The Best Silver Watches For Men

The Best Silver Watches For Men

The Best Silver Watches For Men

A watch is a man’s personal accessory. It is not just sat on the thin of your wrist to tell the time, they are a statement piece, and an extension of the wearer. Take silver watches for example. They are classic, sleek and smart, suitable for any dapper man. Here is a list of the best silver watches for men out there.

Men’s Watches

The death of the watch has been widely predicted but despite all the technology available today watches are still an important part of men’s outfits. What men look for now is not something that makes a statement about them rather than an essential time keeping device so often we’re more willing to spend a little bit more. You can also make a statement on a budget, there’s an option for everyone.

Men’s Designer Watches

With so many men’s watches to choose from it’s not easy to decide which is best for you. You can spend hours researching and still not be able to make a decision. When looking at men’s designer watches have a clear idea of price in mind and stick to it when browsing.

As much fun as it is to look through expensive watches for hours on end; if you can’t afford them there are far more important things you can be getting on with. Once you’ve got a clear price in mind it makes it a lot easier to find something that works for your budget.

Men’s Classic Watches

A classic watch look has to be the leather or canvas strap. Some of the most impressive watches out there are based on a classic look. A classic watch that doesn’t fit in this stereotype has to be the Casio G-Shock. It was the first G-Shock to include their shock resistant technology in a metal exterior so it’s your chance to own a G shock watch in silver. The features include:

  • Solar powered.
  • Date display on the face.
  • Stop watch and a world clock option.
  • 7 months standard battery life without light exposure.
  • Shock resistant technology to protect impact damage

Top 10 Watch Brands

We’ve divided up some of the biggest watch brands out there into the countries they’re from. We thought it was a good idea to look at 3 of the biggest watch makers on Earth. Some of the greatest watchmaking on the planet takes place in Switzerland but other European countries create incredible watches. We haven’t even mentioned probably the most famous Swiss watch Brand of all time, Rolex.

Italy’s known for some of the best loved fashion houses in the World and the last few decades have seen them move into manufacturing watches as well. They tend to use Swiss manufacturing methods.

Swiss Watch Brands

Patek Phillippe

They make some of the most exclusive watches on the planet. If you’ve got 10s of thousands of pounds to spend on a watch then Patek Phillipe are the brand for you. More than likely, you can just admire from afar like the rest of us. Although if you have the money and one takes your fancy, have a look over at Patek Philippe watches.

The Best Silver Watches For Men - Patek Phillippe


Audemars Piguet

From its beginnings in 1875 this Swiss brand has become the producers of one of the most unique watches available today. They created the World’s first luxury sports’ watch, The Royal Oak.

The Best Silver Watches For Men - Audemars Piguet

PHOTO CREDIT: The Watch Gallery


Yet another classic Swiss watch maker, it began in 1860 with Louis-Ulysse Chopard. They create some of the very detailed looking watches and have a sophisticated image and they’re known for producing well manufactured long lasting watches.

The Best Silver Watches For Men - Chopard



Another reliable Swiss watch to add to the long list; definitely a lot more affordable than the others in the list. Omega are considered so reliable they were designated the official timekeepers for the British and American air forces in the early 1900s.

The Best Silver Watches For Men - Omega


German Watch Brands

  1. Lange & Söhne

This is the pinnacle of German watch engineering. They also developed in a town called Glashütte; which was once a town on its last legs is now the centre for German watchmaking. As the years have passed by their innovation has also kept up the pace. They can be relied on to create watches that are instant classics.

The Best Silver Watches For Men - A. Lange and Söhne

PHOTO CREDIT: The Watch Quote

UTS München

They create watches designed for diving. A relatively new addition to the German watch market; engineer Nicolaus Spinner began UTS in 1999 and had won fans ever since. Nicolaus makes just a few hundred every year so the demand is very high; especially as he makes them all himself. The most impressive feature is that some of the models can withstand pressure up to 3000 metres.


This is minimalist approach from the designer and founder Manfred Brassler. In 2001 he developed a watch with a single hand that only shows you the time every 5 minutes; which is a back to basics approach to time keeping; that harks back to days when we weren’t as obsessed with time.

Italian Watch Brands

Italy is home to some of the greatest fashion brands of all time and it’s no surprise they also create striking watches. It’s not surprising to see the brands we listed often share swiss manufacturing methods. You wouldn’t want them to have anything other than the best in their watches.


