How to Spot a Fake Coach Designer Purse

Affordable Coach Designer Bag Styles

How to Spot a Fake Coach Designer Purse

Learning how to spot a fake Coach purse can be difficult if you are not familiar with what to look for. Your best defense against fakes is to research the product and become educated on its qualities. More and more replicas are looking much like the real thing, making it hard to tell the difference between what’s fake and what’s real, armed with a little information you can more accurately tell the difference.

Learning How to Spot a Fake Coach Purse

It is not always easy to spot a fake Coach purse. Fakes are becoming closer to the real deal, but there are some things to look for that will tell you if the bag in question an imitation of the real Coach handbags. The way to spot the fakes is to become familiar with the Coach brand and before purchasing a purse, establish what makes it unique and what you need to look for in that particular bag. Here are some things to consider:

Logo and Design

  • Coach uses signature Cs in their design. Fakes often use Gs or Os.
  • The Coach Cs always in pairs and they are facing each other. The Cs also need to line up that is one of the top questions to ask when looking at authenticity. Don’t trust a bag that has singular Cs.
  • Coach introduces new colors often. Check their website to see if the bag in question is online. Most of their styles are on the site, so if there is a style that you can’t find, then it may be a fake purse.

Fabrics and Materials

The materials and workmanship are extremely important to quality, authentic Coach purse.

  • The hardware used on a bag is heavy and done either in silver or brass. They never use plastic or plated metal.
  • Coach leather is buttery-soft and feels high-quality. Fakes are often done in leather or plastic.
  • The dust bag might be a giveaway. Coach classically uses a chocolate brown dust bag with red stitching and a red drawstring. The bottom right will feature the logo in white. However, when purchasing an accessory, Coach tends to use a white dustbag with the logo situated in the bottom right-hand corner in red.
  • Coach makes sure that all their stitching is done perfectly. They do not use cheap thread or sloppy stitches, and there shouldn’t be unfinished stitches either. Bag Vanity states that uneven or poor stitching is a dead giveaway of a fake Coach product.

Creed and Serial Numbers

  • Since the 1970s, each authentic Coach bag has had a creed that consists of a leather square panel. This creed contains a style number, as well as a unique serial number. It’s perfectly centered, always stitched onto the bag, and never glued on.
  • The creed itself provides details of the origin of the bag and how it has been manufactured. Sometimes fake Coach Bags contain a creed with an abundance of typos or spelling mistakes.
  • In recent bags, the style and production codes have been attached separately from the creed. These are seen on a small white tag often sewn inside a pocket.
  • The serial number is stamped into the fabric of the creed of an authentic Coach bag. If the bag fake, it might contain a serial number that has been inked on.


Also, be aware of the price of a bag. Most Coach Purses cost around $300. If one is selling for much less, then you have good reason to be suspicious.

Commonly Faked Coach Handbag Styles

There are a few Coach Bags that are replicated time and time again by knockoff sellers. Here’s an outline of some common styles and how you can tell if the bag in question is fake or real.

Signature Shoulder Bag With Monogram Print

  • Coach prides itself on their high-quality craftsmanship and the ability to produce near-perfect bags. You tend to spot a fake Coach Monogram print from a mile off as it looks imperfect even from a distance.
  • As mentioned previously, Coach Cs are always in pairs facing each other.
  • Check the seams of the bag in question. If the Cs aren’t lining up or are cut off in any way, it’s a fake. The pattern must always look neat, align organically, and be symmetrical.

Coach Prairie Satchel

Coach Prairie Satchel

Crossbody or Shoulder Purse With Full Logo

  • A lot of Coach purses nowadays contain the full designer logo, which consists of a man holding a whip on a carriage being pulled by two horses, the name “Coach” in capital letters, and the words “New York” or “Est. 1941” underneath the name.
  • As this is such a detailed logo, if any elements of the logo are missing, then you know the purse is fake.
  • Also, Coach has a signature font with a pointy capital “A”. You can tell if the bag is real just by analyzing the font.

