France Based Brand – L’Oreals Product Ranked Best

France Based Brand – L’Oreals Product Ranked Best

LOreals Product Ranked Best

L’ Oreal is a France based cosmetic brand. It was founded in 1909 and has its headquarters located in Clichy. The brand basically deals with cosmetics and skin care, hair color, sun protection, perfumes, and makeup. In 2011 L’Oreal rating was no. 4 in the list but for a year its products have shown much great performance and have made it to ranked no.3 in the list. The brand value of the L’Oreal brand is AAA and its brand rating is $7,774m.

L’Oreals Product Ranked Best – L’Oreal Paris At-A-Glance


Inexpensive, some good water-soluble cleansers; nice assortment of self-tanning options; one of the best, most comprehensive makeup collections at the drugstore, with superb options in almost every category; L’Oreal’s mascaras (along with those from sister company Maybelline New York) are a tough act to follow.


Jar packaging; almost all of the daytime moisturizers with sunscreen lack sufficient UVA protection; no products to successfully combat blemishes (at least not without causing more irritation); no skin-lightening options that don’t contain problematic ingredients; boring to problematic toners; several foundations with sunscreen still lack sufficient UVA protection.

L’Oreal Paris Makeup

L’Oreal’s extensive makeup collection retains its stature as the overall best at the drugstore, though they have stiff competition from Revlon and, in some cases, sister company Maybelline New York. In recent years L’Oreal has made significant strides with foundation shades, powder textures, concealers, and, of course, superlative mascaras that rarely fail to impress. Their lipsticks are excellent and you will find many L’Oreal makeup products have a Lancome counterpart, and that the differences are minor if they exist at all.

L’Oreal’s displays in many drugstores have been updated to reflect better-organized products and shade categories (though testers are still scarce). Given the number of lipsticks they sell, it only makes sense to put them in color families so consumers have a better shopping experience. Their True Match products are also sensibly laid out, but the rest of the foundations aren’t as organized, likely due to the smaller selection of shades. L’Oreals Product Ranked Best Speaking of foundations, L’Oreal has made further strides by offering more that provide sufficient UVA protection.

Revlon still has the edge for consistently launching impressive foundations with sunscreen, but at least L’Oreal is (finally) catching up.

The bottom line is that every category of L’Oreal’s makeup has some winning (and in some cases, benchmark-setting) products. They fall short with their powder eyeshadows, but not enough to warrant avoiding them, especially if you prefer sheer eye makeup. Still, with only minor tweaking and consistent adherence to the importance of UVA protection in their cosmetic products with sunscreen, L’Oreal could pull ahead to be the hands-down winner when it comes to shopping for makeup at the drugstore.

LOreals Product Ranked Best

Infallible 24 HR Eye Shadow

Infallible 24 HR Eye ShadowThis cream-to-powder eyeshadow glides smoothly across the skin and is easy to blend out for a smokey effect. If applied with a light hand it goes on sheer, but you can kick up the color intensity by patting it on or applying more layers. The shade range includes a mix of trendy and classic colors in luminescent shimmer and matte finishes (which are easy to identify). Better yet, it doesn’t crease or fade, and it is water-resistant.


  • The shade range includes a mix of trendy and classic colors in luminescent shimmer and matte finishes.
  • Cream-to-powder eye shadow that glides smoothly across skin and is easy to blend.
  • It can be applied to go on sheer or built up for bold intensity.
  • Water-resistant, won’t crease or fade.


  • Luminescent shimmer finish accentuates wrinkly eyelids.


Double Extend Lash Fortifier & Extender Mascara

Double Extend Lash Fortifier & Extender MascaraDouble Extend Lash Fortifier & Extender Mascara is a dual-ended mascara, including a lash “Fortifier” (primer) on one end and actual mascara on the other. The Lash Fortifier is just clear mascara, adding extra layers that you can’t really see. It’s no different from adding extra layers of the black mascara on the other end of the tube, so it’s a relatively unnecessary step because this mascara does magnificently well on its own, building incredible length and thickness without clumps or flakes.

Lineur Intense Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner

Lineur Intense Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner

The felt-tip applicator makes applying liquid eyeliner easy, and the formula dries quickly and has amazing tenacity, not to mention resistance to smudging, smearing, or flaking.



Colour Riche Lip Gloss

Colour Riche Lip GlossColour Riche Lip Gloss is L’Oreal’s best lip gloss, period! It has a silky yet moisturizing texture that imparts sheer to medium color (depending on the shade) and leaves lips with a glossy finish free of stickiness. The shades are bound to please—and don’t be nervous about trying the deeper hues; each goes on softer than it appears.


