21 Modern Nursery Room Ideas 2020

21 Modern Nursery Room Ideas

You can’t go wrong with a bright and modern space for a nursery. With its emphasis on simplicity and functionality, modern design is a practical choice for busy parents.

The modern nursery is fresh and sophisticated. Its goal is clean lines, sculptural elements, and a clutter-free environment where only the things you need are displayed. Opt for a neutral color palette, splurge on a stylish light fixture, and you’ve left babyish behind and created a space where your little one can grow into it and enjoy it for years to come.

These gorgeous modern nursery rooms are guaranteed to give you ideas and inspiration.

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21 Modern Nursery Room Ideas

1- Modern Minimalist

Modern Minimalist

This beautiful nursery space, created by the design team at Rehabitat, is the perfect example of modern minimalism. Clean white walls, understated furnishings, and uncluttered floor space give the room a bright, airy feel and a sense of openness, proving that less can be oh so much more.

2- Moroccan Beauty Modern Nursery Room Ideas

Moroccan Beauty Modern Nursery Room Ideas

Simple yet chic space, inspired by a trip to Morocco, designed by the style maven behind the popular wedding blog Ruffled, combines clean modern style with jet-setting flair.

The two-toned midcentury modern-inspired crib and the adorable full-color camel print on the wall make the perfect statement in this otherwise understated space. Moroccan-style touches blend in seamlessly, including the ottoman on the floor, woven basket and light fixture, and the rich red fabric draped on the crib.

3- Modern Boho Modern Nursery Room Ideas

Modern Boho Modern Nursery Room Ideas

This beautiful baby girl’s room spotted on 100 Layer Cake-let features clean lines, minimal dressings, and a healthy dose of modern boho chic. The large-scale floral print on the wall, richly textured rug, and dramatic potted plant are all hallmarks of this new and popular take on bohemian style.

4- Perfect Symmetry

Perfect Symmetry Modern Nursery Room Ideas

A focus on balance, shape and geometric accents combine with woven textiles and earthy touches of green to make this modern boho twin nursery; designed by Natalie of Nat Your Average Girl, more than stylish enough for two. Above a chandelier gives this nursery a hint of sparkle.

5- Color Pop

Color Pop Modern Nursery Room Ideas

Pops of bright kelly green bring life and energy to this fun and modern boy’s room shared by Oakley Peterson of Nothing Down About It. Black-and-white spaces featuring modern lines and graphic prints and patterns are popular, and the addition of a strong accent color gives this space a bold and refreshing twist.

6- Black, White, and Gold

Black, White, and Gold Modern Nursery Room IdeasBlack, White, and Gold Modern Nursery Room Ideas

This ultra-sophisticated nursery space, featured on Project Nursery, is the perfect example of a nursery that doesn’t look like a nursery.

Former television reality shows celebrity wanted a simple, modern space designed for her little one that would blend in with the rest of her home and would grow with her child. With this nursery’s clean lines, modern furnishings, rich textural accents, and bold abstract art, this black, white, and gold beauty more than fits the bill.

7- Chalkboard Mural

Chalkboard Mural Modern Nursery Room Ideas

A one-of-a-kind graphic chalkboard mural is a showstopper in this realistic take on the woodland-theme nursery spotted on Gray House Studio. It’s the perfect solution for a modern gender-neutral nursery.

8- Modern Mountain Range

Modern Mountain Range

By taking the understated, geometric approach, this adorable, gender-neutral space, featured on Project Nursery, offers a subtle nod to the rustic woodland theme without compromising its clean, modern style.

9- Clean Contemporary

Clean Contemporary Modern Nursery Room Ideas

This clean, contemporary nursery makes a bold statement by emphasizing a single design element. The large-scale mural in this white-on-white nursery by Emily Henderson Interiors is a stark contrast to its simple surroundings. The mural draws the eye up and heightens the drama in this bright and modern space.

10- Bold Boho Print

Bold Boho Print Modern Nursery Room Ideas

A large-scale boho-style cactus print sets the scene in this modern nursery room from Tellkiddo. Vibrant green plants add an extra dose of life, energy, and color to this richly textured, gender-neutral space.

11- Midcentury Modern

Mid Century Modern Nursery Room Ideas

A generous splash of pink with rich navy and gold accents makes this sophisticated nursery, designed by Elisabeth McKnight, all feminine and vintage.

