replica Balenciaga handbags.

How to Spot Replica Balenciaga Handbags

Real Balenciaga Handbags Price Vs Fake

Balenciaga is a premium luxury brand and its handbags range in price usually from the high hundreds up to thousands of dollars. Their handbags rarely go on sale, and if they do, discounts are not substantial. If you see them with 30% discounts, it’s a sure bet they’re replica Balenciaga handbags. Do your research. Visit the website or go to the retail store. You’ll be able to get a sense of what your particular bag is worth and any large deviations in price will tell you what you’re dealing with.

Real Balenciaga Handbags Details and Material

Studying the real bag will also show you all the details and where they should be. Knock-offs usually miss something in the details. Balenciaga handbags are renowned for their unique leather texture and quality. Until 2007, Balenciaga used exclusively goatskin for their handbags due to its thin and supple texture. After 2007, the brand switched over to lambskin due to supply and cost restraints as well as a rise in lambskin demand by customers.

The older goatskin leather handbags have a slightly softer texture than the lambskin, but regardless, Balenciaga handbags have a unique grade of leather unrivaled in the industry and it’s the first thing you need to investigate when authenticating your desired purchase. Look for a slouch in its shape due to the soft and thin vegetable-tanned leather. If the bag is stiff or shiny, it’s most likely a replica Balenciaga handbag.

Real Balenciaga Handbags Zipper and Hardware

Balenciaga uses Lampo zippers on all of its bags. The brand’s logo engraved on the underside of the zipper. Be sure the logo identical to the brand’s underlined, lower-case italics. Any font inconsistencies mean you’re looking at a fake Balenciaga handbag.

Balenciaga uses either brass or silver hardware on their bags. These metals are highly dense, making them strong and heavy for their size. They are also natural minerals so watch for excessive shininess. If you think the hardware feels brittle, light, or looks very polished, the bag could be a fake.

Real Balenciaga Handbags Stitching

There is one place where even the very best replicators fall short. Craftsmanship something cannot be copied for pennies on the dollar. The first place to look is the stitching. Look for crooked, loose, and uneven stitching. Balenciaga handbags have impeccable stitching quality. Look for uneven cut or trim lines. Everything must be centered with clean edges. Tassels are supple and pliable, not stiff.

Real Balenciaga Handbags Tags

Although tags can be easily copied, here are a few things you should know: the serial numbers on the front and back of the tag must be the same; the front should read “Balenciaga Paris”, whereas the back should read “Made in Italy”; every model has its unique serial number and it should emboss on every bag’s tag (except for the first number).

Our final piece of advice is to avoid buying replica Balenciaga handbags by shopping only from reputable retailers. There are only a handful of authorized retailers of Balenciaga handbags.