True Match Super-Blendable Blush

True Match Super-Blendable BlushTrue Match Super-Blendable Blush is a collection of silky powder blushes whose sheer colors and seamless applications do indeed make them super-blendable. The palette of soft colors is beautiful and is divided into warm, cool, and neutral tones. You might find their blush groupings confusing (some of the cool shades go on more golden or peach than befits that description), but if you shop by the color itself rather than by its classification you should be satisfied. Each blush also indicates a coordinating shade of L’Oreal True Match foundation and powder, but blush color and foundation or powder color are unrelated so you can ignore that matching as well. Aside from those details, this is one of the better powder blushes at the drugstore. (Note: Each shade has a subtle shine, but it gives a soft glow to the cheeks, not distracting sparkles.)

Visible Lift Serum Absolute Advanced Age-Reversing Makeup SPF 17

Visible Lift Serum Absolute Advanced Age-Reversing Makeup SPF 17Although this fragrance-free foundation has its strong points and is absolutely worth considering, the claims are beyond the realm of possibility. First of all, no foundation is “age-reversing,” by even a few minutes. However, any skin-care or makeup product with a well-formulated sunscreen can help prevent sun damage and that is the best way to help stop wrinkling. That’s where L’Oreal gets the anti-aging portion right because this contains an in-part titanium dioxide sunscreen that provides reliable broad-spectrum protection.

The so-called skin-care ingredients amount to a mere dusting, and the small amount of vitamin C included (in the form of ascorbyl glucoside) will quickly degrade in this glass container, unless you store it away from sunlight. Still, sun protection is the pinnacle of anti-aging skincare, so L’Oreal is on the right track.

This slightly thick but soft-textured liquid foundation has a beautiful silkiness, exceptional blend-ability, and near-flawless medium coverage. Equally impressive is the neutral range of shades, although the darkest shades likely will suit only medium skin tones. Note that this foundation’s finish will emphasize wrinkles if the skin isn’t prepped with a moisturizer or serum (you don’t need a product labeled “foundation primer”).

This foundation is best for normal to slightly oily skin. Someone with dry skin will find it doesn’t supply nearly enough moisture.

HiP Shine Struck Liquid Lipcolor

HiP Shine Struck Liquid LipcolorHiP Shine Struck Liquid Lipcolor is an outstanding product to consider if you want the opacity of a traditional lipstick and the finish of a standard lip gloss. This cake-scented liquid lip color is applied with a traditional wand applicator, feels great, and its pigmentation ensures above-average longevity, though you may want to retouch once the emollient feel wears away. It lacks even a hint of stickiness and has a thinner, non-goopy texture that still feels moisturizing. The shade selection offers a nice mix of nude pinks and riveting red.

Infallible Never Fail Lacquer Liner 24H

Infallible Never Fail Lacquer Liner 24HThis jar-packaged gel eyeliner offers a smooth stroke of color that is easy to apply with the included brush, although Eyeliner BrushPaula’s Choice Eyeliner Brush works better if you’re looking for an ultra-thin application.

L’Oreal advertises this as leaving a glossy, lacquered look, but it’s actually more of a dull, matte finish, which is fine unless you’re looking for a lacquered finish. Shades include attractive hues of black, gray, brown, and dark blue. All in all, this is a nice, flake-free liner that stays put once set (but you must give it time to dry). Forget the 24-hour claim; it doesn’t last that long—you shouldn’t wear eyeliner for that long anyway!


  • The color goes on smoothly and is easy to apply.
  • Attractive shades.
  • Doesn’t flake or smudge once set.


  • Doesn’t have a glossy, lacquer finish as claimed (but that’s not necessarily a bad thing).

Eyeliner Brush Paula’s Choice

  • Soft fine-tipped point is ideal for creating a thin, controlled line
  • Works beautifully for upper and lower lashlines
  • Perfect for use with cream or gel-based eyeliners
  • With a powder eye shadow, can be used wet for a more dramatic effect or dry for a softer, casual look
  • Flexible bristles make it easy to follow the curvature of the eye
  • Measures approximately 6 inches from handle to brush head

What makes this product unique?

Eyeliner Brush Paula’s ChoiceEyeliner Brush will redefine the way you apply eyeliner. The soft, fine-tipped point is ideal for creating a thin, controlled line and works beautifully for upper and lower lash lines. The flexible bristles make it easy to follow the curvature of the eye, unlike many other eyeliner products that are too scratchy, stiff or soft to create a smooth look. The Eyeliner Brush can be used wet with a powder eye shadow for a dramatic effect or dry for a softer, more casual look. It works great with any cream or gel eyeliner, too!

