The Best Gingerbread House Kits To Buy

The Best Gingerbread House Kits To Buy

The Best Gingerbread House Kits To Buy

by using a great kit like the top pick, of the best gingerbread house kits; the Wilton Petite Gingerbread House Kit; which comes with everything you need to build a festive little candy cottage that will look and taste great; you will make this classic holiday decoration an enjoyable part of your family’s tradition.

But before Read on to see why we love the Wilton Petite Gingerbread House Kit and why you might also like the Cookies United Elf on the Shelf Gingerbread House Kit, the Disney Mickey Holiday House Cookie Kit, and the Juvale Gingerbread House Silicone Mold Kit; let look at a brief history of the Gingerbread house.


History of the best Gingerbread house kits

Gingerbread houses, too, have a long history. Bakers were making stylized edible houses, not unlike those known in the modern era as far back as the early 1800s. Figurines made from gingerbread arrived as much as 500 years before that. Medieval bakers mastered various types of gingerbread shaping, and even in centuries past; this tasty bread was often associated with the Christmas holiday.

People have been constructing gingerbread houses for hundreds of years. The history of gingerbread stretches back thousands of years, with verifiable accounts of ginger-flavored cakes dating back to Ancient Rome. Ginger made its way to the western world as crusaders returned from their campaigns to the Middle East in the late 11th Century and throughout the 12th and early 13th Centuries. The sweet, spicy root added flavor and preservative qualities to foods and was soon a prized staple used in myriad foodstuffs.

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The best gingerbread house kits overall

The Best Gingerbread House Kits To Buy

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The Wilton Petite Gingerbread House Kit is a compact classic that’s easy to make, looks lovely, and tastes great, too.

The larger the gingerbread house, the harder it is to make. And that’s not because larger gingerbread houses require more decorations than their smaller counterparts, but rather because larger sheets of gingerbread tend to crack quite easily. If you and the kids want to build an edible holiday decoration that won’t break apart during the construction phase, then smaller is always better.

And while the finished house you’ll get from the Wilton Petite Gingerbread House Kit lives up to the adjective in its name, it’s such a lovely little structure that you won’t mind the diminutive size a bit. Besides, at 5.25 inches wide, 5.75 inches deep, and 4.5 inches tall; this tasty holiday house is the perfect size to serve as a centerpiece on the dining room table; to perch on a deep windowsill, or to rest on a countertop or shelf; adding charm and cheer and without taking up too much room.

The kit comes with colorful gumballs, gumdrops, hard candies, colored fondant, icing, and more, including, of course, panels of sweet and spicy gingerbread. Building the house shouldn’t take more than a half-hour and kids and adults alike can have a hand in the process.

The Wilton Petite Gingerbread House Kit scores a four out of five-star average rating on Amazon. One customer named Dana called it a sturdy “fun family Christmas project,” while a customer named Joyce admitted that she and her family “had a blast building it” and then they “ate it.”

A video reviewer with Disney Toy Wishes demonstrated the ease of building a Wilton gingerbread house using just the materials included in her kit, and the result was indeed lovely.

Pros: Easy to build, solid and sturdy design, great selection of decorations

Cons: Smaller than most other options

Buy the Wilton Petite Gingerbread House Kit on Jet for $26.76


The best low-cost gingerbread house kit

The Best Gingerbread House Kits To Buy


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The Cookies United Elf on the Shelf Gingerbread House Kit has everything you would expect from any standard gingerbread house kit; only for a few dollars less than most of the competition.

You and your family don’t need to play Elf on the Shelf in order to enjoy a charming and delicious gingerbread house. On the other hand, if your household already takes part in this recent and popular holiday tradition, then, by all means, make this the gingerbread house kit you choose.

Not only does the kit come with everything you need to make a quaint and tasty little edible cottage, but it also comes with unique “scene setter” decorations including a miniature cut out of a snowman and of that irrepressible little elf himself.

The aforementioned materials include pre-baked pieces of gingerbread, candy jewels, fruit gummies, icing, and a tray on which to erect the tableau. Parents will enjoy working on the structural aspects of the house while kids will enjoy the little characters. And everyone will love eating the candies, albeit ideally not before they are admired in place for at least a day or two.

While many people love this kit, as did the great-grandkids of a customer who said the family “loved putting it together and, of course, eating it later,” it’s also worth noting that some people reported issues with the pieces of gingerbread arriving broken.

Pros: Great low price point, comes with scene-setter characters, good candy selection

Cons: Some units arrive damaged

Buy the Elf on the Shelf Gingerbread House Kit from Bass Pro Shop for $14.99

The best gingerbread house kit for kids

The Best Gingerbread House Kits To Buy

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Why you’ll love it: If you and the kids are already going to make a gingerbread house, why not get the Disney Mickey Holiday House Cookie Kit and build one featuring Mickey and Minnie Mouse?

Mickey Mouse made his first public appearance in the cartoon “Steamboat Willie” back in 1928. For those of you keeping score, yes, that makes Mickey about 90 years old. Yet he’s still as popular as ever with kids (and young-at-heart adults) today. I can confirm this personally, as I have a kid. And as gingerbread houses also remain popular in our times, why not blend these two classics with the Disney Mickey Holiday House Cookie Kit?

This kit comes with six pre-baked pieces of gingerbread; that construct a house measuring about 6 inches long by 4 inches wide by 5 inches tall; making it slightly larger than many other gingerbread houses but still small enough for the table, shelf, or countertop. The decorations include red and green gumdrops, red candy spheres, and Mickey-shaped candies, along with plenty of icing to mount everything. There are also several paper decorations that depict Minnie and Mickey.

While the Disney Mickey Holiday House Cookie Kit costs a bit more than most options of comparable size and scope, the inclusion of these beloved Disney characters should make the extra dollars count. You can also get the Mickey and friends kit for about the same price.

If it sells out, the Candyland kit is also great, and costs just $14.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond.

Pros: Features classic characters, finished house is a great size, comes with unique candies

Cons: Slightly overpriced option


The best DIY gingerbread house kit

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Why you’ll love it: With this one set of molds, you could make a thousand gingerbread houses or more; the Juvale Gingerbread House Silicone Mold Kit is all you need. Well, that and some gingerbread batter, candy, icing, and time.

OK, yes, in order to use the Juvale Gingerbread House Silicone Mold Kit to make your own gingerbread house, first you’re going to need to master your gingerbread baking techniques. But don’t worry: Before recommending this kit, I researched the process by reading through a host of different recipes, and it turns out it’s not that hard to make gingerbread batter. Smoothing it into the molds perfectly every time might take a bit of practice, though.

Once you have the batter making and baking down pat; you can use the Juvale Gingerbread House Silicone Mold Kit again and again; making the best gingerbread houses of your life.

Not only does the kit come with molds for the standard six panels of a gingerbread house; (two pieces of the roof, front, back, and sides, e.g.); but it also has a door, pine trees, a snowman, a reindeer and sleigh, and other baked decorations. When you use all the included shapes and add your own favorite candies and colored icing; your DIY gingerbread house won’t rival store-bought options; it will far surpass them.

And in the long run; it’s a lot cheaper to build gingerbread houses from scratch than to go with store-bought kits, too.

A Mokey International write-up about the Juvale gingerbread mold kit notes that the durable silicone molds are safe for use in the “freezer, refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, and oven.”

Pros: Makes detailed and lovely gingerbread panels, saves money over time, features unique accessory shapes

Cons: Requires separate purchase of all materials

Buy the Juvale Gingerbread House Silicone Mold Kit on Walmart for $13.99