The Most Sought after Fragrances – Best Picks

The Most Sought after Fragrances – Best Picks

The Most Sought after Fragrances

Some perfumes and fragrances are timeless and never lose their appeal. Here we have gathered a collection of some of the popular fragrances in perfume for women The Most Sought after Fragrances. If you plan on purchasing from an online marketplace, check them out at your favorite retailer or department store so you will know how to pick the right one for you. Try them on and see how they make you feel.

The Most Sought after Fragrances – Hugo Boss Perfumes for Women

Hugo Boss Fragrance for Women -BOSS NUIT pour femme

BOSS NUIT pours femme

An alluring, ultra-feminine flowery, sensual fragrance.

Launched in 2012, Boss Nuit is a women’s floral fragrance with white floral, powdery, and woody main accords. Good for spring and fall days and nights; it has soft sillage and moderate longevity. Top notes of peach and aldehydes open this fragrance; leading to floral middle notes of white flowers, jasmine, and violet. Sandalwood and moss base notes finish this composition. The flacon is black with gold elements and a clear topper.


Hugo Boss Perfumes for Women - boss_orange BOSS Orange

An exuberant composition inspired by vibrant color; Boss Orange for women energizes your beauty routine. Its lively floral formula blends enticing African orange flower and romantic white floral notes; with sweet, crisp red apple, the incense hint of sandalwood and the woody olive tree; a note that evokes Mediterranean gardens. Introduced by Hugo Boss in 2009; this contemporary and versatile feminine potion suits your busy modern lifestyle and fits effortlessly in a variety of settings.


Hugo Boss Fragrance for Women - boss deep red HUGO Deep Red

designed for the independent woman who knows what she wants – a sexy, alluring fragrance. Hugo Deep Red fragrance perfect for exhibiting your adventurous, uninhibited spirit in a fresh, unique way. Created in 2001, this women’s scent celebrates the Orient’s naturally sensual notes of ginger, freesia, blood orange, vanilla, and black currant. Wear this scent any time you want to fill a room with your presence and see heads turn in delight and wonder. This fragrance is also great for first dates, romantic wedding anniversary dinners and “painting the town red” nights with the girls.


Hugo Boss Perfumes for Women - Boss-Femme-Eau-de-ParfumBOSS Femme

The ultimate in fragrances with floral, oriental overtones accented by rose petals and musk notes. Nearly everyone has a signature scent that creates a lasting impression with others, and Bosse Femme from Hugo Boss is perfect for that use. Ideal for the woman who enjoys being the ring leader, this fragrance, introduced in 2013, blends together the notes of tart limes with aromatic white flowers, tangy grapefruit blossom, fragrant honeysuckle and warm birch, which commands attention and inspires confidence in the wearer. Whether you are preparing your to-do list or tackling tasks head-on, this scent gets you through the day with style.


Hugo Boss Fragrance for Women - hugo-womenHUGO Woman

This fragrance is all about an airy, light, breezy scent that leaves a trail of the mystic.

This stunning fragrance is for the woman who enjoys the finer things in life. Hugo for women was introduced by the legendary design house of Hugo Boss in 1997 and features the sophisticated mixture of oakmoss, peach, cyclamen, melon, and cassis. They all combine to create a remarkable scent that is suitable for a casual day out shopping with friends, but assertive enough for business meetings. Wear Hugo for women and enjoy the abundant confidence you feel as you step into the room.


Hugo Boss Perfumes for Women - Boss Woman BOSS Woman

Making a statement for all strong, modern women, BOSS Woman fragrance expresses success of the self-confident, sophisticated and self-assured woman. If you want a classic, preppy scent to take you from day to night, Boss for women is an excellent choice. Introduced for women by leading designer Hugo Boss in 2000, this fragrance combines the subtle, woody notes of cedarwood and sandalwood with the fruity and floral notes of mango and freesia to create a fresh, feminine aroma. It’s perfect for the mall or class during the day or for turning heads on a night out with your friends.


Hugo Boss Fragrance for Women - hugo-boss-intense-women Intense Women

Boss Intense for Women is a sharp floral fragrance that possesses the perfect blend of spice, vanilla orchids, Turkish Rose, kumquat, woods, amber, and musk



The Most Sought after Fragrances – Gucci Perfumes for Women

Gucci Perfumes for Women - Guilty



Indulge in the guilty pleasures of this fragrance and feel the freedom of stepping outside your own boundaries-A sensual and distinct scent that expresses how unique and sexy you are.

