Non-White Wedding Gowns Colour Meanings

Know Colour Meanings of Non-White Wedding Gowns

While white and ivory wedding gowns are still making up the vast majority of those being worn by modern brides, there is a greater variety of colours available than ever before.

Prolific international designers like Vera Wang have made coloured wedding gowns much more accessible, and desirable!

Know Colour Meanings of Non-White Wedding Gowns

So if you are considering stepping away from tradition, take a look at the most popular alternative wedding gown colours and what they mean… your favourite colour might just be the perfect one to communicate your feelings or personality on your big day!

Know Colour Meanings of Non-White Wedding Gowns


We all know that white is associated with innocence and purity, which is why it became the traditional colour for brides to wear on their wedding day. Its symbolism is also why it continues to be a popular choice to this day, with ivory being favoured rather than true white.

Colour meanings of non-white wedding gowns - Ivory

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Similar to while, pink is also a colour associated with innocence, but also has an air of freshness, love, and femininity and can show off a more flirtatious personality.

Colour meanings of non-white wedding gowns - Pink

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Bold and eye-catching, red is the second colour most associated with love, thanks to it being the same shade everyone uses for their Valentines hearts! It also symbolises energy, strength, and passion.

Colour meanings of non-white wedding gowns - Red

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If spicing things up is your thing, an orange gown will fit you perfectly. It represents youth, strength, and vitality! as well as being linked to those who are flamboyant and love a bit of fun.

Colour meanings of non-white wedding gowns - Orange

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The polar opposite to black, yellow is a much happier colour that is linked to wisdom and intelligence. Yellow is also associated with humour, curiosity and drive and focus.

Colour meanings of non-white wedding gowns - Yellow

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Green – Know Colour Meanings of Non-White Wedding Gowns

Associated with harmony and balance, green can also represent a bride who is refined, inventive, and flexible. When you look at the olive green, you see the traditional colour of peace. But a more vibrant green (think Granny Smith green…); can also represent compassion and loyalty.

Colour meanings of non-white wedding gowns - Green


When you think of blue, you think of the water and the ocean and for this reason; this colour signifies calm and peace. It is also a symbol of purity and life-giving – just like water is. Even more, blue can mean stability, security and endless loyalty. Lighter shades are linked with good health and softness. While dark blue is more serious and represents knowledge, power, and integrity.

Colour meanings of non-white wedding gowns - Blue

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Purple Wedding Gown

It is no wonder the traditional colour of royalty associated with authority and power; but it also linked with magic, mystery, and strength. When you turn to lighter shades of purple; you will communicate romance and feelings of nostalgia.

Colour meanings of non-white wedding gowns - Purple

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The colour of the earth, brown shows a clear connection to nature. And is also a symbol of order, stamina, and patience. Brides who don brown are steady, conservative, and reliable.

Colour meanings of non-white wedding gowns - Brown-Nude

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Once a taboo colour for anyone; let alone the bride, to wear to a wedding, black wedding dresses are making an impact. If you look past the more sombre associations to the colour black! it can also represent power, sophistication, wealth and mystery.

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Grey Wedding Gown

While grey often linked with maturity; it can also represent composure, peace and security.


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Silver Wedding Gown

You can’t think silver without thinking sleek, and this is what this shade is the very embodiment of. It represents responsibility and organisation, and can also take on an earthy, natural ambience. Brides decked out in silver wedding dresses will have a soothing, and calming effect on everyone around them.


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Gold Wedding Gown

The epitome of wealth is symbolised in gold, but it can also mean a full enjoyment of life; with the brightness and happiness linked with yellow hues. Brides who favour gold can be seen as extravagant, but also wise and powerful.


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