Measures 6 inches long from handle tip to brush head.

Who is this product for?

Paula’s Choice Eyeliner Brush is ideal for anyone that uses cream, gel, or powder eyeliner.

How should this product be used?

Gently stroke the brush through eyeliner of your choice, keeping the bristles together and moving the brush in the direction of the bristles (if using powder eyeliner, knock any excess powder from the brush). Carefully apply the color from the inner to the outer corner of the upper lash line. Repeat this step for the lower lash line, but do not line all the way across the eye; rather, stop just before reaching the inner third of the lower lash line, and make sure your line fades gradually.

What makes Paula’s Choice Products Unique?

  • Created by world-renowned skincare expert and author Paula Begoun
  • Proven effectiveness based on hundreds of published scientific studies
  • Targeted systems for wrinkles, acne, rosacea, sensitive skin, oily skin, dry skin and more
  • Fragrance-free, color-free, free of harmful skin irritants, and never tested on animals
  • 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed
  • Unequaled customer service



Gently stroke the brush through eye shadow or cream/gel liner color of your choice, keeping the bristles together and moving the brush in the direction of the bristles (knock any excess powder eye shadow from the brush). Carefully apply the color from the inner to the outer corner of the upper lash line. Repeat this step for the lower lash line, but do not line all the way across the eye. Rather, stop just before reaching the inner third of the lower lashline, and make sure your line fades gradually.

Visible Lift Serum Age-Reversing Concealer SPF 20

Visible Lift Serum Age-Reversing Concealer SPF 20We’re always excited when we see a mineral-based sunscreen included in concealers, because adequate broad-spectrum sun protection is essential for the anti-aging benefit, and most cosmetics companies leave this crucial aspect of skincare out of these kinds of eye products.

Sun protection alone, however, does not make a great concealer, so, fortunately, this one also has a blendable texture, click pen–style packaging and a tapered synthetic-hair brush applicator that works like a charm. Though there’s nothing in this fragrance-free concealer that’s going to visibly lift your skin, the thin liquid texture will provide lasting medium coverage of dark circles or discolorations. The shades are impressively neutral and suited for fair to medium skin tones.


  • A thin, blendable texture that sets to a satin finish.
  • The tapered synthetic brush applicator is easy to use.
  • Built-in gentle mineral sunscreen provides broad-spectrum sun protection.
  • Lasting medium coverage helps conceal dark circles and skin discolorations.
  • Four neutral shades for fair to medium skin tones.
  • Fragrance-free.


Infallible Never Fail Lipliner

Infallible Never Fail LiplinerThis is a very good automatic, retractable lip pencil. The base of the pencil’s component houses a built-in sharpener for those who want a finer point before lining. The pencil glides on and imparts rich, lasting color, obviously dependent on what your lips are doing. The color selection is versatile enough that most women will find a workable shade, though it lacks any true red tones.

Translucide Naturally Luminous Powder

Translucide Naturally Luminous PowderTranslucide Naturally Luminous Powder is a talc-free loose powder with marvelous, powdered-sugar texture and a smooth, even finish. It feels like silk on the skin and leaves a subtle radiant finish. The amount of vitamin C is negligible, and the packaging isn’t the type to keep it stable anyway. The sheer shades are excellent. This fragranced powder is perfect for those with normal to dry skin who hates to look powdered but want to look polished.

HiP Studio Secrets Professional Jelly Balm

HiP Studio Secrets Professional Jelly BalmDon’t let the deep, dark colors fool you: this is a sheer, jelly-textured lip balm that smoothes over lips and feels decadently soft. The colors, while sheer, are still strong enough to wear on their own, or you can increase the intensity and add a patent-leather gloss shine to any lipstick. Either way, this is another fantastic product from L’Oreal’s HIP line.

True Match Naturale Soft-Focus Mineral Finish

True Match Naturale Soft-Focus Mineral FinishThis is a talc-free loose powder available in translucent shades, each imparting a luminous glow that softens imperfections. The mineral part comes from the sodium-calcium-magnesium silicate base, and it lends this sheer finishing powder a soft, nearly weightless texture that perfects without looking dry or flat. This does a great job of making skin look better without making it look made-up, and the color works for most fair to medium skin tones. The built-in brush applicator, though stubby, is better than average. This could be used for evening makeup or for touching up instead of using regular powder.

Clean Artiste Waterproof & Long Wearing Eye Makeup Remover

Clean Artiste Waterproof & Long Wearing Eye Makeup RemoverInstantly dissolves every trace of eye makeup, even long-wearing foundations, and waterproof mascaras, while gently conditioning your lashes.