This is technically a swiss brand but it was founded in Florence, Italy. They now distribute watches all over the world. They recently collaborated with Ferrari to create a watch design with the iconic logo alongside their bold designs.

The Best Silver Watches For Men - Panerai

PHOTO CREDIT: Watch Finder


An Italian watch manufacturer who are probably better known for their jewelry; about 100 years into their business did they begin to manufacture watches but they’re still impressive. Not surprisingly their watch manufacturing is based in Switzerland, where else?

The Best Silver Watches For Men - BVLGARI


Emporio Armani

Another huge Italian fashion brand that use Swiss parts to create striking silver watches. Expect sleek elegant designs that silver work well in silver to pull your outfit together. Take a look at some of their designs below to get an idea of their style.

The Best Silver Watches For Men - Emporio Armani

PHOTO CREDIT: Ernest Jones

Best Watches for Men

It will depend on the kind of watch that’s right for you. If you want to spend a lot of money then it’s always a good idea to get your watch insured. Sports watches are worth investing in and the better quality you buy the less likely it is you’ll break it on the first outing.

Best Automatic Watches

Most watches released today are automatic or put more simply, self winding. It’s not often the case that a modern watch will have to be wound up; if they are it often means they’re not as accurate. The most accurate watch is powered through movement; with these watches only losing a few seconds per month. Automatic watches tend to lose a few minutes per month so will need to be reset every now and again if you want it to be exact.

Cheap Men’s Watches

Not all of us want or have the option to spend thousands of pounds on a watch; or we can’t be trusted with an expensive watch brands on your wrist. One of the best and longest lasting watch brands out there is Casio. They make very affordable watches and have a vintage feel to their design.

For those who perhaps want something a bit sleeker and casual. The canvas strap watch is another take on turning vintage modern. It is classic in effect and style and perfect for everyday or formal use. For those of you who prefer something more retro; then Timex have created their classic Digital Silver Tone Bracelet Watch. The sleek bracelet strap compliments the more modern digital face, perfect for men on the go.

The Best Silver Watches For Men - Cheap Men’s Watches

Sport Watches for Men

Sports watches in silver are quite rare; but the most common silver sports watches used for diving; like the UTS München we spoke about earlier. If you’re looking for something that works well

Strap Watches

The great thing about a simple strap watch is that they are sleek and smart. They are not too chunky to weigh your arm down, or look bulky under a shirt or jacket. In a simple silver colour, they exude sophistication. Take the Cowes Mesh Watch by Shore Projects this vintage timepiece with a modern twist, it’s perfect for work or just down the pub for a quick few.

Another great strap watch is the following by Komono; this Royale Silver Mesh Strap Watch; with a navy face and silver detailing is a modern take on a classic silver watch. With the intricate detailing and navy face; it is perfect for the fashion forward amongst you.

The Best Silver Watches For Men - Strap Watches

Metal Strap Watches

If you want something a bit flashier or more substantial to fit on your wrist; then silver metal strap watches are the ones for you. Casio, the well known watch brand has a variety of different metal strap watches. The one featured below is sleek, robust and has a digital rather than dialogue face. This particular watch also has dual functionality, with it having backlighting; and the ability to set alarms and act as a stop watch.

If you want to retain that classic look, but have a silver metal strap then we recommend the below watch by Nixon. Simple in design and execution, the watch has a blacked out face with silver detailing. This contemporary and animistic watch is perfect for the modern man.

The Best Silver Watches For Men - Metal Strap Watches

Your Quick Guide To The Best Silver Watches For Men

  • There are watches for every price range in silver.
  • It depends on what kind of activities you’re looking for, some watches boast being waterproof to incredible depths.
  • A silver watch is a great addition to any outfit.
  • If you’re looking for a metal strap is a robust choice but can be too bulky for some.
  • Swiss watches are World renowned for their watch manufacturing but other European countries create outstanding pieces.

The Best Silver Watches For Men

So there you have it, a variety of the best silver watches around. Just remember when it comes to buying a watch; think of it as an investment as the chances are the more you may spend on a watch; the chances are the longer it will last. Silver watches are timeless and you can be rest assured that if you do invest in a decent watch; you’re probably not going to regret it a few months down the line.

There are so many timeless watch brands out there that people will always love. No matter how many people can see the time on their phone; they’ll always be a market for well made watches.