Buying Perfumes Online Complete Guide

Buying Perfumes Online Complete Guide

Online Perfume Shopping – A Guide to Buying Perfumes Online

Buying perfume from an online marketplace requires a little homework – you need to know the product intimately before you purchase it. Here is a practical guide to help you have a great shopping experience when purchasing from an online retailer. Online consumers of all kinds need to be aware of Web Safety Advice but particularly when purchasing perfumes as it is a huge industry which hackers often target.

The advantages of buying from an online marketplace

  • Undoubtedly, the main benefit is the discount on designer fragrances
    • If you shop at the right store, you can get as much as 70% off the original price of the product.
    • Reputable stores do not use the services of retailers but get supplied directly by designers
    • As they have lower operational costs they set a lower price mark-up
    • Department stores set their price mark-up over 60 %
  • Online perfume shopping is super convenient
    • You can buy perfume from your home or from your office
    • It takes just a couple of minutes
    • You can get it delivered to any address.
    • You get to save time and effort.

Online Perfume Shopping – A Guide to Buying Perfumes Online

Recognizing reputable online stores and authentic designer perfumes

  • Online perfume stores which sell authentic designer fragrances always state this on their pages
  • Usually, the information is on the front page
  • The ones which sell fakes usually do not make these kinds of statements as consumers have the right to seek compensation if they have been lied to
  • Look for a store which offers a guarantee for the authenticity of the perfumes it sells.
  • It is best if the store offers a money-back guarantee as well

Just remember to read the terms and conditions of this guarantee.

How to pick a fragrance when shopping for perfumes online

  • Read the description of the different fragrances carefully
  • The description includes full details on the top notes, middle notes and base notes of the fragrance. There may also be information on the time of day and the types of vents the fragrance is suitable for.
  • Use these details to make a choice
  • Test a perfume before you buy it
    • Visit your local retailer or get a sample
    • Wear the fragrance for a day to see if it is right for you.

When buying a perfume for someone else, you should know their taste and preferences well.

What to watch out for when shopping for perfumes online

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Online Perfume Shopping – Guide to Buying Perfumes Online

Always check the type of perfume that you are buying.

In terms of strength from the highest to the lowest, the types are:

  1. Eau de parfum (EDT)
  2. Soie de parfum
  3. Eau de toilette (EDP)
  4. Parfum (perfume)
  5. Cologne Eau de cologne
  6. Eau fraiche
  • It is necessary to carefully check the amount of perfume that you are buying.
  • Usually, the fragrances come in 30, 35, 50, 100 and 125 ml bottles, but any designer brand can decide on the size of the bottle individually.
  • With online perfume shopping, you have to be certain about the amount which you order.
  • Go over the shipping rates to different places before ordering perfume online.
    • These should be affordable too.
    • Upon checkout, make sure that any promised discount has been applied

How to Avoid Fakes and Scams

Is it a bargain or a fake?

If it’s too good to be true, then buyers beware! Buying anything online can be risky if you don’t read the fine print. From shady online retailers to merchandise knock-offs, there are risks involved and resolution is sometimes difficult to achieve.

Taking some extra time upfront, researching the products you wish to buy and buying from reputable dealers is very important.  Read the return policies carefully and know your obligations as well as your rights.

If buying internationally, take extra time – the commerce laws are very different. It’s always a good idea to check that there is someone who speaks your language (or at least decent English). If you do your due diligence, you can save yourself a lot of headaches. Here we have listed some steps you can take to avoid being scammed when buying online perfume – and how to pick the most reputable online retailers.

Some of the points to ask yourself

  • Does the company offer a wide selection of perfume and cologne?
    • If there is some dissatisfaction you might have an easier time substituting your purchase with something else.
  • Does the company charge a reasonable fee for sending you your purchase?
    • Does the shipping seem fair? Sometimes a bargain is not a bargain when the shipping tallies up into more than the retail price.
  • What is their Return Policy?
  • What if you’re not satisfied with your purchase once it arrives?
  • Can you return it for a full refund?
  • Is there an actual brick-and-mortar address listed and a phone number, besides an email, to call and request assistance? For international folks,
  • It’s also good policy to get familiar with what you’re looking for before you start
    • Check the Internet for images of the perfume you want
    • Check it out in an actual store if you can
    • Read online reviews and seek info regarding frequent questions on perfume matters.

Counterfeit perfumes are common

  • Avoid auctions or Buy it Now formats which have stock photos in which the seller refuses to send more info or more pics on the actual bottle they’re selling, when asked
  • Look for the details: The shrink wrap should fit cleanly around the box, the cellophane be clear and unwrinkled and the glue applied carefully and evenly.
  • The packaging should include the fragrance’s name, the company that made it, and a list of ingredients. Alarm bells should go off if there are spelling or punctuation errors, duplication of words, or grammar errors.
  • Arabic or Japanese writing, however, is totally legit: its genuine product for the Asian markets, the Middle East and Japan being huge buyers of western perfumes.
  • The actual juice of a fake might be stale-smelling, sour or lasting only a nanosecond compared with the genuine stuff.
  • Vintage fragrances (especially very rare ones) cannot be compared to anything to ascertain their authenticity or good upkeep. Be very careful when purchasing vintage fragrances.
  • Con artists buy empty vintage decanters and refill with substandard perfume or cologne at a huge mark-up relying on perfume lovers’ enthusiasm and desire for a rare possession/investment.

What to do

If you have already been scammed, do your duty, ask for a refund – you can also file for Internet fraud. There are many online marketplaces that sell discounted authentic fragrances.  Read the review and the entire Terms and Conditions.

An honest company will post all of this information, have a fair return policy and offer customer assistance upfront, as well as customer service after the sale.  Their policies are fair to both the consumer and the seller. Once you find a reputable online marketplace, share it with your friends and get the word out.