This is a very good dual-phase eye-makeup remover that also happens to be exceptionally gentle and fragrance-free. It works quickly and efficiently to remove all types of makeup, including waterproof mascara. The price is great, too!

Telescopic Explosion Mascara

Telescopic Explosion MascaraYou may be put off by the odd shape of this mascara’s applicator. Rather than a traditional, conical brush, it offers around the “Flexi-Globe” brush that looks like a medieval torture device. The Flexi-Globe applicator has spiky bristles of varying lengths and density protruding from it, and, if you can get past its scary appearance, the result is intensely thick, long lashes. Teint Naturel Cream Foundation After a few quick, but careful, strokes, lashes could be mistaken for falsies. This mascara can go on very heavy if you don’t use restraint, but it smoothers out easily with a lash comb. It is definitely worth considering if you want to create lush, dramatic lashes quickly. Teint Naturel Cream Foundation As for wear, this stays on beautifully without smudging or flaking. If your goal is dramatic lashes, you won’t be disappointed with Telescopic Explosion Mascara!

True Match Super-Blendable Makeup SPF 17 Sunscreen

true-match-super-blendable-makeup-spf-17-sunscreen L’Oreal’s best foundation for normal to very oily skin. It has a fluid, silky feel and blends superbly, setting to a natural matte, slightly powdery finish that is translucent enough to let your skin show through, while still providing light coverage that diffuses minor flaws and redness. As before, the sunscreen is pure titanium dioxide, making this a gentle choice for skin (the formula is also fragrance-free).

The palette of shades is not only one of the largest shade selections for a single drugstore foundation, but also one of the most neutral. Almost all of the shades are excellent, and they cover a wide range of skin tones from porcelain to medium brown. Generally, the shades in the N (neutral) and W (warm) range are best. Those in the C (cool) range are hit-or-miss.

The only drawback to this foundation is its drier finish. Although it does a good job of reducing oily shine and keeping skin looking polished, it tends to emphasize the slightest bit of dry skin, and can also make lines around the eye look more apparent. If you have dry areas or visible lines around the eye, it is imperative that you smooth and hydrates these areas before applying this foundation. An emollient moisturizer lightly applied around the eyes and regular use of an effective topical exfoliant should minimize this problem and make working with this foundation a better experience. All told, this is a must-try for those with normal to oily skin who doesn’t need significant coverage and wants a foundation that feels wonderfully light.


This foundation’s rating is due to its overall performance rather than its SPF rating. Due to concerns about people not applying sunscreen liberally enough to get the amount of SPF protection stated on the label, it is often recommended to look for SPFs with ratings higher than 15. If you plan to use foundation as your sole source of facial sun protection, consider using one rated SPF 20 or greater. If the foundation with sunscreen you choose is rated less than an SPF 20, it is strongly advised applying it over a daytime moisturizer rated SPF 15 or greater and following it with a pressed powder rated SPF 15 or greater. That way, you’re ensuring sufficient broad-spectrum protection which is essential for having and maintaining healthy, younger-looking skin at any age.

Voluminous Mistake-Proof Marker Eyeliner

Voluminous Mistake-Proof Marker EyelinerVoluminous Mistake-Proof Marker Eyeliner has an applicator that delivers an even, steady flow of liquid color. It works quite well and allows better precision than you’ll get from a standard, thin liquid eyeliner brush. The versatility of the slanted tip is supposed to let you draw a thin or thick line, but we couldn’t get the line as thin as L’Oreal’s illustration, regardless of how we held the tip or how much pressure we applied (or didn’t apply, which we also tried). Still, unless you insist on a thin line, this eyeliner is definitely recommended. Application is easier than most, the formula dries quickly and doesn’t smear or flake, and it removes with a water-soluble cleanser.

True Match Super-Blendable Powder

True Match Super-Blendable PowderTrue Match Super-Blendable Powder has the distinction of offering the largest palette of shades available at the drugstore. That is to the advantage of almost all skin tones because this is an outstanding, talc-based pressed powder. Its texture is exquisite and this is a bonafide beauty bargain.

True Match Super-Blendable Powder is suitable for all skin types, though its finish isn’t as absorbent as many with oily skin will need. Still, it never looks flat or dry and in fact gives skin a natural, polished finish.

