Kid’s Fashions – The Top Brands for Dressing Your Kids in Today’s Styles

Kid’s Fashions – The for Dressing Your in Today’s Styles

Kid’s FashionsThere’s a fine balance between allowing your children to express their personal style, and also making sure they look acceptable to step outside of the house. So, after you’ve established that underwear is not outerwear, the mission remains: looking cool and celebrating individuality and style. Comfy, well-made garments for kids allow them to be creative in the way they dress. We have put together a collection of children’s fashion brands that offer clothing that meets the approval of both mom and child! Most importantly it encourages self-expression. Now that’s super cool!

 Loola Big Cartel

Kid's Fashion - Loola Big Cartel

This designer takes kids seriously – their fashions are tested by the intended age group – if it’s a “no-go”, they go back to the drawing board until they get it right! After all, why to make and sell something no one will buy or wear, right?

Organic Clothing

Kid's Fashion - Organic Clothing Kid's Fashion - Organic Clothing

The trend of organic baby  is part of a larger trend towards organic clothing, as more people become aware of the significant effects that the textile industry has on our environment. Today nearly 20% of all water pollution occurs through the making of non-organic clothing.

Parents are gravitating towards organic baby clothing to limit the exposure that their little ones get to toxic chemicals that are used in the making of everyday fabrics.

Non-organic baby clothing is often made from synthetic fibers manufactured with petrochemicals, acrylic (polycrylonitriles), PVC, and esters that are linked to a variety of health issues.


WearPact knows the dangers of environmental toxins, sweatshops, child labor, and debt slaveries in the clothing industry. Their mission is to create ultra-comfy and stylish cotton apparel and accessories that don’t hurt people – all products are ethically made by workers being paid living wages, and are held to the highest environmental and social standards. Perfect for the globally minded parent!

Kids Fashion - WearPactFrom Babies with Love

From Babies with Love is an apparel and accessory social enterprise based out of the UK. We love that all proceeds benefit children around the world in need of families through SOS Children, from Mita in Bangladesh, to baby Fabio in Brazil. They feature fun multi-color and patterned products, ranging from tier-ruffled dresses to soft, cozy blankets.


Kids Fashion - Burberry

Burberry are well known for combining British heritage style with impeccable craftsmanship. Watch out for the brand’s iconic trench coats, easy-to-wear dresses and the famous Nova check. Discover the children swear collections of Burberry – from cashmere to denim to leather, for quality children’s clothing, Burberry is a name to trust.


Kids Fashion - Burberry


Baby Gap and Gap for Juniors


From the tiniest tike to your runaway toddler, The Gap will have them dressed to the nines! The hottest little tyke fashions are available at fantastic price points, making them easily affordable! Your little ones be the envy at daycare!

Kids Fashion - Baby Gap and Gap for Juniors


Kids Fashion - Baby Gap and Gap for Juniors



Kids Fashion - Underarmour

Whether it’s a hoodie, barrel board shorts, match uniform shirts & shorts, or sleeveless tank tops, Underarmour has it all when it comes to sports gear. If you’re a fan of the NY Yankees, the Boston Red Socks, Chicago Cubs, or Detroit Tigers, Underarmour has the gear to help you show your love for your team. This designer offers the finest in sportswear and caters to all ages of sport aficionados!

Underarmour offers gear for all weather and all types of activities: hunting, swimming, running, working out, and much more!

Kids Fashion - Underarmour










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