Technology Helps Kids Learn to Read

Technology Helps Kids Learn to Read

Technology Helps Kids Learn to Read

Five words or lessTechnology Helps Kids Learn to Read

Parents know that the best way to instill a love of reading in a child is to read to them early and often. Unfortunately, this does not guarantee an avid book lover. Nor does it guarantee that a child will be able to read well.
That’s because children learn differently, experts say. Some need visual experiences, while others respond to auditory cues. Still, others need a hands-on approach.

Despite parents’ best efforts, however, sometimes children continue to struggle to make sense of words on a page.

So, what’s a concerned (but frustrated) parent to do?

“Children’s reading problems are rooted in how they process information,” says educator David Fowler, M. Ed.
Fowler likens a child’s mind to a computer, noting that their mind either “processes information quickly and accurately or misinterprets and disorganizes it.”

To this end, reading programs that use technology can be an invaluable resource for both kids and parents by retraining how the brain processes information.

To ease parents’ worries, Fowler underscores that the problem does not lie with a child’s intelligence, but rather that the child’s mind is only working at half of it’s true potential.

“simply because the learning patterns they’ve adopted prevent them from reading faster and comprehending more,” he says.

This is why programs such as those used by the USA Reading Clinic may be beneficial, says Fowler. because the program trains the brain to process text by recognizing patterns; resolving common (but little known) reading roadblocks.

Through years of research and testing! USA Reading Clinic created technology; that corrects a person’s scanning methods. Eliminating the deficiencies and installing the right learning patterns. So that reading and learning become almost automatic.

In this way, the USA Reading Clinic helps a child “untangle the mess of letters and spaces they see to create words. Paragraphs and cohesive pages,” through an easy-to-use software platform; that can be used by anyone, on any home computer.

For more information on USA Reading Clinic and its program, visit or call 800-230-3054. The first consultation is free.