How to Wear Suede Shoes In Style

How to Wear Suede Shoes In Style

How to Wear Suede Shoes

Although it’s often disregarded, suede is a key fabric to own. The alternative to your leathers, it’s just as versatile for your shoes as it is your jacket. Read on for the full guide on how to get the most out of your suede shoes. 

Men’s Suede Boots

Many men often see purchasing suede shoes as being a particularly risky decision. Although suede can look extremely stylish, it’s not always practical for every occasion. While this is a valid concern to have, you really should have a bit of suede in your footwear arsenal. Here is your full guide on how to wear (and where to wear) suede shoes.

One of the most classic types of suede shoes a man can wear is undoubtedly a pair of suede desert boots. These are a true classic of men’s footwear fashion. As with much of popular fashion, desert boots originally had a military purpose. British soldiers fighting in the western desert campaign of World War II were some of the first people to wear this type of boot – hence their name.

Investing in a pair is the perfect way to spruce up your wardrobe, especially for autumn. It’s the perfect alternative to men’s black boots. If it is the case of you opting for a pair; we can’t stress enough on the two points you always need to keep in mind. When looking for a pair always consider 1) quality and 2) color. You need a pair which will last for more than one season, so opting for shade and design which can keep up with your lifestyle is vital.


The suede boot is the most versatile shoe out of the family. Easy to dress up for a semi-smart vibe or to tone down for your casual attire; it’s the perfect day to day shoe (just avoid extreme rain or weather). If opting for a chukka boot, dress accordingly to create a comfortable body silhouette. Overdressed and skinny-fit can affect the proportion of the shoe, looking a tad oversized. To conquer the morning challenge, we’ve devised a look that can be found in your current wardrobe. Flannel shirt, a jersey tee and a pair of slim-fit jeans are the effortless combinations for any men’s tan suede shoes. Additionally, it’s easy to mix and match your color palette of choice, and a look that can be tailored to any persona.

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 Scott Disick carries grunge look with suede Chelsea boots off well



The suede boot is an easy transition for the wardrobe. While being great for the day, you can also play around with your ‘dress-to-impress’ wardrobe and add a dose of suede. While the suede boot has a story to tell, make sure your outfit does too. This means, opt for a smart look that is timeless for the modern man. From the feet up, opt for a pair of chinos or a smart trouser. Then, move on to throwing on a blazer and layering up with an overcoat. If the autumn season is in full swing and the weather is still a bit chilly, don’t be afraid to layer up more underneath with a fleece. For this, go for either tan or grey suede shoes.

a tonal look with suede shoes

 This wintery look has a great balance and creates a tonal look with these suede shoes


Smart Suede Shoes

Suede Loafers

Out of all the styles of suede shoes, you can wear, a pair of suede loafers is probably the most adventurous. However, this isn’t to say that they’re any less stylish. Suede loafers are more of a statement piece of clothing; especially if you want to dress prim and proper (and also to avoid the cliche of leather). Commonly sold in more tonal shades, loafers are the stylish brown suede shoes that every man needs in his wardrobe. 

How to Wear Suede Loafers: Smart-Casual

As we said, it’s the shoe built to give your image a touch of sharpness; so, no tapered jeans, hoodies and definitely no sweatshirts. However, this doesn’t mean they are the be-all and end-all of the dressing suave. So if you want to make the suede loafers smart casual, bring out your key formal pieces and switch to alternative details. Instead of a shirt, opt for a T-shirt. If the combination looks a bit bare, add a dose of a stripe to the situation. To make sure your blazer doesn’t look miss-matchy over the rest of your look, pair with a smart trouser in a subtle grey. Lastly, step into your suede loafers and you’ll ready for drinks at the bar.

How to Wear Suede Loafers - Smart-Casual

 Men’s Tassel Loafers


How to Wear Suede Loafers: Smart

When given the smart dress code, we are quick to jump on the suit, smart shoes and tie combination. Classic, we can’t deny, but easy and undoubtedly predictable. When it comes to suede loafers, seize the opportunity to go for a different look, especially with men’s tan suede shoes. Keep the blazer but switch the trousers for a pair of jeans, preferably selvage denim. Plus make sure the jeans don’t bag around your ankles – they need to finish before the loafer starts because there’s nothing worse than baggy jeans paired with loafers.

How to Wear Suede Loafers: Smart

 This formal look is complete with some brown suede loafers

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Men’s Suede Oxford Shoes

If loafers are a bit too catered to the summer season for you, then switch to suede Oxford shoes. Oxford shoes have an extremely long and rich history of men’s fashion and are therefore a perfect example of the evolving nature of fashion. Although Oxfords traditionally come in black or brown leather, today you can find a pair in many different shades and materials, including the much-loved suede. Suede Oxford shoes are perfect if you need a formal shoe but want to bring some modern style and innovation to the look.

How to Wear Suede Oxford Shoes

Like any Oxford Shoe, the beauty of them is that you can dress accordingly smart, and casual – without them looking too out of place. For this season, we have become fans of the doubling up – especially with denim. However, if the double blue is becoming a bit repetitive to your wardrobe, switch to the alternative of suede. As adventurous as this look sounds, it’s dead simple. Opt for a western suede jacket and a simple black tee. Then, for cool and collected, go for a black or blue dark chino. We must stress, always remember to make sure your suede shoes and jacket coordinate by color.

How to Wear Suede Oxford Shoes

 Pair a tonal suede jacket with suede loafers for the perfect look


Suede Derby Shoes

Derby shoes, although being extremely similar to Oxford shoes, have minor distinct differences that make them unique to one another. The difference between an oxford and derby shoe comes down to the stitching of the lace section on the upper of the shoe. On the one hand, Oxford shoes have ‘closed stitching’. This means that the stitching for the lace eyelet tabs is under the vamp of the shoe. This can make the shoe appear neater and more flat on top, also allowing for more brogues detailing if you want. Alternatively, Derby shoes have ‘open stitching’. This effectively means that the stitching for the eyelet tabs is only along the edges of the shoes upper and is open. This allows your foot more freedom in the shoe, as you can loosen the laces and pull the tabs open.

White jeans and blue suede Derby's

 White jeans and blue suede Derby’s, what else could you want?


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How to Wear Oxford Suede Shoes: Casual

Like a minimal pair of trainers, suede Oxford shoes can be worn with pretty much anything. For example, if a sports-lux look is too close to comfort, switching to Oxford shoes can provide a touch of smartness. Making the most of this season’s essentials; pair your shoes with a matching bomber jacket. Make sure to keep the colors coordinated and not so much the fabric. Lastly, keep it simple and minimal like the shoe. If you can pull off a look like this, you’ll be able to dress it up and down; even more by switching the jacket for an overcoat or coach jacket if you want to feel more relaxed.

How to Wear Oxford Suede Shoes: Casual

 Brown suede shoes should be a staple in your wardrobe

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