Menswear Essentials To Buy In 2019

Menswear Essentials To Buy In 2019

The Must-Haves Menswear Essentials to Kick off Your Wardrobe

The list of basic essentials that should constitute the wardrobe of every stylish man is not particularly long. From simple, high-quality shirts, to perfectly cut chinos to the suit you have no excuse for not owning, here are the must-haves menswear essentials that should form the beginning of any successful wardrobe.

Menswear Essentials You’ll Need in 2019

Whether you’re reworking your entire wardrobe for the New Year ahead, or just filling in the gaps here and there because the end-of-year sales are soon; these must-haves essentials will keep your style on point in 2019. Mix and match them to your heart’s content and throw in a few styles swerves here and there for something a little unexpected; you’ll make looking fly every day seem like a piece of cake.

Must-haves Menswear Essentials – Basic


1- The True Blue Dress Shirt

Not only this shirt nicely priced, but the cut is spot-on; having more in common with shirts that cost five times as much than the billowy basics you’re used to seeing in this price range.

The True Blue Dress Shirt

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2- The New White T-Shirt

There’s only so much you can do to a T-shirt to take it from normal to exemplary, mainly fit and fabric.

The New White T-Shirt

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3- Go-With-Everything Loafers

The right loafers can be dressed-up and dressed-down, worn with or without socks, and only look better once broken in.

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4 – The Year-Round White Jean

What do Prince William, Kanye West, and Harry Styles have in common? They all swear by white jeans in the summer. So should you.


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5 – A Sweater That Makes Every Outfit Better

Cashmere knit in a strong solid color will class up any pair of pants in your closet. Everlane’s right-now cuts and wallet-friendly prices are particularly hard to resist.

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Must Haves Menswear Essentials cashmere mock neck

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6 – The Original Brown Suede Boots

Our favorite iteration—the best desert boot to buy right now—is also the very first one, from British shoemaker Clarks.

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Clarks Originals suede desert boots

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7 – The Grown-Up Striped Tee

Whether you wear it under a suit or with your oldest pair of jeans, a nautical stripe shirt will always bring out your most handsome self. CDG’s thick cotton shirts are the most flattering on the market too.

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8 – The Cool Kid Polo Shirt

There’s nothing preppy about this polo and that’s why we love it; it can sit under a denim jacket, your best blazer, or stand on its own all equally well.


9 – The Best Slip-On Sneaker of All Time

This affordable sneaker is the epitome of California skate style and an exclamation point at the end of any outfit.


Vans checkerboard canvas sneakers

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10 – The Blackout Jean

Black is the new neutral jean that anchors your best hoodies and navy tailored jackets while giving those outfits a little dusting of French guy cool (which is the most any of us can handle). The frame’s aptly named L’Homme jean is skinny without being skin-tight.


11 – The Foundation Navy Suit

It’s a well-known fact that every man alive looks better in a navy blue suit. Why do you think it’s Washington D.C.’s power suit of choice? Hugo Boss still makes a damn fine one, whether you’re an eager associate or the man in charge.


12 – The Only Denim Shirt You’ll Ever Need

A Levi’s denim shirt is going to last just as long and work with just as many pieces in your closet as your go-to white Oxford, only the more destroyed it gets, the cooler it’s going to look.


13 – The Proper Derbies

If you’re looking for a dress shoe that can crossover into the casual territory, a footwear investment that won’t fall apart after heavy wear, and lace-ups that work under any pant out there, consider your search over. Church’s has you covered.

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14 – The Around-the-Clock Trouser

In 2019, your dressier trousers don’t have to fit like the shapeless wool sacks you’re used to wearing; they should fit like your favorite pair of jeans. The key is the cut, and that’s something Gant Rugger perfected years ago.


15 – The White Oxford Shirt

No button-up shirt works harder than a white Oxford. And a truly great one, like Thom Browne’s now-iconic take on the staple, only gets better with each wear as the sturdy cotton begins to break down and soften.

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16 – The Slim Black Suit

Black jeans are great and all, but nothing will make you feel like a badass like a slim, black suit. Buy one as tastefully executed as of this and you just mind find yourself walking in slow motion like those guys in Reservoir Dogs.



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17 – The Wear-and-Repair Jeans

Raw selvage jeans in a slim-straight cut are something every man should buy—and promptly make his own. You’ll have them for years so choose wisely.


18 – A Striped Dress Shirt

Patterns can be tricky to pull off. A blue striped dress shirt, like this pitch-perfect option from Ralph Lauren, is not. It’s as easy to wear as white while adding depth and dimension to your look.


Must Haves Menswear Essentials

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19 – The Slick Slip-On Boots

Common Projects Chelsea boots make anything you wear look sleeker and more expensive, and the cushy crepe sole will help you keep the bounce in your step.

