The “Natural Look”-Makeup Brands that Cater to Your Natural Beauty

The “Natural Look”The “Natural Look” has increased in popularity. From bare essentials to barely accenting your best features, applying minimal makeup in natural and “nude” colours can create some dramatic effects.

There are a thousand and one brands of nature-based makeup on the market today that help you create these effects, such as:

The “Natural Look -Fig and YarrowFig + Yarrow

This organic skincare line uses ingredients like minerals, oils, leaves and flowers in its full range of face, hair and body products.

The “Natural Look - w3ll People


W3ll People

This all-natural makeup line has the same pigment and coverage as our favorite high-end brands—sans the harmful chemicals.

The “Natural Look -Youth to The PeopleYouth to The People

Made in California, this 100% vegan, cold-pressed skincare line only carries the essentials: cleanser, serum and moisturizer. Since they’re loaded with kale, spinach and other natural ingredients, these 3 products are all you need.


The “Natural Look -RimmelRimmel

Kate Mosshelped developed this line with Rimmel.

Melon in both scent and tone, this light-warm shade has adequate coverage, and lasts for most of the day.

The “Natural Look -NYXNYX

This color goes on smooth with a basic cream finish.It’s a darker beige with a bit of an ashy undertone. It lends sexy depth to an everyday natural look.

The “Natural Look -mark.mark.

This handy little compact lipstick has a sweet minty scent and flavour that that will have you licking it your lips all day! The color is on the warmer end of the spectrum, with heavy orange tones that will brighten up cool-toned complexions.

Who wants to go bare? Beige lips are it for summer beauty and no kit is complete without a great neutral shade to pair with dramatic eyes or, for a totally natural look, a barely-there bronzer and nothing more. Tan lips are unexpectedly sexy and their low maintenance effect will make summer looks smoulder. 



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