Gucci Guilty for a woman a classy and playful perfume put out by Gucci to represent a young, sexy and slightly dangerous approach and feel to the scent. This Gucci perfume is a classic party girl perfume designed for the glamorous, daring, brave, and very sexy girls who like to party and enjoy themselves at all times of the day and Gucci Guilty is a statement about who you are that has the richness of amber and the fresh femininity of lilac in the perfume notes. Gucci Guilty is an oriental fragrance that has a very contemporary, sexy and dynamic connotation; to the scent that males Gucci Guilty a light and spicy fragrance.

Gucci Perfumes for Women - Premiere Premiere


Wear the epitome of elegance and sensuality in fragrances- be noticed!. Step into the spotlight with Gucci Premiere for women. Inspired by the timeless stars of classic Hollywood, the fragrance designers at Gucci created this bold scent to capture the uniquely feminine combination of beauty, confidence, and grace. Gucci Premiere makes the first impression with citrus top notes of bergamot and orange blossom that mingle with fruity blackberry, then opens into a heart of exotic, commanding musk. Introduced in 2012, this women’s fragrance is the modern update on iconic red-carpet glamour and elegance.


Gucci Perfumes for Women - Rush Rush

wickedly cool and intoxicating – a mysterious blend of oriental floral Gardenia, South African freesia and coriander seeds, vanilla, java patchouli, and bourbon vetiver to render you the temptress. Gucci Rush is an exciting, worldly fragrance for adventurous women. Released by Gucci in 1999 and developed by Michel Almairac, this scent’s aroma was inspired by love at first sight. Impulsive and irresistible, it blends exotic notes of South African freesia, madras jasmine, coriander seeds, and Damascena rose. Classified as a sharp, oriental and woody fragrance, Gucci Rush complements all of your daily activities. Use it to feel like you are on top of the world. It comes packaged in a distinctive, red box-shaped perfume bottle.


Gucci Perfumes for Women - Gucci II Gucci II

A soft, fruity floral that emanates notes of mandarin, blackcurrant, violet, and blackberry, with overtones of jasmine, heliotrope, and cedarwood.

Attract positive attention everywhere you go with the elegant aroma of Gucci li for women. This trendy fragrance from the design house of Gucci features spicy notes of cassia and black currant infused with tangy notes of mandarin orange, red berries, and bitter orange. They combine to create a rich scent that is great for warm days in the spring and summer. It is an excellent choice for all sorts of casual occasions, from a day at the park to a lunch date with friends.

Gucci Perfumes for Women - Envy Me

Envy Me

Playfully seductive, alluringly intimate and enchanting.

If you’ve been meaning to make a needed change in your life but aren’t ready for something drastic yet, start wearing Envy Me by Gucci and notice a subtle yet considerable uplifting of your mood. Introduced in 2004, this women’s fragrance features a fun and playful mix of fruity and floral notes. Envy me was created by blending in the romantic scent of roses and the freshness of peonies, along with the inviting notes of pineapple and litchi, accented with a dash of pink pepper.

Gucci Perfumes for Women - Guilty Intense Guilty Intense

This Eau de parfum is provocative and warm with oriental floral at its core. Mandarin, pink pepper, Lilac, powdery violet, heliotrope, and patchouli notes are captivatingly seductive. this intricate scent mixes luxurious notes of heliotrope, lilac, and violet with vivacious mandarin orange and kicky pink pepper for a glorious aromatic treat for the senses. Use it to entice all who come near, whether you’re spending a long and rewarding day at the office or living the high life at a fancy soirée.


Gucci Fragrance for Women - Rush 2Rush 2

Inviting, seductive, addictive, vibrant and sexy – Rush 2’s notes of narcissus, rose, oakmoss and musk heighten the passion. If you’re looking for a deliciously decadent scent that follows you all day and into the night, Gucci Rush 2 for women can handle the job. Created by Gucci in 2001, this gorgeous perfume is filled with floral notes such as gardenia, rose, lily and freesia that make you feel light and beautiful. This fragrance goes with any look you choose, whether it’s a simple dress for a Saturday afternoon picnic or a gorgeous gown for a glamorous affair.



Most Sought after Fragrances – Jimmy Choo Perfume for Women

Jimmy Choo Fragrance for Women - Jimmy ChooWomen  Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo Parfum expresses an aura of strength, attitude, confidence, and intelligence, yet fun. This fruity Chypre is rich and warm with woody depths. This fragrance is seductive and alluring with a mysterious sense of sexuality.

