The Top 5 Best Selling Cameras

The Top 5 Best Selling Cameras

Whether you are a novice or seasoned photographer, there are thousands of models of cameras to choose from.  Deciding which one to buy can be nerve-racking. Here we list some of the best selling cameras for your money. 

Once you have compiled a list of how you are going to use your new camera, be sure to check out these and other models by these companies as well as other brands.

There is a camera out there for every skill level – take the time to find the right one for you

The Top 5 Best Selling Cameras


Best-Selling Cameras - CanonAsk anyone the world over to name the most famous camera company, and chances are they will call out Canon. Known for easy interfaces and intuitive features, Canon is your best bet if you are new to photography. In addition to being user-friendly, Canon products tend to be relatively user-proof, and are apt to outlive their technological significance.


Best-Selling Cameras - Nikon CameraIf you are looking for an undisputed professional powerhouse, Nikon is the name. Models tend to be more ergonomic, and with the introduction of an AF-S lens series, Nikon has begun its foray into Canon’s long-held sports photography monopoly. Lower-end models tend to be less sturdy and less intuitive, but the Nikon Coolpix is a long-held favorite.



Best-Selling Cameras - Pentax Camera

Pentax may not have the same household recognition as Canon or Nikon, but its models fill in gaps between low-end point-and-shoots and expensive DSLRs that the big brands have not. All models tend to be relatively easy to use, durable, and include plenty of extras without raising the price point.



Best-Selling Cameras - Olympus CameraWhen it comes to mirrorless (non-SLR) cameras that have an interchangeable lens option, Olympus takes the prize. Compact mirrorless cameras are lighter, simpler, and less intrusive than DSLR models; and with interchangeable lens, they can shoot images that rival those shot on more complex professional models.


Best Selling Cameras – Sony

Best-Selling Cameras - Sony CameraThere are some benefits to being electronically diversified: at the end of 2013, Sony became the first company to introduce detachable smartphone lenses. Photography purists say Sony images have a considerable amount of digital noise, but user-friendly features and bodies meant to withstand tough use make their cameras worth the small investment.