Negative Energy How to Purify your Home of It

Negative Energy How to Purify your Home of It and Invite Positive Energy

How frequently have you strolled into a spot and promptly felt peevish? You suddenly start feeling awkward, worried, stressed out and downright depressed. The vibe there simply doesn’t feel right. In this article, we will discuss negative energy; how to purge your home of it and welcoming positive energy.

Positive and Negative Energy

Does being in a specific corner or room of your home irritate you, make you exhausted and drained out? When you are there, you begin arguing with people around you for no good reason. But, when you are far from there, everything appears to change. You quiet down and you are back to your ordinary self.

Each space holds energy – both positive and negative. Such energies can’t be seen however can be detected. They will, in general, saturate spaces.

Let’s explain: If you have a heated argument with someone in your house, what happens to the energy there?

It gets assimilated in the walls, upholstery, furniture, roof, and objects around you. Such negative energies habitually will in general aggregate in concealed spaces or corners. They become a piece of your life and begin influencing every one living there. Do you think that this upholstery steam cleaner would be able to get rid of all of this negativity, as well as making all of your furniture look brand new? It’s probably worth a try if you think that all of this negative energy has somehow made its way into the smallest parts of your furniture.

So where do these negative energies originate from? They are commonly a consequence of negative feelings or thoughts, for example, anger and jealousy and even actions or thoughts of violence.

They can likewise enter your space when you get used items or collectibles that have been used by different individuals over numerous years. These items will in general hold the feelings of their previous proprietors. In the event that you have possessed an item for quite a while, your ordinary feelings can get appended to it.

Regardless of where these negative energies start, cleansing or purifying your space can restore the much-needed harmony and balance.

How to Purify your Home of Negative Energy and Invite Positive Energy

Following some techniques to get rid of the piled up negative energy in your living space:

Method 1: De-clutter and Rearrange Furniture


Negative Energy How to Purify your Home - De-clutter and Rearrange Furniture


The more clutter you have, the more places you are providing the negative energy to hide. So, to get rid of negative energy; the first thing you need to do is get rid of all the unwanted, unused and expired items around you.

Get rid of anything that you haven’t used during the last year, and clean your closets and drawers.

  • Grab a large trash bag and fill it up with unused or unwanted stuff; like old papers and magazines, books, worn-out clothes and boxes that you no longer use. If you cannot throw them, at least move them from their space and clean the area. De-cluttering can be positive, not just physically but also emotionally and mentally; as you are also getting rid of all the negativity and unwanted things in your life.
  • Another thing that you can do is rearrange big pieces of furniture every few months. If not rearranging, simply change their position for 12 hours. This breaks the energy pattern and creates a more wide space.

Once you rearrange, sweep the floor occupied by the furniture, and pat the pillows and cushions. Later, sprinkle some table salt or sea salt over the area. Salt is believed to neutralize negative energy. After a few hours, vacuum it up.

Method 2: Smudging

Negative Energy How to Purify your Home of It and Invite Positive Energy


Smudging is one of the oldest and easiest cleansing methods. The smudging is done by burning white sage bundles. People also use tobacco, cedar, sweetgrass, juniper, pine needles and cypress for smudging.

The smoke is believed to bless spaces by clearing out negative emotions; like anger, stress or tension lingering after an event or harmful energies left by people who visited your house.

A 2007 study published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology states that medicinal smoke reduces airborne bacteria. The study found that burning medicinal herbs cleared airborne bacterial populations by 94 percent.

Note, before you start smudging, open the doors and windows. Open all your cabinets, wardrobes and closets.


  1. Place a bundle of dried sage or a sage smudge stick in a holder; a small plate or a fireproof container that will catch the ash.
  2. Light a small corner of the herb. Hold the smudge stick until it catches fire.
  3. Let the stick burn for 10 seconds; it can take a while for the stick to start burning well.
  4. Gently blow it out.
  5. Cleanse yourself before proceeding to smudge your living space.
  6. Fan the smudge stick either with your hand or a feather to direct the smoke all over and around your body.
  7. To smudge your surroundings, start with the farthest room and finish at the entrance; so that you push the negative energy out the front door.
  8. Walk around each room until the smoke fills the area. Walk to each corner, along all the walls, around the windows, and along the ceiling lines. Do not forget the closets, cabinets, and wardrobes.
  9. Recite a prayer of your choice while doing this. Also, imagine negativity being pushed out of your house.
  10. Go to the front door and waft the smoke out the front door, and smudge around the door and frame.
  • Once you are done with the process of smudging; extinguish the stick by pressing it against the fireproof holder. Return it to the earth. You can leave it in your garden or scatter the pieces somewhere outside.


Additional Tips:

You can also plant sage all-around your house to ward off negative energy. It is said to invite positive energy. In addition, lighting sandalwood– or jasmine-scented incense sticks are considered purifying.

Method 3: Use Salt to Ward off Negative Energy

Use Salt to Ward off Negative Energy


  • Sprinkle sea salt over your furniture, bed, carpet or even on clothes worn by people suffering from diseases. Vacuum or sweep it up after a few hours.
  • Instead of sprinkling, you can put bowls of salt in the northeast or southwest directions of your room. Discard it outside after a few hours. Salt helps absorb all the negative energy.
  • Another option is to put 5 to 6 teaspoons of sea salt or rock salt in a bucket of water. Use your hands or a new brush to smear the saltwater around the walls, windows, and doors. You can also pour the water into a spray bottle and spray it around your carpets, floors, cabinets, etc.