A name synonymous with luxury, Jimmy Choo is an exquisite fragrance that is a perfect pick-me-up scent for daily use. Introduced by the designers at Jimmy Choo in 2011, this fashionable women’s scent can make you feel like you are flaunting your style on the runway in your favorite pair of shoes. With notes of mandarin orange, juicy pear, fragrant orchid, rich toffee, and musky patchouli, this polished fragrance has a lingering aroma to help you turn heads.


Marc Jacobs Perfume for Women

Marc Jacobs Fragrance for Women - Daisy


A light, sunny, free-spirited fragrance  – great summer wear!

Daisy by Marc Jacobs is a sensational scent by powerhouse designer Marc Jacobs. Daisy perfume by Marc Jacobs is a light, feminine scent made for women with exquisite tastes in fashion and fragrance. Introduced in 2007, this daytime fragrance features fruity notes of ripe strawberry and tangy pink grapefruit. Daisy by Marc Jacobs perfume also includes a layer of floral notes, like a violet leaf, luscious gardenia, and violet. Specially designed with the sophisticated woman in mind, Daisy perfume is just the thing to spritz on for afternoons at the mall or luncheons with friends or colleagues. For any fan of Marc Jacobs, Daisy perfume is an excellent choice.
Marc Jacobs Perfume for Women - Dot


A lush juicy floral that captivates with a luscious blend of red berries, sweet honeysuckle, dragon-fruit, jasmine blended with notes of orange blossom and coconut water, with undertones of driftwood, creamy vanilla, and sensual musk.

Launched by famed designer Marc Jacobs in 2012; this lively scent is a perfect balance of elegance and modernity. The chic, bold fragrance comes packaged in an eye-catching bottle featuring a bold polka dot motif.

Marc Jacobs Fragrance for Women - Daisy Eau So FreshDaisy Eau So Fresh

Vibrant, charming, whimsical Daisy Eau So Fresh is the spirited new version of the original Daisy. It transports you to a place that is happy and sunny. Introduced in 2011, this fun and the flowery scent are for feminine, flirty women who don’t mind being the center of attention. Its top notes are fruity and sweet, and its green heart melds into a floral and powdery base that’s sure to entice the senses of anyone in your presence.


Dior Perfume for Women

Dior Fragrance for Women - J'adore


This floral fragrance is the epitome of sophistication and sensuality. J’adore perfume is the ideal fragrance for women who are professional and stylish. It has a scent that is feminine yet commanding and is perfect for today’s modern woman.

The epitome of feminine grace, J’adore by Christian Dior has inspired a long and popular line of variants. The original, launched in 1999 by the trailblazing French fashion and fragrance brand, offered an exquisite interpretation of the familiar floral and fruity composition. Irresistibly intoxicating magnolia is matched with tart bergamot, crisp pear, luscious peach, and refreshing melon. An instant classic upon its release, Dior’s J’adore for women captures its creator’s glamorous appeal in fine fragrance form.

Dior Perfume for Women - Miss DiorMiss Dior

An Eau de Parfum personifies the spontaneous joie de vivre of today’s young women, representing a particular type of freedom and seduction. The fragrance is characterized by an instant and captivating charm. If you appreciate a timeless scent that blends sweetness with desire, spray-on Miss Dior by Christian Dior. The 2005 women’s fragrance captures the refined luxury of the designer’s dresses. Miss Dior has top notes of wild strawberry leaves and green tangerine. The intriguing salty sweetness of caramel popcorn mingles with base notes of distinctive violet petals. The aromas in Miss Dior are suited for decadent evenings and fine dining but have a comfortable familiarity that fits in with your casual plans as well.

Most Sought after Dior Fragrance for Women - Hypnotic PoisonHypnotic Poison

Mysterious, bold and seductive – this alluring fragrance captivates the soul. Cast a seductive spell on everyone you encounter when you wear Hypnotic Poison. Created by the fragrance masters at the Christian Dior design house in 1998, this scent is feminine and sensual. Packaged in a stylish red bottle shaped like a “poisoned apple,” the fragrance features an intoxicating mixture of notes, including fruity apricot, coconut, jasmine, rose, and soft vanilla. Spray it on before a romantic date to work its magic over the one you desire. Hypnotic Poison is an aphrodisiac for the senses.

