Shirt and Tie Combinations with a Grey Suit

Shirt and Tie Combinations with a Grey Suit

Shirt and Tie Combinations with a Grey Suit

grey suit is a wardrobe essential. Grey suits make a great change to your typical black suit, which can feel monotonous if you wear it on a regular basis. Check out these suits and tie combination so you’re never lost in matching your suit, shirt, and tie.

A grey suit is extremely versatile, and can be worn for pretty much any occasion; whether that’s a meeting, a wedding, a day at the office, or graduation. While grey is often considered more summery than black, it can also be worn during the winter months. Light grey suits are more apt for dinner or cocktail parties, especially if the theme is ‘smart but casual’, while darker grey suits mean business.

However, do you know the right color shirt to wear with your suit? Or how about what color tie will suit your grey hues best? Don’t worry, we are going to go through all the color combinations, so you never feel grey (pun intended) about your grey suit. If you are unsure of how to wear a grey suit, we have you covered.

This handy guide will give you an idea of what color shirts and ties you should wear with your grey suit. By the end you should be the most fashionable around rocking a grey suit, just make sure to keep it in good condition and invest in a good dry cleaner.

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What Color Shirt To Wear With Grey Suit

When wearing a suit, it is important to pick out the right color shirt. Shirts that go with grey suits are fairly is an easy style to master. Grey goes well with a whole range of colors, so you won’t have too much difficulty finding the right color shirt.

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Grey Suit Black Shirt

You probably have a wardrobe full of white shirts. However, opting for a black shirt is the best route when wearing a charcoal suit, particularly in the winter. Not only is black slimming, but it also goes with any skin tone. A black shirt acts as a great base, so you can finish your look with a colorful tie and some accessories.

They are also sleek and stylish, giving you another reason to wear them. A black shirt is ideal for formal occasions as it is not distracting and won’t make you stand out too much. Invest in a cotton or nylon black shirt if you want to avoid creasing.

Grey Suit Blue Shirt

A light blue shirt is perfect for summer. Picking a blue shirt will brighten up your look and contrast with your grey suit. Since grey has a hint of blue in it, these colors work well together. You can also wear a pale blue shirt with a charcoal grey suit.

However, it’s best to avoid bright blue when wearing a grey suit – this can be a little overpowering. Despite this, a navy shirt can make you look sophisticated and intelligent. Try teaming a navy shirt with a dark grey suit.

Grey Suit White Shirt

You can’t go wrong with a classic white shirt. White looks great with any shade of grey, especially light or mid. Finish off your outfit with a pair of tan shoes. This will make you look youthful. Let the accessories do the talking if you decide to team your white shirt with a light grey suit. We’d recommend pocket squares, cufflinks, tie pins, sunglasses, and hats. Opt for eye-catching colors such as turquoise and purple to liven up your suit. Silver also goes well with grey suits.

Grey Suit Purple Shirt

A modern twist on the grey suit is to pair it with a purple shirt. Purple shirts are slowly becoming a more popular choice with light grey suits and it is easy to see why. They make the suit itself seem brighter and add a splash of color to your formal attire. You are pretty limited on tie choices so either purple or black is the safest way to go. Purple adds to the colorful theme of your outfit and lifts the grey suit out of being ‘boring’.


What Color Tie With Grey Suit

Grey Suit Purple Tie

If you want to make a statement, opt for a purple tie. Purple symbolizes creativity and is seen as calming, as well as powerful. Purple is now becoming more accepted in the workplace and is a way of asserting self-confidence. Team your purple tie with a purple, blue or white shirt. Remember to keep shades in the same family.


Grey Suit Blue Tie

Match your blue shirt and grey suit combo with a tie of a darker shade of blue. A blue tie would also go well with a white shirt if you want to give off a summery vibe. As with purple, blue is calming and is associated with trust, intelligence, and confidence – just what you need if you’re looking to make an impression.


Grey Suit Red Tie

While red doesn’t look great in blue or purple, it does go well with black and white. A red tie is suitable for a day at work or a party. It represents strength, joy, and leadership.

Red is the power tie. There’s something about red that always comes back to strength and passion.


Grey Suit Black Tie

If you’re heading to a meeting, why not team a grey suit and white shirt with a black tie? It’s smart, elegant and authoritative, and makes a change from your typical black suit. If you’re feeling brave, try wearing a printed or patterned tie with your grey suit. These ties will make you stand out and it adds color and detail to your look.


To make your life a lot easier, we have included a color wheel below. The color wheel was invented by Sir Isaac Newton in 1666 and shows you which colors go together.



Although it may seem a little daunting, the main thing to remember is that the colors that are directly opposite each other work best. For example, you could pair a shirt with a tertiary color like purple with a primary-colored tie like yellow. Wearing complementary colors is a bit risky. The safest option is to pick a tie that’s darker than your shirt.

Stylizing ties with shirts is all about creating a contrast that compliments both items; you don’t want to use the same color as your shirt as it will simply disappear into the overall outfit. However, you don’t want anything too garish as it will ruin your look.

How to Wear a Suit

When choosing your grey suit, make sure that you pick one that fits well. An ill-fitting suit can make you look lazy and like you put zero effort in. Buy a suit that is in your budget, but ensure that it is of decent quality.

A good suit should not be too loose or too tight, and the hem of your sleeves should not come any further down than your wrist. You should be able to check your watch easily. The trousers should fit snuggly at the waist without the need for a belt. Avoid wearing brightly colored socks, especially when you are attending an interview, wedding or funeral. The majority of your shoes should be visible.

Grey suit with brown shoes

A common misconception is that you cannot wear brown shoes with a grey suit when actually you can. They make your suit seem lighter and often draw focus for all the right reasons. Be confident in your grey suit, it can carry you a long way.

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When purchasing your grey suit, keep in mind the type of event you will be wearing it to. Perhaps buy two suits – one for formal occasions such as interviews, and one for casual events such as parties and dates. A tailored suit is worth investing in if you have a number of job interviews coming up.

Paying a visit to your local tailors can guarantee you a suit that fits perfectly. Decide whether you want a suit with a classic fit, slim fit, or modern fit. A classic fit is ideal for guys who are not used to wearing suits, while a slim fit suit hangs closer to your body. Try a modern fit suit if you’re not keen on tight clothing but still want to look sharp.

Shirt and Tie Combinations with a Grey Suit

  • Grey suit black shirt black tie – Gives off a clean, formal look, and will work with various tones of grey.
  • Blue shirt navy tie with Grey suit – Great for lightening the look of the outfit.
  • Grey suit white shirt black tie– A classic combination. Give off a flattering finish.
  • Navy shirt black tie with Grey suit – Choose a dark grey for this combination to create a neat, subtle contrast.


Shirt and Tie Combinations with a Grey Suit

So now you should be clued up on how to choose a shirt and tie to match your grey suit. The best thing about a grey suit is that it is timeless – it has been around for decades and is worn by the likes of James Bond, Bradley Cooper, and David Beckham.

There is a shade of grey for everyone. Opt for a light grey suit if you have blonde hair and pale skin. Guys with a darker complexion should stick to darker grays. Many guys stick to the same shirt and tie combos, but it’s important to mix it up to create some variety. Try different combinations until you find a few that suit you the best.

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