Mixing Vintage Clothing With High Street Brands

Mixing Vintage Clothing With High Street Brands

Mixing Vintage Clothing With High Street Brands

Vintage clothes have seen a massive revival in recent years, with designers and high street shops alike taking inspiration from retro styles. But why opt for diluted versions of the genuine article? You might worry you’ll look too ‘fancy dress’ in vintage clothes, but there’s really nothing to be scared of! It’s easy to blend modern and vintage pieces – just think of Rokit as your own personal archive of unique items to supplement your existing wardrobe and prevent you from looking like a fashion clone!

Mixing Vintage Clothing With High Street Brands

Modern Meets Vintage wearable: Culture Clash Or Co-Conspirators?

The head to toe vintage look isn’t for everyone; although we have huge respect for the painstakingly recreated outfits; put together by some die-hard vintage enthusiasts; who know their favorite era and own the look; mixing and matching with modern pieces from high street brands is a brilliant way to forge your own quirky style with your foot firmly in both camps. Here are some tips for those new to the whole vintage thang on how to pull this off!

Start Off With One Vintage  Piece

Baby steps! Start by building an outfit around just one item of vintage wearable. It doesn’t have to be a small number either; it could be the focal point of your whole outfit. Why not throw on a 60s shift dress with some of this season over the knee boots and a timeless classic polo neck, or team some high-street skinny jeans and a cardigan with a statement 50s blouse?

Accessorise In A Retro Style

Of course, you could always take your accessories from decades past to pull off your own retro look. Sunglasses are excellent for this: try 50s cat’s eyeglasses which will add a hint of the rockabilly to your biker jacket and pencil skirt combo, or some rose-tinted John Lennon specs with the grunge-inspired ditsy floral dress. A vintage felt floppy hat is ideal for dipping your toe (or head) into this season’s bohemian 70s style. Or how about adorning yourself with some vintage jewelry to give off a little vintage charm without going over the top!

Stick To On-Trend Shoes

Vintage footwear can be tricky when it comes to sizing, so vintage virgins can sidestep trouble by coupling up vintage clothes with some brand new footwear. Try our very own new cleated sole platform shoes for a modern take on 90s flavor, teamed with vintage faux fur and a bodycon dress, or go for pointed flats which can be conveniently worked into 50s, 60s and even 80s style outfits.

Mixing Decades

The beauty of vintage clothes is that you can mix various decades into one beautiful look which also incorporates modern pieces Try eclectically layering your 70s maxi dress with your high street boots, 80s faux fur coat and some 90s jewelry (think Gwen Stefani-Esque bindis). Or team an original 60s mini dress with a 90s turtle neck top and some modern platform boots. Mixing and matching eras are absolutely the way to go!

Check out Rokit Recycled!

If all this sounds like too much hard work, then you need to check out Rokit Recycled. Rokit in house design team takes vintage pieces or textiles; that can’t be used as they are, and repurposes them into new and on-trend designs with modern cuts; blending old and new so you don’t have to!

Handpicked Vintage Clothing From Rokit

So if you’ve ever experienced the identity crisis that is wearing the same outfit as a total stranger (even if you are wearing it better, obvs) or you’re in the mood for transforming your identikit wardrobe with something altogether more unique, you need to pay Rokit a visit today. Their shops and online store are positively brimming with all sorts of vintage clothing; (for guys and gals!) so check out exciting collections now!