Selecting The Perfect Personal Jewelry Gift For Her

Selecting The Perfect Personal Jewelry Gift For Her

Selecting The Perfect Personal Jewelry Gift For Her

There’s always an occasion on the horizon – a birthday, anniversary, holiday, or any day when you would like to show the love of your life just how much she means to you, if you’re wanting to show just how much you care for her, you can buy something such as a name necklace. For some men, this means a fun trip to the jeweler to carefully select something pretty, and you know that she’ll love whatever you choose. For others, it means soliciting advice from friends, family members, colleagues or even websites as to how to choose that perfect piece. To make that process simpler here is a few tricks to help you choose the jewelry gift that will be exactly what she wants.

Selecting The Perfect Personal Jewelry Gift For Her

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Take cues from her current tastes

The best way to know what she likes is to see what she wears. Does she like chunky jewelry that has some weight to it and really makes a statement, or are her pieces more delicate and understated?

Depending on what you’re looking to buy, evaluate her look from top to bottom:

jewelry gift – Earrings.

Does she have pierced ears? If so, does she prefer stud earrings (small ones that don’t hang below the earlobe), or dangly ones? If she likes earrings that dangle, see whether her collection includes more hoops, chandelier-style or other drop-type earrings.


Your sweetheart might have a preferred everyday necklace that she wears for work or play, along with a few dressier pieces that she wears for special occasions. If you look at her collection, see whether she tends to favor chain necklaces with pendants, or solid ones where the necklace itself is the attraction. Also, you can see whether they are choker-length, short, long and whether she likes chain-link, beads or something altogether different.


Bangles. Charms. Rope. Mesh. There are lots of options for what she chooses to adorn her wrists. Part of choosing bracelets can be based on her lifestyle – if she has a profession like teaching children or as a medical professional, chunky or bangle bracelets might not suit her everyday life. She might have varied tastes and a wide selection in her collection, and if that’s the case, it just means that she is likely to enjoy a wider range of jewelry.

Selecting The Perfect Personal Jewelry Gift – Rings.

Like other jewelry, women sometimes choose rings based on what they do every day. If she’s in a medical or food-handling profession and needs to wear gloves, smaller rings would likely be a better choice than one with gems that stand up straight. Also, if she cares for young children or babies, she will want something that doesn’t have any edges that could potentially scratch them. And, as with anything else, her personal style will be reflected in the rings she wears. Does she like something large and eye-catching, or something smaller? Does she tend to go for unique or more classic styles? Try to take a peek at her collection and see where her tastes lie.

Choosing a metal and filigree

Most fine jewelry is made of one of three metals: platinum, gold or silver. To determine what her gift will be, investigate what she likes when it comes to metals. Some women have a strong preference as to a metal of choice, but others like to change things up based on their outfits or moods.

Platinum is hypoallergenic and therefore ideal for those with sensitive skin. It’s durable, tarnish-resistant and easy to care for. It has a natural white luster.

Gold can be yellow, white, rose (which appears pinkish because of the addition of copper) or black. Gold is also resistant to rust, tarnish or corrosion. The number of karats measures its durability; a piece of jewelry could be 22k, 18k, 14k or 10k. You might not have seen black gold, but it is stunning – a black gold piece is bold and unique with a black and grey shine that gives a classic finish to any piece of jewelry.

Sterling silver can be a more cost-effective choice than gold or platinum, and it’s also durable and beautiful.

Some women choose a metal based on how it looks with their specific features, like hair color, eye color or something different. Look at what she generally wears to see if she tends to wear more of one than another. If so, that might be a good option. Or, if she has lots of silver, a gold piece might be something that would be extra special that would add some diversity and color to her collection.

Filigree is ornamental, lace-like work of fine wire that is formed into delicate jewelry. It is often ornate and could be just about any design. A look at whether or not her jewelry has filigree and what its qualities are can tell you a lot about her tastes. Perhaps she likes simple, smooth looks – in that case, filigree might not be her style. But, if she likes unique design, patterns, and more decorative and ornamental quality, the filigree will make the piece.

Selecting The Perfect Personal Jewelry -Gemstones

You might have heard that “diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, but that might not be the case. Sure, some women love a big sparkler on their fingers or around their necks, but some have other gemstones that are their favorites.

First, think about her birthstone. If you’re not sure of her birthstone, check out the guide to birthstones by month. A birthstone ring, earrings or pendant might be just the thing to add a splash of color to her collection that will be special because of its significance. If you’re looking for a gift for that special mom in your life, you could get her a ring, necklace or other baubles with her children’s birthstones.

If she has a particular favorite color, choose a gem that will match her tastes. The best way to determine this is to look at not only her jewelry collection but also her wardrobe. What stands out? What would be a nice complement to what’s already in her closet? Women love variety, but they also have favorites. The biggest win would be to select something that would mesh nicely with what she already knows and loves.

Modern vs. Vintage: The Style Question

Once you’ve determined what you think she would love with respect to metal, stone and other characteristics, you have to then figure out her style. Sometimes, you have to just look at jewelry to see what strikes you. But, there might be a definite “style” to what’s in her collection. If she likes a more modern look, then an antique-style brooch or locket might not be the way to go.

Modern jewelry tends to have a very clean, smooth style. Chunkier jewelry that makes a statement is what’s fashionable right now, as are add-on pieces. Add-on pieces are those that are designed so that they can be added to as events or years pass. For example, an anniversary ring could be an add-on that she would wear on the same finger as her engagement ring and wedding band. Or, she might have a set of bracelets, one of which represents each child as he or she is born.

Vintage jewelry tends to be more colorful, large and with stones and filigree. It often has a lot of detail and might be weightier.

Make the right choice in Choosing Perfect Personal Jewelry Gift!

Selecting a piece of jewelry doesn’t have to be stressful. It can be fun, and it can also be a good way for you to really look at and notice your partner and her specific style. By observing her tastes and preferences, you will surely be able to find a piece that will suit her style – and she will love it (and you)!