How to Stock the Right Ingredients

How to Stock the Right Ingredients

How to Stock the Right Ingredients

How do you know what ingredients you need to stock to do the type of cooking you like to do?

How do you know what ingredients you need to stock for those special meals? Actually, the process for deciding is far easier that one might think. With today’s technologies, you can do it stress-free while you continue to multi-task.  Here are a few tips to help you stock your pantry and always have the right ingredients on hand as well as substitutes.

Easy as 1-2-3

Step 1 – cruise the internet and find some recipe sites that interest you

Step 2 – set up a profile and start saving recipes

Step 3 – be sure to add all the ingredients to your shopping cart

Continue to do this until you feel you have a sizeable collection of recipes. Now it’s time to print off your shopping list. Compare the items from all your lists. Some sites let you sort and categorize. Let the site do most of the work for you. Once you have the list looking the way you want, you will see the products that seem to show up most frequently. For example, some of the most common ingredients you should always stock are as follows, regardless of what type of cooking you do:

  1. How to Stock the Right Ingredients Baking Powder
  2. Baking soda
  3. Bread flour
  4. Canned tomatoes – unseasoned
  5. Chicken stock and beef stock (cubes or ready to use)
  6. Cocoa – unsweetened
  7. Coconut milk (canned)
  8. Corn Meal
  9. Condensed milk
  10. Confectioner’s sugar
  11. Crushed garlic packed in water
  12. Evaporated milk
  13. Fish stock cubes
  14. Fresh garlic cloves packed in water
  15. Ginger
  16. Granulated sugar
  1. How to Stock the Right Ingredients Masa Harina
  2. Onions/Onion flakes
  3. Plain white flour
  4. Self-rising flour
  5. Shredded coconut
  6. Stewed tomatoes
  7. Teriyaki sauce
  8. Turmeric
  9. Lemon & lime juices
  10. Wheat flour
  11. Yeast Packets

Stock Spices

  1. Stock SpicesAllspice
  2. Cinnamon
  3. Cloves
  4. Cumin
  5. Lemon peel powder
  6. Onion powder
  7. Oregano
  8. Parsley
  9. Powdered garlic
  10. Rosemary
  11. Sage
  12. Thyme

This partial list is a great start to your pantry. You can always add items as you find you run out of them more frequently and cut back on the stock of items you hardly ever use.

Be sure to store all your spices in airtight jars and containers.  If you are designing a special foods section in your pantry, you may want to visit some online stores that are trustworthy for the special spices.  Buying online can prove to be cheaper than specialty stores at times and that odd spice you have been looking for is available.

Be sure to only buy from reputable online dealers. Read as many of the reviews as possible until you have convinced yourself one way or the other.