Coach crossbody clutch

Coach Crossbody Clutch

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Duffle Shoulder Bag With Turnlock

  • The duffle bag is one of the most iconic Coach purses of all time. One of the most recent variations of the bag has a turn-lock fastening.
  • Also, the shape of the hardware should be paid attention to, as it can contain some very obvious differences. For instance, authentic Coach turn locks have a wider outer circle, but the lock itself is quite thin in comparison.
  • Furthermore, a lot of fakes mistakenly put the name “Coach” on the bag’s turn-lock, even though the real deal doesn’t have this as a style feature.

Coach Duffle Leather Bag

Coach Duffle Leather Bags

Authorized Coach Sellers

Coach authorizes the following retailers to sell their products:

  • Coach stores
  • Official Coach Outlets
  • Authorized department stores

They don’t have individual distributors or make their purses available through house parties. Also, Coach doesn’t authorize street vendors or flea market stands to sell their products.

Shop for Coach Bags With Confidence

The coach was founded in 1941 and continues to be a quality manufacturer of leather goods. Coach maintains the highest standards for materials and workmanship. They not only offer superior products, but they also pride themselves on their outstanding customer service, so it’s easy to see why so many women love the bags.

When shopping for a Coach bag, the trick is to know your product before purchasing a purse. Be familiar with the Coach line and go visit a store in person to feel what an authentic purse feels like. Touch the leather and be aware of the purse’s weight. Once you know what to look for in a bag, you will be able to feel what a real bag is like compared to what a fake would feel like. Essentially, if it seems like the deal is too good to be true, then it probably is.

Coach Signature Handbags

Coach handbags have become so popular that Coach is now offering a line of stylish signature handbags among their many collections. Many of these are on the more affordable end of the spectrum, making them ideal for consumers looking for a Coach bag that promises long-lasting style without breaking the bank. When you want a stylish, versatile, and long-lasting bag, Coach Signature Styles may be a good option.

The Look of Coach Signature Handbags

Coach signature handbags are easily identified by the traditional “C” logo pattern. Silver-tone hardware and a satin interior often accompany the style of these handbags, while the Coach creed and serial number are always embossed inside the bag.

Why is it so important to identify these features? It is important because these bags are often replicated by clever manufacturers; identifying serial numbers and characteristics of Coach Quality are a must in order to guarantee the authenticity of your purchase.

Signature Styles

Coach is constantly updating the look of its signature styles. Basically, all the term “signature” truly means is that the jacquard “C” pattern is the prominent focus of the bags’ exterior. Sometimes the “C”s are bold and large, and sometimes they present themselves in a miniature signature pattern. Depending on the season, Coach will find new ways to dress up this jacquard style with special trims, embellishments, and other details.

However, regardless of seasonal styles, Coach maintains what is called the Signature Shop. These Coach bags offer a variety of simple styles in limited colors and neutrals. Though the classic signature collection is not the most fun or flashy of Coach’s line, these handbags represent the solid quality that has made Coach a trusted and beloved name through the years.

The classic collection includes bag designs of all sizes and shapes, such as shoulder bags, messenger, and swing packs.

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Everyday Shoulder Bag

The Edie Shoulder Bag 31 is the ideal style if you are looking for a quality everyday bag. Designed with the brand’s soft signature jacquard and a 9 1/2″ strap, the Edie 31 comes in light khaki/chalk and costs about $300.

Edie Shoulder Bag 31 In Signature Jacquard

Edie Shoulder Bag 31



Versatile Swingpack

One of the most endearing styles featured within the signature line includes the North/South Swingpack, which is worn across the body like a mini-messenger bag. The bag design offers convenience for the multitasking fashionista on the go who doesn’t want to be weighed down by a large purse.

The slender bag has a zip closure and is made of signature fabric and leather trim. Available in two colors, khaki brown or black, the Swingback bag costs about $135.

Signature North/South Swingpack


Great Bags for Work

Those looking for a sturdy bag for the workweek to easily transport their laptop and other essentials have two unisex signature bags to choose from:

  • The Hudson 5 style comes in midnight blue and black for around $500. When it comes to carrying this bag, you have the option of clutching the handles or adjusting the strap as a cross-body style.
  • Another signature bag style for the professional is the Metropolitan Map in coated canvas or leather. The bag design features multiple pockets and a strap to wear on your shoulder or across your body. In the coated canvas, the bag is available in mahogany or charcoal for about $345. In the leather style, this bag comes in black for about $425.

