The Secret behind Persian Women’s Beauty

The Secret behind Persian Women’s Beauty

There are many individuals who imagine that Iranian ladies are so beautiful. Ever asked why Iranian ladies are so beautiful? They are normally honored with a great feel that individuals from various nations and distinctive societies discover so appealing. In any case, it isn’t sufficient that Iranian ladies are conceived with great facial highlights. It will be critical for them to deal with these facial highlights so they can turn out to be significantly more appealing.

A great deal of Iranian ladies has been familiar with the fine things throughout everyday life. This implies they are acquainted with living in comfort. Neediness is known to be one of the principal reasons why individuals have a tendency to neglect to deal with them. Most Iranian ladies have not experienced destitution so they tend to look superior to others.

What is the secret behind Persian women’s beauty?

Persian women have always been known for their sharp features and impeccably polished skin. From the princesses of yore such as the powerful Grand Admiral Artemisia to modern-day divas such as the gorgeous model and social-media star Mahlagha Jaberi, Iranian women dominate the world of beauty.

Their secret lies in deep-rooted skincare rituals passed on by their mothers and grandmothers. Here are a few beauty rituals every Persian woman abides by.

The Secret behind Persian Women’s Beauty

The Best Iranian Beauty Secrets

When you think of beauty in Iran, hair salons, threading, and mani-pedis may come to mind. And while these are very common, there are actually quite a few natural products that Iranian women have been using for centuries to keep their skin radiant and their envy-inducing thick locks lustrous. So take a look at (and maybe a few tips from) some of the best Iranian beauty secrets.

Kiseh + Sefidâb

This dynamic duo comes from the traditional Iranian bathhouse. Kiseh is a scrubbing mitt that’s typically blue with white stitching. It’s paired with sefidâb, an exfoliator made of various hardened minerals and sheep fat. You rub the sefidâb on the kiseh and then exfoliate your skin. And let me tell you, it’s extremely satisfying (and mildly horrifying) to see the dead skin sloughing off. Those sugar scrubs you see on the market are a child’s play. Do they even do anything other than empty your wallet? But this stuff is the real deal.

Kiseh gets your blood circulating, leaving your skin absolutely glowing. It’s followed up with a leaf (pronounced just like the English “leaf”), a washcloth that’s lathered with soap to wash away any lingering bits of dead skin. (To get the most benefit, it’s important to do kiseh before you use any soap or shampoo. Otherwise, it won’t exfoliate quite as well.)

I highly recommend picking up a kiseh and some sefidâb while you’re in Iran. You can find them in any bazaar or even sell by street vendors. There are even little metal tins specifically to store sefidâb.

Kiseh and sefidab

Natural soaps

Speaking of suds, some special soap made with plant oils, such as coconut, paired nicely with the leaf. One famous and traditional natural soap comes from the city of Marâgheh in northwestern Iran. Made with natural fat and lye, the soap there has been handcrafted the same way for 2 centuries. It takes a full day to create before being left out to dry and cure, which takes anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks. This art of soap-making in Marâgheh has been inscribed as a national intangible cultural heritage. You can find these soaps in any herbal or natural store and in bazaars across Iran.


Rosewater, or golâb in Persian, is another one of the top Iranian beauty secrets. It’s not just a staple in Iranian desserts and tea, but like many other countries, this delicate classic also forms part of women’s beauty regimens. Dabbed onto a cotton pad (a little goes a long way), rosewater acts as an excellent facial tonic, especially for those with sensitive skin. In the summer, carry around a small spray bottle to spritz and refresh your face throughout the day.

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Rose petals

Sang-e pâ

Sang-e pâ (literally “foot rock”), or pumice stone, is a volcanic rock that Iranians use to keep their feet soft and smooth. While not exclusive to Iran, it’s a regular in the Iranian shower, and you’ll see giant sacks of these black rocks in bazaars and traditional stores.

Bath supplies

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Perhaps one of the best Iranian beauty secrets for hair is sedr, which comes from the leaves of the lotus tree. You mix the powder with water and leave it on as a hair mask. It tackles dandruff and strengthens and conditions hair, giving it a glossy shine. Although sedr now also manufactured in shampoo form, it’s not quite the same as using crushed leaves. (Working a few drops of bitter almond oil on the ends of your hair also does wonder to prevent split ends.)


Natural eyeliner that many Middle Eastern women use and Iranian women are no exception. It’s made from various nuts like almonds, walnuts, pistachios, and hazelnuts; which roasted until black and then ground into soot.

Sormeh needs an applicator, traditionally made of wood or camel bone, but there are metal ones, too. It takes a bit of practice to get the hang of applying it. But you essentially saturate the wand with powder and swipe your waterline and/or eyelids from inside to out. The more you swipe, the more pigmented the look. (Incidentally, the applicators make for nice decorative souvenirs as well.)

Wooden and brass applicators with sormeh

Rhubarb powder

This secret weapon for white teeth passed down from grandmothers and moms. Rhubarb powder is not only a natural whitener, but it’s also good for other dental problems and the gums. You just dip a wet toothbrush in some powder and brush your teeth normally.

Body oils

Oils are a must-have item for Persian women. They use them on a daily basis to keep their skin hydrated and nourished. Combining drops of almond oil with honey works wonders to treat dry and chapped lips.

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Face pack

Persian women indulge in homemade face packs for a clear complexion. Honey and aloe vera widely used in their skincare rituals; to keep skin healthy and glowing.

To fight against aging, fine lines, and wrinkles, they used a mixture of egg white and lemon as a face mask.

The Secret behind Persian Women’s Beauty

Do remember though that the standard beauty of Iran has changed significantly over the past century. 100 years ago, it was important for women to sport big hair, have a unibrow, and be a bit overweight but because of the various influences of the Western culture, most Iranian women have tried their best to maintain a certain weight and they also tend to make their skin lighter now than before. Some Iranian women have started to dye their hair lighter and wear contact lenses to change their dark eyes.

One thing that Iranian women undergo right now is plastic surgery. The fact that they covered aside from their faces; has not stopped them from wanting to become thinner; to become like the people that they see from another part of the world. They would like to change their appearance; in order to look more western instead of embracing their own look.

At this point, you cannot help but wonder who is the truly beautiful Iranian woman? Is it the Iranian woman who has gone through a lot of procedures; in order to achieve the level of beauty that expected of her; or is it the truly natural Iranian woman with the thick hair; and the unibrow that has embraced all of her features? It will be up to you to decide.