Nature’s Gift – The Power of the Essence of Flowers

Throughout the ages a rich symbolism has evolved around plants and their flowers; they have held a special place in people’s lives being depicted  in art, jewelry, stories and paintings.

People used them to represent love, desire, events, feast days, birthdays and celebrations of all kinds.

Flowers are sought after for their beauty, and their fragrances. Flowers appeal to our senses and stimulate us; they move us intensely on a very subtle level that we are not aware of, triggering pheromones.

The essence from flowers is used in a subtle but powerful new and healing way; they are transferred into liquids called flower remedies or simply flower essences. Aromatherapy can calm, soothe and provide a sense of well-being and fulfillment.  This practice is based on the premise that humans and all living things are profoundly related to nature and that human psychology has its healing counterpart in plants.

Flower essence therapies have been in existence for centuriesFlower essence therapies have been in existence for centuries. One of the most prestigious doctors to get involved in this type of therapy was Dr. Edward Bach. Prior to this, he practiced tradition medicine; his knowledge helped him in his study of homeopathy, something he then practiced for ten years.

Bach developed his own homeopathic specialties with excellent results. He realized the wonderful healing powers of flowers, and soon discovered the connection between different emotional and personality factors. His studies showed that both contributed to a predisposition to illness, fear and negative attitudes. This was once well- known in the ancient world; incense and oils were used much in the same manner as flower essence.

Edward Bach was a profound thinker and soon discovered a link between stress, emotions, and illness – long before the issues were addressed by contemporary physicians. Dr. Bach sought to find a simple, natural way to balance the physical and emotional systems. He searched for a cure in nature and was led to the healing properties of homeopathic remedies and finally to the essences of flowers.

Research in the healing properties of flowers has continued to grow and expand; flower essences and essential oils are not produced and marketed globally.

movement toward re-alignment with natureSince the dawn of time, ancient people understood that within nature has been placed the means to heal all forms of illness and suffering. As human culture evolved the thirst for objective knowledge and technology separated us from nature – to the point that our relationship to it as the source of healing was all but lost.

There is a renewed interest and a growing movement toward re-alignment with nature. Flower essences as well as essential oils are among those evolutionary steps in health care that combine the clarity of modern science with a renewed spirit and awareness for the power of Nature



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