The dresser, oversized mirror, and abstract statement piece over the crib are classic midcentury modern elements. The plants and print rug add the perfect touch of chic boho to the mix.

12- Textile Haven Modern Nursery Room Ideas

Textile Haven Modern Nursery Room Ideas

Texture and pattern rule in modern design to add richness to an understated, neutral aesthetic. The soothing palette of this nursery, spotted on Instagram, puts both of these key elements to good use, creating a warm and vibrant space without the need for a bright color.

13- Geometric Focus Modern Nursery Room Ideas

Geometric Focus

This little boy’s bold room spotted on Snappy Casual; centers around a black-and-white geometric motif punctuated by a dramatic black wall. Clean lines and a minimalist approach keep the space looking sharp and modern.

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14- Bright and Modern Nursery Room Ideas

Bright and Modern

This bright and airy nursery space spotted on Small Fry incorporates soft pastels, comfy textures, and lots of natural light. All the elements combine to create an eclectic and soothing haven for the baby. A midcentury modern Eames-style lounge chair is added for adult comfort.

15- Graphic Mix Nursery Room Ideas

Graphic Mix

This cheery little nursery, featured on Apartment Therapy, boasts a lively mix of graphic patterns all tied together in a clean black-and-white color scheme. A sculpted geometric pendant lamp in glossy black adds the perfect touch to this modern space.

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16- Modern Duo Nursery Room

Modern Duo

With its clean lines, sparse accessories, and an emphasis on balance and symmetry; this swoon-inducing nursery for two, featured on Style Me Pretty, boasts plenty of modern appeals. The large round feather hanging light fixture heightens the modern feel in this room. Gold accents add the perfect touch of glam for a look that’s sophisticated and chic for twin girls.

17- On Point Modern Nursery Room

On Point Modern

This sweet little nursery, created by Regan Baker Designs; proves that modern decor and popular nursery themes are not mutually exclusive. The trick is to stay understated. Here a simple modern space incorporates a few key elements to suggest favorite nursery themes.

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18- Starry Night Nursery Room

Starry Night

Created by Suzann Kletzian Designs; this modern nursery in rich blues and neutral tones offers a subtle take on a celestial theme. The navy blue wall is enhanced with metallic dot decals to suggest a glimmering night sky. Star maps and other celestial charts adorn the walls, elevating the concept without overwhelming the room’s chic contemporary aesthetic.

19- Nordic Charm Modern Nursery Room Ideas

Nordic Charm

Bright, clean, and thoroughly modern, this nursery exemplifies modern Nordic design. The contemporary aesthetics creates functional, kid-friendly spaces that inspire a sense of wonder; by putting an emphasis on imagination and play. Here, lively patterns, whimsical art prints, and fun accessories bring this simple, modern nursery found on Petit & Small, giving the room its unique charm.

20- Modern Eclectic Nursery Room

Modern Eclectic

This one-of-a-kind nursery design featured on Apartment Therapy; combines midcentury modern furniture, funky accessories, and abstract art into a fun and spunky design. A black accent wall can be soothing in a nursery, and it helps the artwork and yellow curtains stand out.

21- Graphic Statement Modern Nursery Room Ideas

Graphic Statement

This streamlined nursery features an oversized graphic print showcasing a favorite bunny. The added triangle decals add the perfect touch of whimsy to this sweet, contemporary nursery spotted on Kukun.

How to Design a Nursery: Dos and Don’ts

Designing a nursery for your baby-to-be can be a fun and rewarding experience, but it can also seem a little daunting, especially if you don’t know where to begin — feeling a little overwhelmed? Take a moment to arm yourself with these helpful nursery design dos and don’ts, and you’ll be ready to hit the stores in no time.

Choose a Specific Style or Theme

Although it’s not absolutely necessary to limit yourself to a single concept, settling on a specific idea will help you to narrow your focus and create a more cohesive design.

Pick the Perfect Palette

Swimming in a sea of paint chips? Put these eight foolproof color tips to the test.

Choose Textiles Before Paint

There is nothing worse than finally finding the perfect curtains or the baby bedding of your dreams only to discover the color scheme clashes with your paint job. Given the astounding array of available paint colors and the prevalence of color-match technology, it’s definitely easier to choose your textiles first and then buy paint to match.

