Men’s Skin Care Looking Good! Not just for Women Anymore

Men’s Skin Care Looking Good! Not just for Women Anymore

Men’s Skin Care Looking Good! Not just for Women Anymore

Until recently, men have neglected their skin – all the marketing was focused women. Not anymore! With the help of sites such as Draftgore, men (and women) are able to stay on top of the latest skincare trends and know what it takes to improve the quality of your skin. A lot of people neglect their skin, but the more you look after it and find the products that work best for you, the more you’ll notice a difference.

Clean, smooth, vibrant, touchable skin is IN! Even the razor manufacturers are doing their part – closer shaves for the smooth, silky feel and look.

From fighting acne during the developmental years, to minimizing wrinkles, men are paying more attention and developing healthier lifestyles and diets. They are now enjoying the same benefits of facials, creams and essential oils that women have enjoyed for ages!

Men’s Skin Care - Identify Your Skin TypeMen, pay attention! Your skin is a living, breathing organ, the largest in your body. From serving as a protective barrier against nature and other environmental hazards, to controlling your body temperature through perspiration, your skin needs your attention. Investing time in proper diet, grooming and care, your skin will serve you well for many years – this goes beyond soap and water. It involves a commitment to a healthy skin care regimen.

Men’s Skin Care – Identify Your Skin Type

One of the easiest tests is the tissue test.

  • Wash your skin well with a cleansing soap and water – pat dry
  • In the morning, press a clean tissue to your face and compare to the guide below

Normal Skin Type

  • Tissue is relatively dry
  • Skin feels smooth and pliable
  • Does not feel oily
  • Skin is firm; small pores small
  • Even-toned

Caring for Normal Skin:

– Use gentle, non-alcohol face wash & toner
– water-based lotions for moisturizing
– Use a facial scrub twice a week
– face masks 2-3x a week

Oily Skin Type

  • Greasy patches on tissue
  • Shiny cheeks and nose
  • Pores are medium-large
  • Blackheads, whiteheads or blemishes

Caring for Oily Skin

– Cleanse with a face wash with AHA or salicylic acid to control grease.
– Use an astringent-based toner to wipe off the excess oil. Use an astringent aftershave too.
– Apply oil control moisturizer during day. Skip it at night to let the skin breathe.
– Scrub thrice a week to avoid clogged pores.
– Use clay or fruit-based packs almost daily.

Dry Skin Type

  • The tissue is dry
  • Forehead and cheeks appear flaky
  • Skin appears stretched
  • Skin appears thin, dull, feels rough
  • Prone to wrinkling
  • Skin tone appears patchy

Caring for Dry Skin

– Use mild soap-free face wash

– Use a gel shaving cream
– Avoid toner – use and aftershave balm
– Use a day cream moisturizer as well as a richer night cream
– Apply eye cream under the eyes at night
– Use a gentle face scrub twice a week
– Use milk-based skin hydrating face packs 3x a week

Men’s Skin Care Looking Good! Combination Skin Type

  • Greasy patches around the nose, chin and forehead
  • Cheeks appear normal or dry at start of day
  • Skin is oily in T-zone by midday
  • Skin is typically firm

Caring for Combination Skin use:

– Use mild soap-free face wash

– alcohol-free toner for the T-zone
– Use water-based moisturizer in the morning

-an oil control gel/lotion for the T-zone

– Use a regular lotion on the rest of the face
– Scrub 3x a week
– a clay mask on the oily areas

– Use a hydrating mask elsewhere at least 3x a week

Men’s Skin Care Looking Good! Having GREAT looking skin takes a little work – once you know your skin type and how to care for it, a good regimen should only take 15-20 to keep you looking good!

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