Men’s Glasses Subtle or Not?!

Men’s Glasses Subtle or Not?!

While some people hold on to the belief that men’s glasses should ”blend” in, today’s fashions do anything but that! Today’s eyewear is designed to make a statement – bold and brassy or big and sassy. Vanity glasses are HUGE as part of the overall wardrobe! Blending in is “out”!

Men’s Glasses - Finding the Perfect BalanceMen are just as fashion-conscious as women. With the vast array of high fashion eyewear, men no longer have to settle for thin wire-rimmed glasses or big aviators. Designer eyewear collections are now taking the shape of men’s into consideration as well as women’s. These glasses are making bold, striking statements! Finding the perfect glasses to suit men’s face shapes just got a whole lot easier, as well as complementing their wardrobe and style.

Finding the Perfect Balance

Besides the face shape, men’s hairstyles also dictate what style glasses will work best. The whole idea is to strike that perfect balance and “complete” the look with the right pair of glasses. Many people have several sets of glasses for this reason.

If your face is angular, add some curves. If your face is round and soft, add angles – it’s that easy!

Here are some tips that will help you get the right pair for the right look:

Men’s Glasses for Round FacesMen’s Glasses Eyewear for Round Faces

Best Choice:

  • Angular and slimming
  • Flat, rectangular lenses

Avoid Thick frames – they look chunky on a round face


Men’s Glasses for Square FacesMen’s Glasses for Square Faces

Best Choice:

  • Men’s square faces call for round glasses to soften and balance the overall appearance
  • Squared-off shapes work well too
  • Slim frames

Avoid: Narrow, rectangular lenses

Men’s Glasses for an Oval FaceMen’s Glasses for an Oval Face

Best Choice:

Oval faces work well with almost any style

Avoid: any heavy frames that overpower your actual features


Men’s Glasses for Heart-Shaped FacesMen’s Glasses for Heart-Shaped Faces

Best Choice:

  • Wear lenses that are wider at the top than the bottom

Avoid: too blocky or squared-off — it won’t work with the curves in your face’s shape.

  • Ultra-narrow frames – they get lost on a heart=shaped

Men’s Glasses -Choosing the right color Men’s Glasses -Choosing the right color

Choose it carefully- you will be wearing these for a while!  While men in suits may opt for the more traditional styles and neutral elements, such as metallic tones or black,  the more casual male has the option of adding colors. either as the solid base of the frames or as detailing. Thinner frames work best for men looking to add color and style.

Frame Sizing

Eyeglass frames are sized with three numbers – the size of the lens, the size of the bridge across the nose, and the length of the temples. These numbers are not adjusted for the thickness, so different designs will fit and feel different. Try several on before deciding.

Frame Materials

Thanks to current technology, eyeglasses are designed from a variety of metals and plastics. Lightweight materials are available in a wide pallet of colors, are extremely lightweight and very affordable.

Higher-end sporty eyewear is typically constructed from lightweight flexible materials and is equally colorful. Other popular materials include titanium and titanium alloys.

Avoid cheap blended metals- they may contain nickel and may cause an allergic reaction. Aluminum frames are not very durable.

Vanity Glasses for Men

Some men simply look better in glasses. Whether it’s the preppy look, sophisticated, educated or sexy look, consider “vanity frames” with plain glass (or plastic) lenses They do not affect your vision. If you feel that glasses add the finishing touch to an outfit or wardrobe then accent to suit your personal taste!


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