Identify a Focal Point

Most nurseries are centered on the crib, but there are many other options to choose from. A large window or alcove or even a signature piece, such as an oversized toy or a painted dresser, can also draw focus.

Decorate the Ceiling

Babies spend much of their time on their backs. Why not give your little one something to contemplate? Consider painting the ceiling a soothing color or enhancing your nursery’s theme with a mural or decals.

Consider Going Green

Designing an eco-style nursery is not only good for the planet—it’s good for the baby too! The products we use on a daily basis are full of nasty chemicals. These chemicals—known as VOCs—dissipate slowly, compromising air quality as they evaporate. They may even make your little one sick.

Create a Nursing Station

Create a Nursing Station

Nursing is a tricky business, and it can quickly turn into a juggling act if you are unprepared. Make nursing time stress-free for keeping everything you need close at hand.

Create a Sanitation Station

Create a Sanitation Station

Keep your nursery germ-free by having sanitation supplies ready to go. Set up a tray on your changing table with antibacterial gel and paper towels to prevent contamination of surfaces, and give hotspots a daily once-over with antibacterial wipes. You should also have a plan for dirty diapers and heavily soiled clothing, such as a diaper disposal system and a separate hamper.

Develop a System for Sorting and Storing Clothes

Keeping up with the baby’s changing wardrobe is a never-ending challenge. Start by organizing your kiddo’s clothes by size and type. Fill your nursery closet and dresser drawers with the things you can use now, and label and put away the rest until your baby needs them.

It also helps to keep an easily accessible box for clothes that you have officially deemed too small. When the box is full, wash the clothes, label them and store them away. Keeping outgrown items separate prevents them from creeping back into the baby’s closet, saving you the hassle of an extra trying-on session.

Get Creative With Storage

Get Creative With Storage

Babies come with lots of stuff! If you’re going to stay on top of it all, you’re going to need a plan. Start by doubling your storage space with these must-have tools. Then try creating your own inexpensive storage solutions with DIY storage projects and clever hacks.

Install a Ceiling Fan

Preventing SIDS may be as easy as a flick of a switch. A study published in The Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine reported that infants who sleep under a ceiling fan reduce their risk of SIDS by 72%! Live in a cold climate? Installing a ceiling fan is a must!

Leave Room to Grow

When choosing your nursery furniture, think long-term. Baby’s small, the bassinet-style crib may look darling now, but have you left enough room to exchange it for a toddler-sized bed later? No room for both a stand-alone changing table and a dresser? You’ll get more use out of the dresser in the long run. Thinking ahead will ensure you get the most out of your money and your space.

Don’t Neglect Your Windows

Properly dressing your windows is not a design choice—it’s a safety concern.

Always install blackout curtains or heavy blinds in the nursery. This will help the baby to sleep longer and more comfortably. More importantly, it will prevent the room from getting too hot during the day, dramatically decreasing your baby’s risk of SIDS.

Don’t Use Harsh Lighting

Install a dimmer on any intense overhead lighting fixtures, especially if they are located directly over the crib. It’s also a good idea to purchase a small accent lamp for a cozy, story-time glow.

Don’t Forget the Nightlight

Nightlights provide both safety and comfort, especially during late-night feedings. They can also be downright adorable!

Don’t Wait to Baby-Proof the Nursery

The baby may not be on the move yet, but before you know it, you’ll have your very own toddling disaster zone. Take care to cover electrical outlets and tuck away cords. Anchor down any furniture that could pose a threat, and secure rugs to the floor to prevent slips. You should also be wary of potential choking hazards, and be sure that all medicines, ointments, etc. are securely stowed out of the baby’s reach.

Don’t Forget to Stock Necessities

Purchase all necessary diapers, wipes, lotions, and ointments well ahead of the baby’s arrival and put them away. Make sure that everything you need remains within arm’s reach, so you are never tempted to take a handoff baby.

Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute

Be sure to get your nursery project underway early, so there will be plenty of time to air out new furniture and freshly painted spaces. Getting a head start will also prevent stress and ensure that you will have enough energy to finish the job.

