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The Best Gifts For Iphone Lovers

The Best Gifts For Iphone Lovers

The Best Gifts For Iphone Lovers This Holiday Season

One of the best parts of having an iPhone is having a nearly infinite number of interesting accessories to choose from. You may not be able to give your loved ones an iPhone X, but hey, these accessories are pretty awesome, too. This holiday season; give your iPhone-loving friends and family members the very best sidekicks for their iPhones.

In this buying guide to the best gifts for iPhone lovers; included several products that highly recommended by friends, and experts online, so you know you’ll be getting the very best gifts for your loved ones. Keep scrolling to see which iPhone lover gifts speak to you.

Best Gifts For Iphone Lovers

A leather case

Everyone likes a nice leather iPhone case — especially when it’s a gift — and Nomad makes really amazing ones. Covered in vegetable-tanned Horween leather that ages beautifully, Nomad’s cases are a work of art. You can get cases for any iPhone from the iPhone 6 to the iPhone X or 8. Nomad makes folios, slim cases, cases with card slots, and cases that use flexible plastic and leather together. The Nomad’s cases great for basic protection.


Iphone Lovers - A leather case


Buy a leather iPhone X case on Amazon 


A pair of truly wireless earbuds

The AirPods are the best truly wireless earbuds for the iPhone, plus, they’re small enough to use as a stocking stuffer. The AirPods connect seamlessly with any iPhone over Bluetooth, thanks to Apple’s built-in W1 chip. These earbuds are comfortable, decent sounding, and relatively affordable.


Iphone Lovers - A pair of truly wireless earbuds


Buy the Apple AirPods on Walmart for $159


A screen protector

TechMatte makes excellent tempered glass screen protectors that are just 0.3mm thick, but very strong. You can get them for the iPhone X, iPhone 8/7/6S, or the iPhone 8/7/6S Plus.

The glass has a surface hardness of 9H, which should guard the iPhone against scratches and other breakage. The surface is covered with an oleophobic coating to reduce fingerprint smears on the screen. In the package, you get three screen protectors in case you mess up the first one; an installation tray, wet wipes, an installation guide, and dust removal stickers.


Iphone Lovers - A screen protector


Buy the iPhone X TechMatte amFilm screen protector on Walmart for $5.0


A car mount

No matter which iPhone your loved one has at home, Belkin’s Universal Car Vent Mount will hold it securely in the car. The mount works with any phone, including the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and iPhone X. This great adjustable car mount holds your phone securely with its adjustable bracket’ which holds onto the vents in your car.


Iphone Lovers - A car mount


Buy the Belkin Universal Car Vent Mount on Amazon for $24.99


A lightning cable

Anker makes excellent, affordable tech accessories, and one of its best products is the Powerline lightning cable. Its MFi certified by Apple, so you don’t have to worry about it frying the iPhone, and its super sturdy and reinforced for extra strength. You can buy it in several different lengths and colors. Anker’s cable is so affordable; you might as well buy one for every iPhone lover on your list.


Iphone Lovers - A lightning cable


Buy the 6-foot Anker Powerline Lighting Cable on Amazon for $17.97

A selfie stick

Give the gift of better selfies. Anker’s selfie stick is the best selfie stick for a reason: It’s affordable, easy to use, and Bluetooth enabled. It makes for the perfect selfie every time, and its adjustable bracket fits every iPhone model.


Iphone Lovers - A selfie stick


Buy the Anker Selfie Stick on Amazon for $15.99


An iPhone charging dock

Native Union’s iPhone dock is simple, sturdy, and beautiful. It comes with an Apple MFi-Certified lightning cable in a matching color scheme. You can get the dock in either weighted silicone and metal or real marble and metal— both are beautiful and sure to be a hit.


Iphone Lovers - An iPhone charging dock


Buy the Native Union iPhone Dock on Amazon for $30.99

Buy the Native Union Marble iPhone Dock on Amazon for $139.99

A pair of touchscreen gloves

In the winter, touchscreen gloves are a must-have. Moshi makes great ones. They’re warm, pretty, and boast capacitive sensing on every finger. Most touchscreen gloves can’t say that.


Iphone Lovers - A pair of touchscreen gloves


Buy the Moshi Touchscreen Gloves on Amazon for $29.95 


A wireless charging pad

Belkin’s wireless charging pad is specifically made for the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X. If your iPhone-obsessed friend just got the latest iPhone, they’ll want this charger ASAP.

It charges quickly with 7.5 watts of power; and the wide surface has a nice grip to it so your phone won’t slide off while it’s charging.