Dior Perfume for Women - Pure PoisonPure Poison

Pure Poison incarnates seduction in its purest state by exploring its duality and irresistible alchemy. Celebrate the dangerous side of your persona when you wear Pure Poison for women. Launched by the celebrated Christian Dior design house in 2003, this enthralling modern scent is perfect for fearless risk-takers. It blends intoxicating notes of fresh orange, Sicilian mandarin, fruity bergamot, jasmine and orange blossom to create a stunning aroma that turns heads. Pure Poison is daring and alive and comes packaged in a stylish iridescent white bottle with holographic reflections.


Most Sought After Fragrances - poisonPoison

Release your inner diva and celebrate your sultry side with every spritz of Poison perfume, a decadent fragrance for women who are elegant and sophisticated yet seductive and alluring. Launched in 1985 by the design house of Christian Dior for the provocative woman who demands a fragrance that as seductive and sexy as she is, this sweet yet heady scent features robust notes of incense, tuberose, plum, cinnamon, and white honey. You’ll adore the irresistible aroma of this popular scent, which is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

Most sought after fragrance - Midnight Poison                                 

Midnight Poison

Captivating yet elusively seductive. Christian Dior has done an excellent job creating a unique fragrance that is just the right amount of feminine with Midnight Poison for women. The top notes of mandarin orange and bergamot combine perfectly with rose, patchouli, and amber for a scent that is powerful and alluring. Created in 2007, this long-lasting fragrance is great for a mature date night. It is a perfect choice to wear to a gala, art museum or formal event.

Dior Fragrance for Women - AddictAddict

A sophisticated oriental fragrance with a floral heart, for the passionate, intuitive woman. Dior Addict is a fragrance for youthful, free-spirited women who stand out from the crowd. Introduced by Christian Dior in 2002, the scent features lively top notes of aromatic vanilla and white floral on top of woody and balsamic base notes. Bold and refreshing, the vivacious fragrance of Dior Addict is suitable for daily use or as a go-to scent for parties and special occasions. Wear it any time you want to make a striking impression.


Dior Fragrance for Women - Dolce VitaDolce Vita

A sensuous woody floral, a perfume that embodies joie de vivre. Dolce Vita by Christian Dior Perfume. Live life to the fullest with a feminine scent that celebrates “la dolce vita,” the sweet life. Launched by venerable designer Christian Dior in 1994, Dolce Vita for women captures a sense of vitality and an aura of romance. It combines intoxicating floral elements of magnolia, lily and rose with delicious fruity notes of apricot and peach. Wear this beguiling Christian Dior fragrance creation every day to reflect your unique character, to inspire interest and to ignite passion

Dior Fragrance for Women - Dune


A unique and subtle oceanic floral, a fragrance that expresses serenity and a faraway destination. Escape the real world and surround yourself with the romantic and soothing scent of Dune for women, a smooth and sensual fragrance created by Christian Dior in 1991. Reminiscent of warm sand and fresh ocean breezes with just a hint of floral undertones, this inspiring fragrance contains notes of bergamot, mandarin, palisander, aldehyde, and peony. Possessing a moderate to the heavy aroma, this scent is ideal for evening wear, special occasions and times when you’re in a romantic mood.


Lacoste Perfume for Women

Lacoste Perfume for Women - Touch of PinkTouch of Pink

Touch of Pink is a fruity-floral which captures the essence of a woman full of youthful sensuality – designed for women who are young yet grown-up, classic yet modern, innocent yet knowing. The irresistible, effervescent formula of Touch of Pink captures the innocence and exuberance of youth in fragrance form. Launched by French sportswear label Lacoste in 2004, this fun, flirty scent is categorized as a fruity, floral composition. Spicy accents of cardamom and coriander garnish a cocktail of peach, blood orange, and orange in this lively blend. Whether you are young or simply young at heart, Lacoste’s Touch of Pink for women radiates vitality and charm.

Lacoste Perfume for Women - Pour FemmePour Femme

Lacoste launches the perfect fragrance for the woman who is genuine; charming and loves to be spontaneous. Delight in the lusciousness of Lacoste Pour Femme whenever you want to add something special to your day. Crafted by the artisans at Lacoste in 2003, this women’s fragrance features an explosion of spicy, fruity and flowery notes; pepper perfectly accents freesia, violet, and hibiscus, while apple dances playfully with them all. Wear this sweet treat to accent any outfit or occasion. It goes just as well with your tooling-around-town clothes as it does with your formal wear.


