18 Space Themed Rooms for Kids

18 Space Themed Rooms for Kids

Looking for a decorating theme that’s out of this world? You can’t go wrong with a space-themed nursery or kid’s room. Fun, versatile, and gender-neutral, this much-loved motif ignites the mind and imagination, creating an early fascination with science and technology that could last your little one a lifetime…or at least until they head off to college!

Whether you’re inspired by the night sky or intrigued with the worlds that lie beyond our own, these 18 amazing space-themed nurseries and kids’ rooms may be the perfect fit for the junior space explorer at the center of your universe.

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Space Themed Rooms for Kids

1-Vintage Space Race

Vintage Space Race Space Themed Rooms for Kids

Rustic wood paneling, bold red accents, and a whimsically retro cartoon-inspired space mural give this beautiful boy’s room; a distinctively vintage flair, recalling a decade where American space exploration captured the imagination of children and adults alike.

2-Room With a View

Room With a View Space Themed Rooms for Kids

With its dramatic and realistic earth mural, this space-themed bedroom brings new meaning to “a room with a view.” Bold color, modern furnishings, and industrial accents complete the space, giving it a fun and creative vibe.

3-Bright and Modern Beyond

Bright and Modern Beyond Space Themed Rooms for Kids

This bright and modern nursery space featured on Project Nursery couldn’t be chicer!

The stunning constellation mural, understated accessories, and arty orbit-inspired light fixture give the room a distinct theme without losing an ounce of sophistication, and the bold black and white rug make the perfect statement in an otherwise subtle space.

4-On the Edge of the World

On the Edge of the World Space Themed Rooms for Kids

Another understated beauty, this simple modern space blends brightly-hued retro-inspired pieces with clean contemporary décor. A wallpaper mural, blazing with orange and blue accents, shows the space shuttle Endeavour floating over Earth’s luminous horizon as photographed by a NASA crew member on the international space station. Talk about a conversation starter!

5-Simple DIY Constellation Wall

Simple DIY Constellation Wall Space Themed Rooms for Kids

Can’t afford to buy an elaborate wall mural for your little one’s nursery? Why not create your own?

This beautiful constellation-themed accent wall came together in one afternoon. All you need is a pencil, a ruler, a silver sharpie paint pen, and a little bit of imagination.

6-Mission Control

Mission Control Space Themed Rooms for Kids

This creative yet practical space incorporates a work area and plenty of storage into its space adventure theme while transporting its young tenant to the inside of his very own spaceship. LED lights installed into the one-of-a-kind headboard give the appearance of twinkling stars and a rocket-ship porthole offers a stunning view of planet earth.

7-Falling Star Accent Wall

Falling Star Accent Wall Space Themed Rooms for Kids

This darling nursery from Blue Lamp Interiors is a stunning example of how to combine complementary colors in a nursery. Because of the muted tones, the shades aren’t too boisterous when paired together. The navy accent wall goes from ordinary to out-of-this-world with the added stars painted across the length of it.

8-A Galaxy of Color

A Galaxy of Color Space Themed Rooms for Kids

With its elaborately painted ceiling, glow-in-the-dark stars, and creative 3D space scape featuring planets, moons, asteroids, and comets, this bold and colorful bedroom is a little kid’s dream!

9-Black and White Space-Themed Playroom

Black and White Space-Themed kids Playroom

This simple modern play space, allows its tiny occupants to contemplate the wonders of the night sky without missing bedtime. And what child wouldn’t want to build the spaceship of their dreams at their very own robot-themed Lego table? Too cute!

10-DIY Constellation Art

DIY Constellation Art

This soft and sweet nursery room offers an understated star theme with a dusting of glittering gold.

11-Stars and Moon Chalk Wall

Stars and Moon Chalk Wall

Clean, contemporary, and gender-neutral, this black, white, and grey nursery room offers a whimsical view of the moon and stars, hand-drawn on a simple chalk paint accent wall.

While an elaborate mural can really make space, it can be difficult and expensive to incorporate into your design. This simple alternative offers all the theme-setting atmosphere of a traditional mural for much less and can be easily updated to reflect your little one’s changing interests. Genius!

12-Abstract Constellation Wall

Abstract Constellation Wall

Metallic gold and silver wall decals transform a rich navy accent wall into an eye-catching abstract art piece in this chic and modern, constellation-themed nursery room.

13-Star Stories Space Themed Rooms for Kids

Star Stories

Furry and feathered friends of all shapes and sizes dance across the night sky in this whimsical, constellation-themed bedroom. Southwestern and earthy accents throughout the space point to the connection between Indigenous culture and the stories of the stars.

14-Star Gazer Space Themed Rooms for Kids

Star Gazer

What better way to fall asleep than under a canopy of shining silver stars?

This beautiful gender-neutral nursery space boasts a simple celestial theme that will last way beyond the baby years.

15-Space Cadet Space Themed Rooms for Kids

Space Cadet

This hand-painted galaxy wall, spotted on Young House Love, features simple sewing-hoop planets for an adorably crafty take on the traditional space mural.

16-A Galaxy Far Far Away

A Galaxy Far Far Away

This adorable Star Wars-themed boy’s room transports all who enter a galaxy far, far away while maintaining a fresh contemporary appeal that can be easily updated as her little man grows.

17-A Tiny Galaxy of Her Own

A Tiny Galaxy of Her Own

Featured on Brooklyn Limestone, this urban nursery room packs an entire galaxy’s worth of style into an extremely tight space.

While dark colors are normally considered a no-no in small rooms, the contrast between the rich navy constellation wall and the rest of this all-white space actually creates an illusion of openness, making the room feel worlds bigger than it actually is.

18-Astronomer’s Paradise Space Themed Rooms for Kids

Astronomer’s Paradise

With its rich navy walls, space-themed accessories, and a ceiling full of twinkling stars; this celestial-themed bedroom is the perfect place for your little astronomer-in-training to lay back and enjoy an out-of-this-world view.

19-Full Moon Rising Space Themed Rooms

Full Moon Rising

The lucky inhabitant of this space-themed; charmingly industrial bedroom spends his nights awash in the realistic glow of a dramatic silvery moon. A telescope and a chalkboard wall full of scribbled diagrams and formulas complete the space; making it look as though it belongs to an astronomer hard at work.