Iphone Lovers - A wireless charging pad


Buy the Belkin Watt-Up Wireless Charging Pad on Walmart for $49.99

Note: Currently out of stock


A fitness tracker

A fitness tracker is always a good gift, and the affordable Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is a great one. It has a heart rate monitor, a small screen to show stats, and all the fitness tracking features you could want.


Iphone Lovers - A fitness tracker


Buy the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 on Amazon for $29


A cleaning kit

Our iPhones get super dirty, so you need a great, safe cleaning kit to keep your iPhone looking beautiful. Whoosh makes an excellent cleaning kit that comes with a screen-safe spray and cleaning cloth that’ll have your phone looking like new.

I’ve been using Whoosh’s kit for the past year, and it gives me great peace of mind. Now I know my phone is clean.


Iphone Lovers - A cleaning kit


Buy the Whoosh Cleaning Kit on Amazon for $8.99 to $16.50 (depending on size)


An armband for workouts

People love getting fitness-friendly gifts for the holidays to help them meet their New Year’s resolutions. Trianium makes one of the favorite armbands for running and working out. It can fit any iPhone model comfortably, and it holds everything securely as you run.


Iphone Lovers - An armband for workouts


Buy the Trianium Armband on Amazon for $9.99

A pair of headphones with a lightning cable

Pioneer makes great lighting earbuds with noise-cancelling technology. These earbuds are perfect for anyone who has an iPhone 7/Plus, iPhone 8/Plus, or iPhone X because those iPhones no longer have a headphone jack.


Iphone Lovers - A pair of headphones with a lightning cable


Buy the Pioneer Rayz Lightning Earbuds on Walmart for $114


A portable battery pack

Nobody likes to run out of battery; but if you get your loved ones a battery pack, they’ll never run out of juice. The Jackery Bolt battery pack has a built-in lightning cable and a MicroUSB cable so you can charge two devices at once. It should charge your iPhone at least once or twice.


Iphone Lovers - A portable battery pack


Buy the 6,000mAh Jackery Bolt Battery Pack on Amazon for $41.99


A mobile photo printer

Sometimes digital photos just don’t cut it — especially when it comes to the great family photos we take over the holidays. If you know someone who prefers print photos and wants a cool mobile printer for small snaps; get them the Lifeprint 2×3 Portable Photo Printer.

This tiny little printer connects to any iPhone or Android phone to print out 2″ x 3″ photos. You can also use the app to bring your photos to life with augmented reality like in Harry Potter.


Iphone Lovers - A mobile photo printer


Buy the Lifeprint Printer on Walmart for $90


A gadget that’ll give you extra storage

If someone you know has an iPhone that’s always running out of storage (probably because they take too many pictures); get them the SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive. This nifty gadget can store and transfer files to and from any iPhone. Simply plug the lightning end in, move files around in the companion app, and remove it. Then, plug the USB end into any computer to transfer the files.


Iphone Lovers - A gadget that'll give you extra storage


Buy the SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive on Walmart for $51 


An Apple Watch

If you know someone who’s been lusting over the Apple Watch for years, pull the trigger and get them the Apple Wath Series 3. It’s the best smartwatch and my personal favorite. You can’t go wrong.

Choose the 38mm model for smaller wrists and the 42mm model for larger wrists. You can also get it with an LTE connection or without, though the connection will cost you upward of $10 a month at your phone carrier.


Iphone Lovers - An Apple Watch

Shop Apple Watch Series 3 models on Walmart


An iPhone and Apple Watch charging dock

Belkin’s iPhone and Apple Watch dock is the perfect follow-up gift to the new Apple Watch you just gifted. It’s a sturdy, stable stand with a built-in lightning cable and Apple Watch charging puck. I used this dock for months when I had an Apple Watch, and loved it.


Iphone Lovers - An iPhone and Apple Watch charging dock

Buy the Belkin PowerHouse iPhone and Apple Watch Dock on Walmart for $35.00 

A pair of wireless headphones

The Bose QuietComfort 35 headphones are super comfortable and they’re wireless; so you can use them with the new iPhones that don’t have headphone jacks. These headphones look great, sound excellent, and feel comfy even after hours of listening. I have a pair that I love to travel with because of their comfort and noise-cancelling power.


Iphone Lovers - A pair of wireless headphones


Buy the Bose Quiet Comfort 35 Headphones on Walmart for $299


A wireless charging table

If you know someone with a new iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, or an iPhone X, you should get them this great wireless charging table from Fonesalesman. It’s made of real bamboo, and it’s beautiful. I have this exact table set up in my living room so I can just set my phone on the charging pad that’s embedded in the table top and see it juice up.


Iphone Lovers - A wireless charging table

Buy the Fonesalesman Wireless Charging Table $199.99