Before You Buy – Spotting Fake Designer Fashions

Before You Buy – Spotting Fake Designer Fashions

Spotting Fake Designer Fashions

Spotting Fake Designer Fashions

High-end clothing fashion designers have spent many years developing their brands and have spent hundreds of thousands. Perhaps millions of dollars in an effort to climb the fashion ladder. And have their brands recognized as the best in the world…Spotting Fake Designer Fashions as those brands companies expends lots

  • From design costs
  • fabric costs
  • modelling costs
  • production costs
  • fashion shows
  • And a plethora of other costs….

For someone to arbitrarily steal a design and produce it as a cheap knock off version is criminal. Ultimately, everyone loses—the fashion industry suffers and the originals get more expensive in an effort to cover lost revenues. 

Fakes, imposters and knock offs

A manufacturer can reproduce a garment as long as it has some differentiation and is not labelled as the original.  If you are looking for an original, research the designer. 

Spotting Fake Designer Fashions – Designer Inspired vs. Fakes

These fashions are exactly what they say – they are Designer Inspired and may even look exactly like the originals with some minor changes.  perfectly OK to sell as long as they are clearly identified as shown below.

If, for example, you are searching for a Gucci handbag, here are some things you can look for:

Note if the logo isn’t accurateNote if the logo isn’t accurate.

One of the most popular purses is the dual-logo Gucci handbag. However, many of the imposter purses do not have the correct Gucci logo. These fake purses often have a “C” logo that looks very similar to the Gucci “G” logo. There is a clear distinction between the two. If the logo is not exactly like the Gucci “G” logo, the handbag is a fake. 

Look at the packaging.

If a Gucci bag is packaged in plastic, it is a fake. Authentic Gucci purses do not come wrapped in plastic. 

Analyze the material the bag is made of.

Gucci only uses the highest-quality materials to make handbags. If you’ve had your bag for just a month and it’s already starting to fall apart, it’s likely a fake. 

Look for the identification cardLook for the identification card.

Your Gucci purse should come with an identification card that gives you more information about your purse. If your purse does not come with an identification card, it is likely an imposter.

Notice if there are too many extras.

An authentic Gucci bag comes with a dust bag and a Gucci box. There are never any free accessories such as wallets or sunglasses cases.

Be leery of any seller who advertises free accessories.

It’s likely that these accessories are fakes, as well as the purses. If you want to buy extra Gucci accessories, you’ll have to purchase those separately. 

Consider where you are purchasing the bag.

If you purchase the bag from the Gucci store or from a major department store such as Neiman Marcus or Bloomingdale’s, it is likely that your Gucci bag is real. However, if you buy your bag from a flea market, online or a discount store, it’s possible that you got a fake.

Evaluate the price you are paying—

it it’s too good to be true, then you probably have a fake, although some manufacturers sell their imposters at the same high price as the originals.

Always ask the seller to use the you Verify app prior to purchase.

Spotting Fake Designer Fashions – These indicators hold true for all designer fashions,

whether they are clothes, shoes, handbags, sunglasses, watches, perfumes or any other product. Research your designer’s distinct markings and look for them when considering buying an original. Remember, if the product is different in even the slightest way and the seller is not presenting as an original, you are buying a reproduction, not a fake or imposter.

Always buy from reputable merchants and dealers, whether online or from a storefront. If the item is under-priced compared to what you determined to be a “market” price for the item, check to see if it is being sold as an original or reproduction.  Offers of 80% off are a great indicator of fakes.

Spotting Fake Designer Fashion – Word of Caution:

Fakes, Imposters, Knock Offs and Reproductions tend to be made with much cheaper quality of materials and tend to fall apart much more quickly.  If you have settled for one or these, then be prepared to replace it soon.

Word of Caution:

** These fashions are identified on as fakes – See