Lancôme Products Ranked Best – Beauty Products Guide

Lancôme Products Ranked Best – Beauty Products Guide

Lancôme Products Ranked Best

Lancome is a France based cosmetic product. It offers products like skincare, makeup and fragrances at the higher prices. This brand was founded 1953 by Armand Petitjean and its headquarters are located in Paris. This brand is owned by L Oreal Paris since 1964. This brand has supermodels and makeup artists as their brand ambassador. Its brand rating is AAA- and brand value is $5,095 m.

Lancôme Products Ranked Best

Strengths: Some good cleansers; well-formulated scrubs; almost all of the sunscreens contain either avobenzone, ecamsule (Mexoryl SX), or titanium dioxide for sufficient UVA protection; large selection of self-tanning products; several excellent foundations with beautiful shades for almost every skin color; some great concealers; Lancome is known for their mostly outstanding mascaras; the Absolue powder; the liquid eyeliner; all of the powder eyeshadows; some fantastic lipsticks and automatic lipliner.

Weaknesses: Expensive for what amounts to mostly mediocre to below-average products; no AHA or BHA products; no products to effectively treat blemishes or lighten skin discolorations; average toners; moisturizers that are short on including state-of-the-art ingredients; jar packaging; several foundations with sunscreen do not provide complete UVA protection; average powder blush, eye pencils, and long-wearing lip color; relatively unimpressive makeup brushes.

Lancôme Products Ranked Best – Lancôme Makeup

L’Oreal-owned Lancome is a stellar, French-bred collection of makeup that remains the best reason to shop this line. Because most of Lancome’s skin-care products have problematic elements (be it jar packaging, insufficient sun protection, or dated formulas), it is a relief to find that, for the most part, the colorful side of their business has more than its share of innovative products. We enjoyed the fact that no matter where we shopped, Lancome’s counter personnel were friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. There’s a lot to keep track of, and Lancome deserves credit for keeping their salespeople so well informed.

If you’re looking for a force to reckon with for foundations, Lancome is a must-see. They continue to offer some of the most elegant, silky formulas anywhere and in a color range that is overwhelmingly neutral, whether your skin is porcelain or ebony. The only troubling aspect is that most of Lancome’s foundations with sunscreen do not contain adequate UVA protection or the SPF rating is too low. Lancome obviously knows about the risks with these issues (after all, they market ecamsule, their version of the UVA-protecting ingredient Mexoryl SX, and brag about its UVA range). And considering that, we are not recommending as many of their foundations as we have in previous editions of this book. Beyond this major gripe, you will discover that Lancome has a well-deserved reputation for their fantastic mascaras, and that their latest powders and eyeshadows apply with a silkiness that makes them gratifying to work with. The rest of the makeup encompasses many valid choices, but before you commit to Lancome, consider the similar options available for less from sister companies L’Oreal and Maybelline New York. Striking a balance among the best of each of these lines will give you first-class makeup that beautifies without breaking the bank.

Lancôme Products Ranked Best

Note: Lancome is categorized as a brand that tests on animals because its products are sold in China. Although Lancome does not conduct animal testing for its products sold elsewhere, the Chinese government requires imported cosmetics be tested on animals, so foreign companies retailing there must comply. This requirement is why some brands state that they don’t test on animals “unless required by law.” Animal rights organizations consider cosmetic companies retailed in China to be brands that test on animals and so does the Paula’s Choice Research Team.

Lancôme’s Products Ranked Best

Le Crayon Lip Contour

Le Crayon Lip ContourLe Crayon Lip Contour is an above-average automatic, retractable lip pencil with good colors and a smooth application. This lipliner really stays put and is an ideal choice for those prone to having lipstick feather into lines around the mouth.



Definicils Waterproof High Definition Mascara

Definicils Waterproof High Definition MascaraDefinicils Waterproof High Definition Mascara does everything Lancome’s regular Definicils mascara does to lengthen, lightly thicken, and separate the lashes, but with a waterproof formula that wears and wears. It is Lancome’s premiere waterproof mascara, and the formula now leaves lashes feeling soft (an uncommon trait for waterproof mascaras).


Absolue Powder Radiant Smoothing Powder

Absolue Powder Radiant Smoothing PowderAbsolue Powder Radiant Smoothing Powder carries a price that may make you look anything but radiant, but wait until you feel its ultra-silky, otherworldly texture. This is one of the most elegant loose powders available. Although the talc-based formula isn’t too different from many other powders, the milling process does create a slight difference. This has a non-drying sheer finish suitable for normal to dry skin. All of the shades resemble real skin tones.

Dual Finish Versatile Powder Makeup

Dual Finish Versatile Powder MakeupDual Finish Versatile Powder Makeup has been part of Lancôme’s foundation lineup for years and has deservedly attained classic status. This talc-based wet/dry powder foundation offers a soft matte finish and a selection of beautiful colors for fair to very dark skin.

The application is smooth with a silky, almost creamy-feeling texture that’s best for normal to dry skin. The squalane and mineral oil in the formula are not the best ingredients to temper shine, but they keep this powder from looking too dry or chalky. It is best applied with a brush for sheer coverage or a makeup sponge for medium coverage.

