15 Neutral Nursery Color Palette Ideas

15 Neutral Nursery Color Palette Ideas for the Color Averse

Whether you’re saving the surprise of your little one’s gender for his or her big debut, designing a gender-neutral space to be shared by siblings, or simply looking for something more sophisticated than a cutesy pink or blue treatment, a neutral nursery might be just what you’re looking for.

Far from boring, a neutral color palette can provide a beautiful backdrop for a rich and complex space, allowing more subtle design elements, such as pattern and texture, to edge out color and take center stage. But neutral colors don’t always have to fade into the background.

When we think of neutrals, we tend to think in terms of white, gray, and beige, but neutrals can have a darker, more dramatic side. Muted gray tones, dark colors like navy and hunter green, can also be surprisingly neutral, creating definition while remaining fairly understated.

Wondering what look is right for your space? Find the nursery neutral of your dreams with these inspiring nursery palette ideas.

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1-Coastal Gray

Coastal Gray

A stormy shade of slate, paired with a clean and neutral gray, provides contrast and definition in this otherwise bright and breezy, coastal-themed nursery space.



This simple yet stunning space layers soft shades of creamy ivory over clean white wood-paneled walls.  Natural textural elements and glam gold accents dress the space, creating a rich multi-dimensional design without the need for color or pattern.

3-Sage Beauty

Sage Beauty

Ah green, the forgotten neutral. Soothing and versatile, green goes with just about anything. This sweet nursery space boasts a beautiful, barely-there shade of sage. The grayish, silvery-blue undertones give the room a bright, clean feel. Pair with soft pastels, or choose a bolder accent hue like navy or coral.

4-Natural Tones and Textures

Natural Tones and Textures

A bevy of richly textured elements brings a touch of boho to this chic, neutral mid-century modern-inspired nursery.

5-Black, White, and Boho

Black, White, and Boho

Visual contrast is the name of the game in this charming black and white boho nursery. Layered textures and a delicate interplay of solid and patterned elements create a neutral yet visually stimulating space without introducing color.

6-Black and Beige

Black and Beige

Craving a little more drama? Why not turn the popular neutral “black on white” nursery palette on its head, opting for a “white on black” look instead? With its striking black accent wall and soft beige and white accents, this rich and moody nursery boasts a rich bohemian vibe without sacrificing its modern, neutral appeal.

7-Silver and Gold

Silver and Gold Neutral Nursery Color Palette Ideas

Shimmering silver gray walls paired with clean white trim and antique gold accents give this sweet neutral nursery a touch of vintage glam.


Greige Neutral Nursery Color Palette Ideas

Greige combines the elegance of gray with the earthiness of brown, creating a rich, organic super-neutral that looks beautiful with anything.

In this lovely greige and white girl’s room, rich brown undertones are beautifully paired with the room’s soft, feminine pink and gold accents.

9-Neutral Navy

Neutral Navy Nursery Color Palette Ideas

In this beautiful neutral nursery, a subtle, gray-washed shade of navy acts as a high-contrast neutral, allowing the room’s white accents to pop.

10-Muted Tones Neutral Colors

Muted Tones Neutral Nursery Color Palette Ideas

A muted shade of hunter green adds drama to this rich neutral nursery space.

11-Pattern Love

Pattern Love Neutral Nursery Color Palette Ideas

A black and white patterned accent wall anchors this bright and neutral nursery space. Black glossy window trim adds an unexpected dimension to space; popping against the room’s all-white walls and richly textured accessories.

12-Chocolatey Goodness Neutral Colors

Chocolatey GoodnessNeutral Nursery Color Palette Ideas

A rich and milky brown pairs beautifully with candy-colored pastels, creating a cozy nursery space that will tickle your sweet tooth. This adorably vintage, creamy brown twin room introduces pink and rose gold accents for a look that’s all-girl!

13-Tan and Taupe Neutral Nursery Color Palette

Tan and Taupe Neutral Nursery Color Palette Ideas

This neutral nursery room blends earthy shades of taupe and tan with industrial fixtures and rich leather and fur accessories; creating a distinctly masculine space that’s warm and inviting.

14-Soft and Soothing Neutral Colors

Soft and Soothing Neutral Nursery Color Palette Ideas

Creamy white furniture and soft-textured accessories set against clean gray walls create a soothing atmosphere punctuated by rustic brown woods in this darling nursery space.

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15-Magic Carpet Neutral Nursery Color Palette

Magic Carpet Neutral Nursery Color Palette Ideas

A single defining feature is sometimes all it takes to bring a simple space to life. A patterned gray-and-white knit rug creates a dramatic focal point in this soft and neutral, all-white space.

Why Neutral Colors Are Best

Neutral Colors

In the context of interior design, neutral means without color. Neutrals such as beige, ivory, taupe, black, gray, and shades of white appear to be without color, but in many applications these hues often have undertones. Be aware of these underlying tones as you match colors or choose paint. For example, beige might have a paint color undertone of pink, tan, or gold. White might be slightly ivory, yellow, bluish, or peachy. Neutrals can be used in decor in two simple ways — either as a soft, neutral only, quiet look or as background colors for dramatic accents.

The All-Neutral Room

If you are going for an all-neutral look, layer different hues of the same color for a classy and sophisticated look. Follow the suggestions of paint chip families to choose colors that are harmonious. Choose a lighter shade for the walls, with darker upholstery. An area rug in a color that complements the wood flooring but also is just a shade darker than the walls so the furniture stands out; select the same color if you prefer carpeting. Tie the room together with accessories that include some or all of the shades you have used. This color scheme lets hardwood flooring beams; fireplace surrounds of wood, brick, or stone; window frames and blinds, or curtains make a warm statement within this understated room.

Neutral Colors as Background

In this scheme, as with the all-neutral room, start with neutral walls. Choose the neutral based on what other colors you wish to use, how much natural light the room receives, and your personal preference for lighter or darker walls. Be mindful that darker walls seem to close the room up and make it feel smaller, as well as darker, especially if there is little natural light. So if your room is large and light, you can consider all the options. If it is small and on the dark side, a lighter neutral would likely be a better choice.

If you like gray, also decide whether you prefer a warm or cool shade; the same goes for shades of white. Say you choose a rich taupe for the wall color. Turn up the volume with a navy blue sofa and chairs covered in a stripe of ivory, taupe, and navy. Add an area rug or carpeting in the same shade of taupe as the walls or a bit lighter. Pair throw pillows in taupe and the same pattern as the chairs with a taupe throw for a cohesive look. Place books and art objects with dashes of brick red on a brass. In this color scheme, you have taupe walls and floor accents or carpeting for a neutral canvas; with drama, added via the upholstery in navy and small bits of red in decorative pieces for further interest.