Voluminous Naturale Natural-Looking Volume & Definition Mascara

voluminous-naturale-natural-looking-volume-and-definition-mascaraVoluminous Naturale Natural-Looking Volume & Definition Mascara has a rubber-bristled brush applicator that produces prodigious length and clean definition with just a few strokes. Building thickness takes some effort but can be done, and without leaving lashes looking heavy or spiky. True to claim, this really is 100% clump-free. It stays on quite well and removes easily with a water-soluble cleanser. Compared with L’Oreal’s original Voluminous Mascara, this version provides greater thickness but otherwise is very similar, save for the different brushes.



True Match Concealer

True Match ConcealerTrue Match Concealer comes with a brush applicator (rather than the standard sponge tip), and is truly a beautiful liquid concealer thanks to its smooth, even-blending texture that feels ultra-light, yet provides fairly good coverage. It sets to a natural matte finish and does not crease, though the coverage isn’t opaque enough to hide prominent dark circles. There are several shades offered, most of which are ideal neutral options for fair to medium skin tones.

Colour Riche Le Gloss

Colour Riche Le GlossL’Oreal’s Colour Riche Le Gloss strikes the perfect balance of plush texture and lasting moisture with gorgeous color and shine. The squeeze-tube, slanted-tip applicator allows you to easily control the amount of this lightly scented, thick-textured (but not at all tacky) gloss you deposit on your lips.

The shiny finish left behind is understated, so those looking for strong mirror-like shine will want to look elsewhere. The large shade selection contains colors that are neither too bright nor too sheer, imparting a wash of color that’s true to what you see on the packaging.


  • Thick texture smoothed onto lips easily, remains non-sticky and feels luxuriously plush.
  • The shiny finish is understated—a good option for gloss lovers looking to avoid a mirror-like shine.
  • A wide selection of shades that are true to packaging.
  • Squeeze-tube, the slanted-tip applicator is easy to use.
  • Keeps lips hydrated with a soft wash of color for two hours—that’s better than your average gloss!

Cons: None

Double Extend with Lash Boosting Serum Mascara

Double Extend with Lash Boosting Serum MascaraJust like all of L’Oreal’s other Double Extend mascaras, this is a two-step process that involves applying a primer followed by regular mascara. The point of difference here is pure marketing caprice. L’Oreal maintains that they’ve added a special lash-boosting serum to this product. And it’s supposed to make lashes stronger, thicker, and fuller. You’ll get thicker, fuller lashes simply by applying the mascara portion of this product; however, not a single ingredient in either the primer or mascara; has any effect on lash growth or natural (meaning without any mascara) thickness.

The implication is that this is a unique way to boost lash appearance without resorting to a costly prescription drug; such as Allergan’s Latisse, but this dual-sided product works nothing like Latisse. Although the claims are misleading (which is irksome), this mascara is another stellar option from L’Oreal. When you apply the primer followed by mascara; you’ll get clean, smooth length and decent thickness without a clump or flake in sight. The mascara applied alone produces even better results; especially if your goal is lusciously thick, dramatic lashes. Note that applying the mascara without the primer results in some minor clumping. But it’s easy to smooth out with the full-bristled brush. The high rating is for this product’s performance as mascara; not because the lash-boosting serum actually works or because the claims tied to it have any validity.

HiP Studio Secrets Professional Color Truth Cream Eyeliner

HiP Studio Secrets Professional Color Truth Cream EyelinerHiP Studio Secrets Professional Color Truth Cream Eyeliner is L’Oreal’s version of the long-wearing gel eyeliners sold by some department-store lines. Just like all the others, this has a soft, cream-gel texture that must be applied with a brush. A mini angled eyeliner brush included and is workable. But most consumers will want something more elegant or capable of drawing a thinner line.

Performance-wise, this applies smoothly and sets quickly to an immovable finish. Oddly, color saturation isn’t as strong as for other HIP products; so you may need to layer to get more dramatic results. Still, this matches its competitors for long wear without smearing and requires an oil- or silicone-based remover. The shades are worth considering, whether you want a classic or trendy look.

Studio Secrets Professional Eye Shadow Singles

Studio Secrets Professional Eye Shadow SinglesThis pressed-powder eye shadow earns accolades for its well-rounded collection of shades, smooth texture, and ability to transform from sheer to rich color by layering. The silky texture applies evenly and isn’t the least bit dusty. Both matte and shimmer options are available, and the shimmer does not flake; which is a major plus. Job well done, L’Oreal—and now the “secret” is out!


  • Attractive and extensive shade range.
  • The choice of matte or shimmer finishes and the shimmer does not flake.
  • Silky-smooth pressed-powder texture applies evenly and adheres well to the skin.


  • Steer clear of the shimmer shades if you have wrinkly or crepey eyelids; the shine will accentuate these issues.