Translucence Mattifying Silky Matte Powder

Translucence Mattifying Silky Matte PowderThis talc-based pressed powder is magnificent in every respect, though it should be stated that you don’t need to spend this much to get a great pressed powder.

The texture is disarmingly silky, so this applies and blends smoothly, looking very skin-like and not the least bit dry or powdery. As with the best pressed powders, skin is left looking polished and refined, with a soft, lasting matte finish. Those with oily skin will find touch-ups will be needed, but you can layer or reapply this powder without it looking thick or cakey.

This provides sheer coverage (it’s not a powder foundation) and the shade range is marvelous, with options for fair to slightly dark skin tones. The darkest shades (in the “Suede” range) can look ever-so-slightly ash, but if applied with a brush instead of the included sponge they’re perfect.


  • Supremely silky texture and beautiful sheer matte finish.
  • Looks natural and keeps excess shine in check for a respectable amount of time.
  • Fragrance-free.
  • Makes skin look softly refined, not dry or powdered.
  • Soft, neutral shade range with options for all but very dark skin tones.


  • Expensive

Maquicomplet Complete Coverage Concealer

Maquicomplet Complete Coverage ConcealerMaquicomplet Complete Coverage Concealer is a smooth, liquidy concealer with excellent, crease-free, medium to full coverage, and a soft matte finish. The shades are mostly neutral shades for fair to dark skin tones.



Color Design Sensational Effects Lipcolor

Color Design Sensational Effects LipcolorColor Design Sensational Effects Lipcolor has a smooth, creamy texture that hydrates lips without feeling too thick or greasy. Lancôme offers an extensive range of gorgeous shades, divided by finish (though all except the Mattes have the same creamy feel). Shimmer shades impart soft shine, Sheens impart a metallic iridescence, Metallics offer a strong metallic finish, and Creams have a soft, semi-gloss finish. The small collection of Mattes is very good and provides a true matte finish that feels comfortable rather than dry. Regardless of finish, each shade, particularly the reds, has a great stain so these last longer than standard cream lipsticks (the Mattes have even more impressive longevity). Quite simply, this is Lancôme’s most impressive lipstick, and at this price it should impress!

Dual Finish Fragrance Free Versatile Powder Makeup

Dual Finish Fragrance Free Versatile Powder MakeupDual Finish Fragrance Free Versatile Powder Makeup has the same formula as the original Dual Finish Versatile Powder Makeup, minus the fragrance. The shades are all excellent and correspond exactly with the same-named shades in the fragranced Dual Finish.


L’Extreme Instant Extensions Lengthening Mascara

L’Extreme Instant Extensions Lengthening MascaraL’Extreme Instant Extensions Lengthening Mascara is positioned as a lengthening mascara, and it does just that. With a brush similar to mascara hall-of-famerDefinicils, L’Extreme quickly elongates lashes with barely a clump. It allows you to create long, fringed lashes with subtle thickness and wears well throughout the day. As impressive as this mascara is, you don’t have to spend this much for such results, but that doesn’t mean this entry from Lancôme is undeserving of a Best Product rating!

Artliner Precision Point EyeLiner

Artliner Precision Point EyeLiner

Artliner Precision Point EyeLiner remains one of the best liquid eyeliners around thanks to its easy-to-apply, quick-drying, long-lasting formula and superior brush.



Ageless Minerale Perfecting and Setting Mineral Powder with White Sapphire Complex

Ageless Minerale Perfecting and Setting Mineral Powder with White Sapphire ComplexThis loose powder is a very silky, sheer setting powder that leaves an attractive satin finish on skin. The pale flesh tone is supposed to be translucent, but is too white for tan to dark skin tones. If you have a light skin tone and normal to dry skin, this is a very good setting powder to consider.


Definicils High Definition Mascara

Definicils Waterproof High Definition MascaraDefinicils High Definition Mascara is an extraordinary lengthening mascara that builds some thickness with minimal to no chance of clumping. The only drawback, and this is a minor complaint, is it can go on a bit too wet, which increases the chance of it smearing before your lashes dry.


Mineral Powder Foundation Brush

Mineral Powder Foundation BrushThis synthetic hair powder brush is phenomenally soft and perfectly shaped for expert application of loose or pressed powder. It is one of Lancôme’s better brushes and definitely worth considering for its performance and price.



Color Design Infinite 24H

Lancôme - Color Design Infinite 24HThis cream-to-powder eye shadow glides smoothly across the skin and can be blended out for a Smokey, diffused effect. If applied with a light hand it goes on sheer, but you can kick up the color intensity by patting it on or applying more layers, either with a clean fingertip or a synthetic-hair eye shadow brush. The shade range includes a mix of trendy and classic colors in mostly metallic, shimmery finishes, but there are a couple matte options as well.

While the formula is resistant to creasing and fading, by no stretch of the imagination does it live up to 24-hour wear; you shouldn’t be wearing makeup that long anyway if you want to keep puffy eyes at a minimum. Still, this is a pretty option to consider!


  • Cream-to-powder eyeshadow glides smoothly across skin.
  • Mix of trendy and classic shades offered in shimmer and matte finishes.
  • Can be applied to go on sheer or built up for bold intensity.
  • Resists creasing and fading.

Cons: Expensive