The Perfect Pair of Women’s Shoes

The Perfect Pair of Women’s Shoes

The Perfect Pair of Women’s Shoes

how many times have you said you can’t wait to get home to get out of an uncomfortable pair of shoes? It seems that once you get them off your feet turn into Cinderella’s ugly stepsister’s feet!

Buying and wearing comfortable shoes, especially for an event that will last for hours is important. Don’t miss out on the dancing and partying on account of your shoes!

Here are some tips to help you buy the perfect pair of shoes so that you can enjoy your next social:

Kitten Heels: With 2” heels that are firmer, they will make your feet look sexy and help you maintain a better posture, allowing you enjoy your event.

Wedges: Wedge heels -high-heeled and very comfortable

High quality leather shoes – retains the shape of your feet far more comfortable than man-made materials

Decide on your outfit – If you have trouble matching a pair of shoes, then pick a complimentary color shoe; classic black for standard evening attire and dark shade dresses and soft, warm ivory for lighter shades of dress.

For a painless evening, avoid straps. Strapless dress shoes will make your feet look ultra-chic.

Proper fit – take your time to decide – too large or too small can be very uncomfortable

Shoe Buying Recommendations For the Perfect Pair

Style important, but should not be the only factor. In order to reduce the risk of damage to your feet, your shoes should:

  • Conform to the shape of your foot
  • Should correspond with your activity
  • Since feet swell as much as 8% in a day, buy your shoes late in the day
  • Have your feet measured once a year; stand while being measured as  your body weight causes your feet to expand
  • Do not buy a shoe solely on the size; try them on and buy the one that fits best
  • Make sure you have ½” of space between your longest toe and the tip of the shoe. not your largest toe
  • Walk around in the shoes
  • Pointed toe shoes crowd the toes – choosing a square or round toe will provide you more room and comfort as well as allow the toes to lay flat.

A good-fitting shoe is a wise investment. Well-made shoes can be re-soled for many years of use.