Common Projects suede Chelsea boots

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20 – A Tailored Jacket for Work and Play

A great sport coat can turn the simplest menswear pieces (see: white t-shirts, jeans) into moments of sartorial excellence. The key is finding the right jacket that will always get the job done. J.Crew’s Ludlow jacket is a classic for a reason.


21 – The Rebel Jacket

Whether you go for suede or leather Jacket, brown or black, you need a Brando-level jacket you can reach for in times of need (and every other damn day). Coach makes a slimmed-down take on the Schott Perfecto that’s just perfect.


22 – The Open Collar Shirt

Whether you go for tropical prints, bowling stripes, or a simple, solid color, an open-collar shirt will make every pair of trousers in your closet look cooler and more relaxed. Basic Rights makes their pitch-perfect version in short and long-sleeve cuts so you can wear the staple all year round.

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23 – The Sneaker From the Future

A modern, oversized sole and translucent upper make these kicks an ideal sneaker for 2019—and beyond.


Nike React Element 87 sneakers Menswear Essentials


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24 – The Unstuffy Turtleneck

Turtlenecks are the thick-frame glasses you don’t need a prescription or good bone structure to wear. They make you look smarter and more sophisticated instantly—especially in a studious color like AMI’s chocolate brown.


25 – The Tailored Sweatpants

It’s the details that separate John Elliott’s sweats from the pack: reinforced knees, a subtle taper, and a wide waistband with a thick rope drawstring that sits on your hips instead of below them.


26 – The Graphic Long-Sleeve Menswear Essentials

In 2019, you don’t need to be a skateboarding teen or a streetwear collector to pull off a long-sleeve graphic tee. But you do need to look beyond your local mall store to find a good one.


27 – The T-Shirt That Shows Your Allegiance

A simple, effective, tried-and-true flex: the fashion logo tee. Inspired by vintage ’80s prints, this number is simple and slick.


28 – Hard-Working Cotton Pants

Skater teens, construction workers, and no-nonsense dads agree: Dickies makes a mean pair of pants. Even if you don’t fall into any of these groups, you need a pair too—for every off-duty day that you’re not in jeans.

Men's Dickies Menswear Essentials

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Must-Haves Menswear Essentials – Accessories

29 – The Belt That Gets Better with Age

Your best jeans deserve a belt to hold them up that’s as rugged, classic, and maybe a bit badass as the jeans themselves. And that means no wimpy buckles, which is why CB Made in Italy’s version sits atop the list of investment-worthy belts.


30 – The Outfit-Elevating Shades

Whether you’re in a suit or a white T-shirt and jeans, nice sunglasses elevate every outfit. We’re big fans of Garrett Leight, son of Oliver Peoples founder Larry Leight, whose designs feel of-the-moment without hitting you over the head with their coolness.

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31 – The Personal Jewelry

Maybe you’re a gold chain guy, maybe you’re a Miansai pinky ring person (we know we are). Whatever your preference, every man should own a piece of jewelry that isn’t a wedding band or watch.


32 – The Investment Watch

You might not be able to buy a serious watch like a Rolex Daytona this year or even within the next five. But eventually, you should treat your self. Because nothing swags out a classic outfit like one of these babies.

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33 – The Can’t-Fail Tie Menswear Essentials

A silk knit tie is the Switzerland of neckwear. It doesn’t go with some of the collared shirts in your closet—it goes with all of them. Ralph Lauren’s take on the classic is especially crowd-pleasing.


34 – The Goes-With-Everything Pocket Square

A tipped pocket square is never the wrong choice. Buy a fistful in every shade out there so you can match it to any suit, shirt, and tie in your closet.


35 – The Haul-All Tote Menswear Essentials

The days of briefcases and folios have given way to a more relaxed breed of the business bag: the tote. Anything from Want Les Essentiels’ is a wise investment, but this front-pocket, the zip-top tote is like the Optimus Prime of carryalls.


36 – Socks That Get You Noticed

Unless you’re headed to a funeral or the gym, there’s no reason not to make your ankles a highlight of any outfit. The best way to do that is with a pair of Pantherella’s luxe ribbed socks, in any of their saturated hues.


37 – The Travel-Friendly Bag

We’re living in the Golden Age of man bags which is great because let’s face it, it’s easier to lose a pair of AirPods than it is to buy them. Carhartt makes a simple, affordable shoulder bag that gets the job done. Wear it tourist-style across your torso when you’re on the go.


38 – The Better Baseball Cap

We’ve got nothing but love for classic, no-frills baseball caps but if that’s the only variety you own, you’re doing your style a disservice. Todd Snyder’s souped-up New Era caps are so nice, you can even wear them with a suit. (That means you can pledge your allegiance seven days a week.)


39 – The Basic Beanie

Hide bad haircuts, keep your ears warm, and look damn cool in the process with a rib-knit beanie in a solid neutral color. J.Crew’s always got a few pitch-perfect options in stock.