Lighting a Children’s Nursery Room

You’ve chosen colors, settled on the theme, and even picked out the perfect crib. Your baby’s nursery has become your perfect vision—or would be if only you could see it!

Lighting is an important element of design, but when it comes to getting it right, most parents are left in the dark. Wondering how to best light your child’s nursery? Here are ten tips to help you get it right.

Avoid Harsh Lighting In Nursery Room

A soft glow makes any room seem warm and inviting, but that’s not the only reason to keep things cozy. Soft lighting reduces the contrast between light and dark, preventing over-stimulation and giving the baby’s undeveloped eyes a much-needed rest.

When lighting the nursery, avoid halogens and exposed bulbs. These bright lights make babies uncomfortable and anxious, and they can even be hazardous should a curious toddler come poking around. Opt instead for fixtures offering shaded or diffused light. Bulbs labeled “soft white” or “daylight” will be easier on a baby’s eyes.

Another tip: Consider the baby’s point of view. Ceiling fixtures with bell-shaped shades may look lovely from across the room, but the effect is less enjoyable when you’re lying directly under them!

Install a Dimmer

Used regularly as part of a bedtime routine, a dimmer switch can help your baby wind down and sleep. The serene atmosphere created by dimmed lighting acts as a trigger for your little dreamer, letting his or her body know it’s time to rest. A dimmer also allows you to slip in for the occasional sneak peek without disturbing the little one. It’s also perfect for late-night feedings and diaper changes, helping to maintain your baby’s drowsy state while you take care of business.

Create Light Layers

Soft lighting is all well and good, but when you’re buried to the elbows in a messy diaper, it helps if you can see what you’re doing. The trick? Create layers of light.

Instead of relying on a single overly bright ceiling lamp, use a number of lamps and fixtures to brighten the room as needed. Aim for a minimum of three points of light, such as a ceiling fixture, changing table light, and reading lamp. By keeping your choices task-centered, you’ll always have enough light right where you need it.

Consider a Ceiling Light/Fan Combo

For the ceiling light, a fixture that combines a light fixture and ceiling fan offers many benefits. The fan can assist in energy management, cooling your baby in the summer, and pushing warm are down in the winter. And many babies find the motion of the fan soothing and relaxing. A fan with blades painted in different bright colors becomes a visual treat when the fan runs at slow speeds.

Avoid Floor Lamps

Tall floor lamps placed by a crib or changing table are an accident waiting to happen, especially develops into a crawler then-toddler. Tall floor lamps can oh-so-easily be sent crashing to the ground by a baby or toddler. Keep your task lighting confined to solid table lamps with cords that can be kept safely out of the way.

Be Aware of Heat

Some types of light bulbs can get dangerously hot, so if you have any of these fixtures; make sure they are positioned in locations where a curious infant or toddler can’t reach out and touch them. Compact fluorescent (CFL) or LED (light-emitting diode) bulbs are much cooler to the touch, and they also are much more energy-efficient than incandescent lightbulbs.

Control Natural Light

Natural light is a beautiful thing—unless it’s giving your baby a premature wake-up call. Keeping your nursery dark and cool will not only help your baby sleep longer but will also prevent overheating.

The range of window treatment options for a nursery is just as diverse as they are for any room in the house; ranging from simple roll-down window shades to the most light-proof heavy drapes. It is critical, though, that you take childproofing measures for all window treatments in a nursery or children’s bedroom.

Make a Statement

A dramatic ceiling fixture can make a big difference to your nursery. Why not replace your standard lamp with a fun, oversized pendant or even an elegant chandelier? The nursery is a great place to establish a fun theme with a unique ceiling fixture or hanging light serving as the focal point.

Get Creative

Nurseries need practical lighting; some lighting sources can serve other purposes, as well, such as offering entertainment or simple visual interest. Use your imagination! Set the ceiling ablaze with an LED starlight, for example. Or cast a magical glow with strings of twinkling fairy lights. You can even use light to enhance a decorating theme. Whatever you choose to do, have fun and create something truly unique!

Don’t Forget the Night Light

Even the sweetest of nurseries can seem scary at night. Your newborn may not be afraid of the dark yet, but after a few late-night stumbles in the dark, your sleep-deprived tootsies will be terrified! Protect your little one—and your toes—with one or more creative nightlights for kids.

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