Hudson 5 Bag In Signature Leather

Hudson 5 Bag

Signature Fabric Styles

Though Coach introduces new styles and fabrics all the time, there are a few that stand out in the crowd.

  • Jacquard: Many of the signature bags within the collection are made of woven jacquard, as well as custom jacquard and leather mixes.
  • Crossgrain: This fabric consists of scratch-resistant leather.
  • Coated Canvas: Durable canvas leather that consists of refined pebbled texture.

Back to Classics

The Coach Company has been around for over sixty years, and today it still manufactures its handbags with the same care and vision characteristics at the start of this handbag empire. Coach is bringing back some of the classic favorites that launched the brand, with their simpler designs and minimal hardware.

Straight from the archives, you’ll be looking at nearly vintage messengers, clip hobos, and multifunction totes, which have the same bound leather edges; soft tanned cowhide or water buffalo leather, sparkling hardware, and the signature water-resistant travel twill fabric. For long-time Coach Fans who enjoy more casual and frill-free carriers, these designer handbags are a real treat.

Purchasing Information

Due to the fact that Coach Signature handbags are now victims of the replica industry, it is not recommended that you purchase Coach Products from unauthorized vendors or online auctions such as eBay. Instead, the latest Coach favorites can be easily purchased at Coach Retailers nationwide. Coach outlet stores also carry a slew of discounted styles and nearly all Coach Products can be bought online from the official Coach site.

Find Your Signature Statement

Whether you are a Coach Bag enthusiast or someone who is simply looking for a timeless logo luxury handbag, a Signature Coach bag is a wise option. Before making your purchase, consider how you would use the bag while on the go, what’s within your budget, and what complements your style. With a bag from the signature collection, you have the option of simple and minimal designs that will withstand the fast trends.

Affordable Coach Designer Bag Styles At Lower Price

Coach is arguably one of the most desirable, in-demand handbag brands. The brand’s popularity is not surprising when you consider the impeccable craftsmanship, timeless style, and wide assortment. Coach handbags hold their value and there is definitely a re-sale market for them on sites like eBay and Poshmark.

While a high-end Coach bag can retail for as much as $1,600, you can snag one of these fashionable bags for a lot less if you’re retail savvy. A number of styles are available for less than $400.

Coach Crossgrain Leather Courier Crossbody

Coach Crossgrain Leather Courier Crossbody


A woman with classic style needs a go-to bag that will work with a range of looks for the office or on weekends. The Coach Crossgrain Leather Courier Crossbody has a zip-top closure and multifunctional pockets. Featured as one of the brand’s latest styles, this hands-free, adjustable bag is budget-friendly at around $145, thanks to its timeless and compact design. It is available in coral, pink, and blue.

Leather Crossbody With Trendy Western Rivets

Leather Crossbody With Trendy Western Rivets


Women who want to add some edge to their luxury handbag collection without breaking the bank should make note of the Coach Western Rivets Glovetanned Leather Crossbody. This rivet-covered bag costs about $180 and has a convenient snap front closure along with several pockets to hold cards and other items you need to have close while zipping through town.

Although Coach offers modern bag designs, trendy leather styles such as this one with rivets are sure to be found on sale. A leather bag that is on-trend for a lower price tag from a quality handbag brand is always a win.

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Coach Edie 31 Shoulder Bag

Coach Edie 31 Shoulder Bag


What woman doesn’t love flowers? The roomy, burgundy pebbled leather Coach Edie 31 Shoulder bag is designed with a burst of colorful floral prints and costs around $170. Women who want to incorporate floral-inspired prints into their wardrobes will love this choice.

When shopping for a lower-priced Coach bag, considering one such as this vintage-inspired, leather print style from a previous season is a good idea. Often times styles from previous collections have timeless features such as this one.

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Glovetanned Leather Saddle Bag

Glovetanned Leather Saddle Bag


Every woman’s closet needs a little black bag. If you have been looking for a timeless bag design of great quality, the Coach Glovetanned Leather Saddle Bag 18 is the ideal choice for you.