Chloe Perfume for Women

Chloe Perfume for Women - Chloe - 1975Chloe

The sublime rose scent perfectly captures the house of Chloe spirit, effortlessly chic and sensual. Treat yourself and your senses by dabbing a bit of Chloe; for a delightful and tantalizing scent that will last all day long. This luscious fragrance by Chloe was first introduced in 1975 and is a beautiful scent for any woman. Chloe combines sweet notes of honeysuckle, orange blossom, and lilac; to create a heavenly scent that makes you stand out in the crowd. Make any casual or formal occasion unforgettable; when you wear this fragrance while you are out shopping or on a dinner date.


Diesel Perfume for Women

Diesel Perfume for Women - Loverdose


the sexy & addictive fragrance from Diesel. It represents a woman who is sexy, playful and irresistible.

Create an aura of romance and intrigue with a spray of Loverdose, the enticing women’s fragrance from Diesel. Introduced in 2011, it’s an excellent choice for nights when you want your most sensual self to come out to play. Pair it with your preferred cocktail dress and diamond necklace, and you’ll be truly irresistible. Loverdose opens with high notes of mandarin oranges and licorice; continues with medium notes of vanilla and closes with the woodsy scent of cedar.


Diesel Perfume for Women - Fuel For Life Unlimited      

Fuel For Life Unlimited

Let the exuberant scent of Diesel Fuel for Life Unlimited recharge more than just your beauty routine. Rediscover a passion for life with this inspiring floral and fruity composition from the trendsetting Italian brand.

Romantic white flowers and harmonious spice notes; of star anise and licorice garnish a zesty citrus cocktail featuring orange bergamot and lemon. Radiate a vibrant, free-spirited aura and joie de vivre; by wearing this captivating fragrance for women created in 2008 by the experts at Diesel.


212 Carolina Herrera Perfumes for Women

212 Carolina Herrera Perfumes for Women - 212 VIP212 VIP

Being a true VIP is all about private rules. Do you really know what private means? 212 VIP invites you backstage of this exciting urban, exclusive, fun.

In 2010 Carolina Herrera launched 212 Vip, a fragrance for the frivolous, fun-loving young woman. If you are young at heart, you will love this vivacious, chic fragrance with its harmonious blend of tropical vanilla and rum. Top notes open with a fusion of rum and passion fruit; the heart holds the woodiness of musk and the sweetness of gardenia; the base is fragrant vanilla and tonka beans. This fragrance is light enough to wear to the beach without becoming overpowering.

212 Carolina Herrera Perfumes for Women - 212 Sexy


212 Sexy

A fragrance for a woman who feels sexy at any time of the day- Innovative sensual feminine scent. Accent your sensual side with 212 Sexy by Carolina Herrera. This enticing fragrance, released in 2005, is the perfect finishing touch to your evening attire. Spritz it on before a romantic date to create an aura of intrigue and mystery. Its appeal comes from a combination of bergamot, a fragrantly scented orange, and lighter, sweeter Mandarin oranges. A hint of caramel gives the scent a noticeable sweetness, while pink pepper creates a spiciness that’s as appealing as your own.

212 Carolina Herrera Perfumes for Women - 212



A fragrance for young trendy cosmopolitan, stylish women.

A chic fragrance created in 1997 by the design house of Carolina Herrera, 212 is the perfect choice for the woman who loves spending her days in the heart of the city. Combining the fresh and sweet aroma of orange blossom; with hints of succulent bergamot and mandarin orange; this alluring fragrance is a charismatic addition to your everyday wear. Enjoy its mysterious floral aroma; by spritzing your pulse points, and get ready for a new urban adventure.


Lady Million for Women

Lady Million for Women - Paco RabannePaco Rabbane

Brilliant, Glamorous, Femme Fatale, Excessive… Sexy, Seductive, Alluring – the ultimate in sensuality. Turn heads and create unforgettable memories when you splash on a dash of Lady Million. First bottled in 2010 by Paco Rabanne, this is an opulent scent for confident women. The intense bouquet a masterful combination of gardenia, bitter orange and neroli note; that dries down into deep patchouli and amber aromas. Seductive and luxurious, Lady Million has a bittersweet character, perfectly fit for a complicated woman with glamorous tastes and an equally fascinating presence. The scent works best for fall day and nightwear and has moderate sillage and long-lasting longevity.