Interior Design Trends To Add Value to Your House

Interior Design Trends To Add Value to Your House

Interior Design Trends That Can Add the Most Value to Your House

Many realtors say that a house is not just a house, because it’s also an investment. In many cases, that statement will prove to be factual. That is why as homeowners, we need to be meticulous about renovations, new additions, and all the changes that we implement at home. Whether you need to sell your house ASAP through someone like we buy homes in Indianapolis, you’re looking to resell your home in the future, or you simply want to upgrade, here are a few tips to consider to potentially increase the value of your house.

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Hardwood floors

Nothing turns off a potential buyer more than grimy wall-to-wall carpeting. If your house has it, you may want to get rid of it ASAP and replace it with shiny hardwood floors. Southern Living noted that it can increase the value of your property by 2.5% and experts agree that it’s worth the investment. You can even find faux hardwood if you consider the real thing too pricey. Long gone are the days of vinyl looking out of place and fake, nowadays many people never realize the difference at all! There are even great options that look really authentic, as well as great flooring options at Really Cheap Floors and other respected suppliers. Either way, hardwood floors instantly make a place more elegant, attractive, and of course, marketable.

Remodel the Kitchen and bathroom

If you only have the budget to renovate a few rooms, The Spruce recommends prioritizing the kitchen and bathrooms. Who doesn’t want to cook in a nice kitchen and relax in a cozy bathroom?

We advise you look at bespoke bathrooms uk so you know the features and design will be perfect for your bathroom. Upgrade the lighting and fixtures such as sinks and tubs. One trend that never seems to go away is the presence of natural stone countertops such as marble or quartz which you can have in both. They go perfectly well with hardwood floors. There’s also the option of giving your kitchen a new color scheme. We previously discussed how you can turn a boring kitchen into the most vibrant room in the house.

Open concept floor plan

Open floor plans can also interest potential buyers and give the illusion that the space is bigger than it actually is which is important for smaller properties. If you have a small kitchen, for instance, knocking down a wall or two might make it less claustrophobic.

Storage solutions

Storage space from the kitchen to the bedroom is highly sought after, as it really helps make a place look more put together. It may also be the cheapest upgrade you can do! For instance, Good Housekeeping suggests adding drawers to deep cabinets, many of which come in plastic so they won’t break the bank. Adding dividers to kitchen cabinets also adds more organization, as well as trendy shelves in the living room.

Smart home

In truth, adding smart technology in your home is too big of an investment to expect a sizeable return, but real estate agent Angel Piontek states that it helps sell your property faster. The secret is to install devices that are easy to use and not intimidating to the buyer such as smart thermostats and doorbells.

It’s worth noting that Piontek suggests that it’s still best to consult with professionals before doing a major upgrade. At the end of the day, real estate agents know the market more and understand what sells and what doesn’t. Yoreevo explains that agents also identify potential problems with properties and are responsible for negotiating with buyers so that you don’t lose any money in the turnover process. Their knowledge encompasses interior design trends that add value and will help your house sell faster and for a better price. So, at the end of the day, they can be a very useful resource when deciding what upgrades you can add to your house, to add that extra value.