The Magic of Greeting Cards – Receiving Cards

The Magic of Greeting Cards – Receiving Cards

The Magic of Greeting Cards

Receiving a greeting card is very special these days. With everyone using email, text, e-cards etc., receiving an unexpected card in the mail will magically transform someone’s day and make it very special. Just think back to when you received birthday cards as a child, or on Mother’s Day and Father’s day. Think of the Christmas cards received across the miles, telling you how much you are missed.  Magic of Greeting Cards


Greeting cards kept us connected across the miles. Magic of Greeting Cards

Today’s technology is fantastic – the world is a smaller and better place with it. However, it does not instill the emotions or convey messages in the same manner. Greeting cards help us express feeling and emotions we are not comfortable or very good at expressing.

The Magic of Greeting CardsWhen holding a greeting card in one’s hand, there are many emotions that go through one’s mind; the person who selected the card took time to read it, perhaps several time and chose it especially for you. The message inside conveys the sender’s feelings and emotions at the time they selected this particular card, for you.

The Magic of Greeting CardsGreeting cards are magic.

Children’s cards come with pin-on buttons, balloons, pop-ups and a variety of other games. Adult cards can be very expressive, whether in new relationships, established relationships, for Mother, Father, sister, brother, aunts, uncles, grandparents and so on.

There are thousands of cards to choose from, for every occasion. Some people find it difficult to buy just one card – they buy 2 or 3 for the same person. Whether it’s Christmas, birthday, Thanksgiving,  Easter, Religious Holiday, or just another day of the week, sending a person a greeting card to let them know The Magic of Greeting Cardsyou are thinking about them will make them feel good all over, probably for the next several days as they put it on the mantle or bookcase and see it every day.

They will think of you often and smile at the thought that you took the time to send them a card to let them know you care and thought enough about them take time out to send them a card. Greeting cards are magic.

Magic of Greeting Cards – Choosing your Greeting Cards

Choosing Your Greeting Cards - Pop-Up CardsGreeting cards come in all shapes and sizes. You can now purchase single cards for the special occasion, boxed cards of all the same card, variety boxed cards for special occasions, mini-packs of cards of you don’t have many to send, e-cards,  photo postcards, pop-up cards, origami cards, photo greeting cards, musical cards with pre-recorded tunes and even cards you can personalize with your own message. There are literally thousands upon thousands of cards to choose from, online and at your favorite store.

Buying greeting cardsBuying greeting cards has never been easier –

from large department stores to your local pharmacy, you can run in and get a special card with just the right wording. The non-occasion cards are very popular and a very effective way to “break the ice” and communicate feelings if one is too shy to do it in person, at the start.

Most greeting cards have a pre-printed message Most greeting cards have a pre-printed message on the inside.

Others have blank pages so that one may write their own sentiments inside a beautifully card. Money cards are also available, allowing space for cash or a gift card.  Gift cards to some favorite eating establishments and cafes can be loaded up with any amount of money one wishes to give. Sleeves in which to insert the card for gift giving with special greetings to fit many occasions are also available.

Greeting cards are paired up with envelopes; some are lined with gold, silver, or colored foils, and others that are plain. Paper used in the creation of the cards and envelopes is just as varied; from card stock to vellum-like textures to embossed and engraved. Of course the fancier the card, the more expensive – but ask yourself – What is expressing your love and caring worth?

Photo greeting cards are quite popular Photo greeting cards are quite popular and come in two styles – one you can insert a card into the center area “frame”, the other is printed with the photo of choice with hundreds of background and greeting to choose from for the. Many e-card sites now have the option of uploading an image and sending a personalized message. You can add music; some sites have options to send flowers, balloons, and candy.