How to Spot Fake Coach Handbags

How to Spot Fake Coach Handbags

How to Spot Fake Coach Handbags

Due to its popularity, there are vast numbers of replica Coach Handbags on the market today. Coach is a high-quality brand of designer purses and accessories from the United States. The perfectly constructed Coach handbags, from the excellent stitching and design to their choice of fine materials, along with their more affordable prices, allows Coach to deliver unmatched value and is an industry leader in almost every category. The following is a resource list of ways to identify and how to spot replica Coach Handbags.


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How to Spot Fake Coach Handbags

  • Let’s start with the price. Like all top designer brands, price is a dead giveaway. This is the easiest way to identify replica Coach Handbags. The level of quality materials and workmanship is so high that authentic Coach Handbags are simply not available below a certain price. If the price is too good to be true, it’s a fake. New authentic Coach Handbags are usually priced from the low two hundred and can go into the thousands of dollars. Do your research. Know how much your bag is worth before you buy it.
  • Next, consider materials. Coach only selects the top ten percent of leathers and treats its Signature Jacquard fabrics for stain and water resistance. Expect only the very best leathers and fabrics on Coach Handbags.

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  • Coach hardware is primarily composed of nickel, brass, and gunmetal. Although zipper pulls can be made of leather or other materials, the zipper mechanism is exclusively made by YYZ; a high-quality brand of the zipper that inserts its insignia into the mechanism itself. Look for the tiny YYZ initials. Most magnetic snaps are stamped with COMAG or ROMAG and a pat pend number.
  • Coach Signature Collection purses usually have a solid interior lining. There is no “C” lining Signature bags in production that we’re aware of.
  • All authentic Coach Handbags will have the signature credo patch on the inside with a serial number stamped on it. It’s a square leather patch close to the top, near the inner zipper. The registration number contains 3-4 characters followed by the style number that has 3-6 characters. For example, F06S 8K47. The first group of numbers contains the year the bag was made, in this case, ’06. Coach purses also have a certificate of authenticity, although this can be easily copied.

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  • The Coach Signature Fabric should have a perfect “C” except for some new patterns like the Optic. The C patterns are often mirroring each other, symmetrically laid out with precision. The mirror pattern should align the dead center of the purse, with the remaining pattern continuing symmetrically to the edges of the bag. Some replica Coach handbags will have a distorted pattern, often looking more like a “GG” instead of the “CC” of the original Coach brand. Also, watch out for misalignments in the pattern. The mirroring of the C’s must be precise. Coach aligns its patterns horizontally, not vertically.
  • Meticulous craftsmen sew the Signature patterns in this manner and discard the excess fabric that can’t be used – a process too costly for replica manufacturers. Technology has given imitators the ability to make more accurate copies that not easily spotted.
  • Fake leather bags are easier to spot. The quality of the leather significantly inferior and so are the hardware and fixtures. Authentic Coach Purses use high-quality materials exclusively. Replica bag leather is hard, coarse or not even real. Knowing your leathers can go a long way in helping you identify replica Coach Handbags.


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  • The leathers and fabrics cut evenly. Watch for areas where seams sewn down and double-stitching.

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  • The most commonplace for error is in the stitching. Look out for signs of sloppiness. It should be uniform in length and color, straight as an arrow and it should also align perfectly with the seams. The coach sewed with careful calibration. Replicas usually never get all the stitching right. Watch out for over stitching, crooked alignment and inconsistent thickness and gaps between stitches.
  • Look for glue residue around the seams. Replicators often glue the seams before stitching to prevent the seams from moving. Remember, replicas assembled either mechanically or by cheap, unqualified labor, so there are no craftspeople present for quality assurance.
  • Because of the wide selection in the Coach collection, we recommend extra caution. When shopping online, try finding a picture from the Coach’s official website and compare it to the one interested in buying. Better yet, go to a Coach store and take a close look at it (if possible). Being familiar with the product will help you identify replica Coach Handbags.

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  • If you see that a seller or retailer using stock photos (cut and paste pictures from the Coach website); insist the seller provides you with pictures of the actual item for sale. Request large, clear pictures that include the interior credo tag; up-close stitching interior lining and hardware. Watch out for blurry pictures.
  • Although Coach uses materials like fine Italian leather; its product development offices spread around the world. It isn’t recommended to rely on where the product assembled as verification of its authenticity. For example, a large percentage of Coach Products assembled in China; but a large percentage of Coach Knock-offs also manufactured in China. This is simply not a reliable way to identify replica Coach Handbags.