As trends come and go, this small leather saddlebag is a take on the brand’s larger iconic style and design for a lower cost of only $225 and can be worn year-round.

Coach Pebble Leather Swagger

Coach Pebble Leather Swagger


The Coach Pebble Leather Swagger 15 is the perfect bag for commuting to the office during the week. The compact and modern bag design is seasonless and easy to coordinate with casual outfit look, even when you are off the clock. You can expect to pay around $190 for this bag design, which comes in two colors, bronze, and platinum.

If the more costly and larger Coach Satchel Swagger bag designs have been on your radar, but not within your budget; this smaller and trendy twist on the hardware of the iconic design is better for fashionistas who want to watch their spending.

Signature NS Crossbody

Signature NS Crossbody bag


Logo lovers who enjoy wearing their fondness for a brand will love this crossbody design from the Coach Signature collection. Available for under $110 in a range of neutral colors, the Signature NS Crossbody is made of PVC and is the perfect accessory to accent a casual outfit such as jeans, a chic blazer, and knee boots.

Coach accessories made of PVC imitation leather texture are often the least expensive.

Madison Diamond Python Mini Lex Carryall

Madison Diamond Python Mini Lex Carryall

Nothing makes a classic dress fiercer than a gorgeous python bag. The Coach Madison Diamond Python Mini Lex Carryall has top carry handles and a shoulder strap, giving you different options for how to hold your bag while making a grand entrance. This showstopper bag costs about $250.

With this bag being one from a previous collection, you get an amazing price on an eye-catching bag design.

Coach Versatile Chelsea Pebble Leather Bag

Versatile Chelsea Pebble Leather Bag


One of the best things about versatile straps is outfit styling options. With the Coach Chelsea Pebble Leather Bag, there are three ways you can carry it for any type of look ranging from casual to a night out, to a mid-morning brunch with friends. Women shopping for less expensive Coach styles will find this small modern leather bag for about $225.

It embodies the design characteristics of larger bag designs offered by the brand, but its smaller size makes it more affordable.

Coach Smooth Metallic Leather Phone Crossbody

Smooth Metallic Leather Phone Crossbody

For a night of fun and dancing; sometimes all a woman needs to have by her side is a dainty bag. Smaller accessories, such as this cute crossbody style, are often offered at lower price points. The Smooth Metallic Leather Phone Crossbody costs about $100 and has room for your cell phone, money, and credit cards. Squeeze in a tube of lipstick, and you’re ready for the town.

Coach Signature Pop Crossbody

Coach Signature Pop Crossbody


Making a statement while running weekends is always a fashion ‘do’! Whether styling a denim-on-denim look, or casual types of dress, jacket, and pair of boots, the Coach Signature PVC EW Pop Crossbody is among the timeless designs from the brand’s signature collection. The bag has an adjustable strap with leather trim and costs around $215. As a classic bag design from a former collection, this bag is a worthy find that has timeless appeal.

Coach Turnlock Bag

Coach Turnlock Bag


The Coach Turnlock bag (just under $202) in glove-tanned leather is a versatile choice and features one of the most eye-catching statements of the brand – the Turnlock. Since 1964, the Coach Turnlock has been an iconic hardware design element; making this compact bag a good deal with its signature touch.

The bag comes in a range of hues, such as the bright coral shown, along with Lapis blue, oxblood purple, lovely brown saddle, and black neutral hues. The bag can be worn with a jumpsuit and jacket on the weekends or with a sleek dress and comfortable heels during the week.

Coach Chelsea In Signature Jacquard

Chelsea in Signature Jacquard


Taking on the city during the weekend calls for a stylish sidekick. For under $200, Coach Chelsea Bag in Signature Jacquard is a steal. Between the various options, you have of wearing across your body or over your shoulder. And the brand’s subtle graphic iconic signature jacquard, you simply can’t overlook the budget-friendly price tag.

If adding Coach handbags has been on your personal wish list, consider taking into account the types of looks you want to wear with your bag. Taking this assessment will help you to zone in on the best Coach designer bag styles to purchase. Armed with ideas from the list above; you will easily be able to score a stylish and cute bag for a reasonable price.