The Most Popular Sunglasses What sets them apart?

The Most Popular Sunglasses – rayban2The Most Popular Sunglasses

The name RayBan has become synonymous with sunglasses. RayBan has been one of the most popular sunglasses worldwide for decades. First introduced in 1930 to the US Air Force for our heroes in need of anti-glare protection, this brand has become legend!

RayBan was created in 1853, by two German immigrants, John Jacob Bausch and Henry Lomb. Bausch and Lomb utilize cutting edge technology to in creating quality eyewear and is now recognized as one of the best brand of sunglasses in the world today.

One of the best features of RayBan is the lens; they are formulated to emphasize colors the eyes see most easily, enabling the wearer to see the world as it truly is. If you’re interested in picking up of these styles on sunglasses it would be worth looking at a highly rated supplier like Banton FrameWorks. These are some of the best polarised sunglasses that you can get.

For the shaded lenses, the unique duo tone lens fades to enhance definition and contrast. The reflective qualities are also a highly attractive aspect of these sunshades.


Over the years, the top brands of sunglasses have performed consistently. Ray Ban has been in the best-seller category since their inception. Others have risen to the top as well, for example Italian-made Smith. Gucci and Prada remain favorites and newcomers such as Nike have made a name for themselves.

The Most Popular Sunglasses – Ray Ban SunglassesRay Ban Sunglasses

The sunglasses set the standard for the statement “American Classic sunglasses.” Ray Ban sunglasses set the style that other sunglass brands just follow.

The RayBan’s lenses guarantee 100 % UV protection as well as fantastic polarization, making these the sunglasses for those who know how to play hard.


The Most Popular Sunglasses – Bolle Sunglasses Bolle Sunglasses

Fabulous styling– that is what you get with the Bolle sunglasses collection. Their patented lenses are designed for the discriminating athlete or sports aficionado. If you are looking for the final word in versatility, style, and fit, you want Bolle. Bolle strives to deliver innovative designs that provide the best most comfortable fit and highest fashion. Even after being in business for over a century, Bolle continues to deliver some of the best quality sunglasses.


The Most Popular Sunglasses – Gucci SunglassesGucci Sunglasses

a white T and jeans – is there anything that could evoke more style or class? Gucci is the ultimate in fashion accessories. Nothing else compares. Gucci is the ultimate in fashion standard sunglasses;it doesn’t matter which style of Gucci sunglasses you wear – as long as you’re wearing them!


The Most Popular Sunglasses – smithSmith Sunglasses

When it comes to some of the best sport shades, choose Italian-made Smith sunglasses. Known for their lenses. Smith uses only the best quality lens coatings to deliver you the best object definition, truest color and best glare reduction.



The Most Popular Sunglasses – versaceVersace Sunglasses

When you say Versace, you say classiness and panache. Not only are Versace sunglasses beautifully crafted, they set the standard when it comes to innovative styling. Versace remains in a class by itself.


The Most Popular Sunglasses – Prada SunglassesPrada Sunglasses

With its collection of designer styles, Prada sunglasses remain the most sought-after brands around the world.

Made in Italy, Prada delivers exclusive styles for the elite and fashionist as of the world. Prada speaks volumes when it comes to your personality.


The Most Popular Sunglasses – armani-womenGiorgio Armani Sunglasses

the name is synonymous for some of the most glamorous designer sunglasses for women. Armani delivers boldest designs in the richest textures Sophistication and class – that is what Giorgio Armani is all about.


The Most Popular Sunglasses – emporio rmani Emporio Armani Sunglasses

Exceptional design, materials and fabrication –that’s Emporio Armani. Emporio is now available in sunglasses so Armani men can now round out their wardrobes with full of color shades and innovative designs. Two words: casual and sophisticated–the Emporio Armani sunglasses collection will complement his styles – all of them, regardless what those styles that may be.

The Most Popular Sunglasses – serengetiSerengeti Sunglasses

the world’s finest driving sunglasses! Technology and artisan ship come together for your satisfaction and pleasure. Experience the Serengeti sunglasses collection with all of its classic styling and class.



The Most Popular Sunglasses – nikeNike Sunglasses

No one captures the spirit like Nike. Just Do It® Nike sunglass styles will deliver the final touch and are suitable for any venue- their uniqueness is never in question.



The Most Popular Sunglasses – Adidas SunglassesAdidas Sunglasses

the leader in performance sporting equipment and sportswear. Now, Adidas delivers its line of sunglasses – designed with one thing in mind: the athlete. Features include tinted lenses that make a difference on the golf course, tennis court, or any other sporting event for that matter!



The Most Popular Sunglasses – police

Police Sunglasses

Italian-made Police sunglasses are sharp !Made by Eastern States Eyewear, Police sunglasses have individuality and style! They deliver!




The Most Popular Sunglasses – ralph laurenPolo / Ralph Lauren Sunglasses

Ralph Lauren sunglasses are simply irresistible!. He delivers a European panache and styling with a sporty flair.

Ralph Lauren is timeless –unconventional styling, sophistication, elegance, quality and design. Simply irresistible!


The Most Popular Sunglasses – fendiFendi Sunglasses

Another Italian favorite are Fendi sunglasses – fashion and elegance in the eyewear. The sleek, conservative designs continue to please.







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