Method 4: Use Sound to Purify your Home

Sound waves help dispel stagnation. The vibrations produced by the sound help line up your spiritual power.

Who doesn’t love the sound of wind chimes, bells or Tibetan bowls? They are very pleasing and healing at the same time.

Various mediums of sounds can be used to ward off negative energy.

  • Bells, gongs and wind chimes: This help creates peace and inner calmness. Ringing bells or gongs while walking around your house will help break the stagnant energy in your living space. The sound of bells invites positive energy. Hanging a wind chime at the entrance of your house introduces harmony, spirit, and motion.


Use Sound to Purify your Home from Negative energy

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  • Tibetan singing bowls: These bowls are ancient Tibetan meditation bowls. The vibrations created by hitting the bowl and tracing the edge with the wooden stick relax the brain. It creates a sense of inner peace, well-being, and tranquility. Sit in the center of the room and play the bowl until you feel the positive energy around you, or walk around the room counter-clockwise.


Use Sound to Purify your Home from Negative energy2

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  • Clapping: Loud, purposeful clapping can disperse negative energy. Clapping about 10 to 30 times while you go around the house can break the stagnant negative energy. This explains why people clap when they chant hymns, prayers, and bhajans.


  • Prayers: Walk around your house while chanting your choice of hymn or prayer for 20 minutes. You can even play an audio recording of prayer in the morning or evening. The sound of prayer will wash off the negative energy.

Method 5: Use Crystals to Absorb Negative Energy


Use Crystals to Absorb Negative Energy

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Certain crystals have the ability to absorb negative energy.

  • Keep a bowl of crystals like snowflake obsidian, apache tears and amethyst in your kitchen. These crystals will help dissipate negative energy.
  • You can hang or put crystals in your windows, doors, stairway corners, outside the bathroom or in rooms to deflect negative energy.
  • Place a few crystals of black or mahogany obsidian outside your home or on both sides of your front door to prevent any kind of negative energy from entering your space.
  • Keep a piece of black tourmaline in every corner of the room where your front door is located. Black tourmaline is a powerful crystal when it comes to absorbing negative energy. It seals the room with a protective shield. Some place this crystal beside their electronic items; as black tourmaline is said to absorb the electromagnetic radiation emitted by these devices.


Use Crystals to Absorb Negative Energy

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Judy Hall, in her book The Illustrated Guide to Crystals, says tourmaline has the ability to transmute negative energy to positive. She adds that if the crystal has a point; point it away from your home to deflect negative energy and convert it into positive energy.

  • Smokey quartz is considered to be the best when it comes to clearing unwanted energy from a room. It will remove the stagnant energy and replace it with a clear, clean, uplifting energy.

Clean your crystals:

You need to get rid of all the unwanted energies that your crystals have absorbed. Clean them whenever they start looking dull. Here are various methods for cleaning them:

  • Wash them under running water and wipe them off. This will help get rid of the dirt and impurities. Use additional cleaning methods to further purify them of negative energies.
  • Use sea salt to purify them of all the emotional imbalances they might have absorbed from your home. Put some sea salt in a bowl of water and soak your crystal in it for 24 hours. Thereafter, make sure to wipe off the sea salt.
  • Also, use the smudging sticks; such as frankincense, sandalwood, sage or cedar, to clean your crystals. Burn these sticks and hold your crystal in the smoke until you feel the negativity pushing out of them.
  • After rinsing your crystal in water; leave them for 24 hours in a place where they exposed to both the sun and moon. You can also place them in a pyramid-shaped box made out of cardboard.

Method 6: Use Essential Oils to Bring Positivity


Use Essential Oils to Bring Positivity

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Essential oils or blends are good to ward off negative energy and bring positivity into your home. They have antiseptic and antibacterial properties that have the ability to purify the air. The relaxing and refreshing aroma of these oils invites positivity.

  • Add 10 to 15 drops of essential oil (1 to 3 different oils) per ounce of water. Pour it into a spray bottle and spritz the spray into the air. Don’t forget to spritz the corners of the room, behind the doors and inside closets, too.
  • Add a few drops of essential oils; sage oil (purifying), lemon oil (gives energy and a clean smell), patchouli (brings prosperity) and/or Pine (brings prosperity and love); In addition to a pinch of salt (purifying and grounding) in your mop bucket and clean your home with it.

Oils that help to ward off negative energy:

  • Sage, fennel, eucalyptus, cypress, myrrh, frankincense and basil help relieve negative energy from your home. Basil is said to mend lover’s quarrels and bring peace in your relationship. But as it’s not good for babies and infants, it would be advisable to avoid it during pregnancy.
  • Rosemary and lavender promote love and happiness. Spray lavender oils around your home to promote a peaceful and happy atmosphere. Spray one drop of lavender on your pillow to encourage good sleep.
  • Juniper cleanses and purifies the air. It is used during prayer and meditation as it has a calming effect on the senses.
  • Sandalwood has one of the highest spiritual vibrations. It allows for healing energies to flow.

When to cleanse your home?

  • After de-cluttering your environment and an argument.
  • When you move into a new place and when someone moves out of your house.
  • After an unhappy event like divorce or break-up.
  • Post-illness or death.
  • When you bring a secondhand object or antique into your home.
  • And whenever you feel negativity around you.

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