The Ultimate Kitchen Utensils Buyer’s Guide

The Ultimate Kitchen Utensils Buyer’s Guide

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The Ultimate Kitchen Utensils Buyer’s Guide

Having the right kitchen utensils for each job is important. By selecting the right kitchen utensils for the style or styles you enjoy cooking, you will have a great cooking experience. Invest in your utensils – buy the very best you can afford, especially knives. With the basic utensils recommended in this guide, you should be able to prepare most all your meals. Take a look if you want to find some good quality equipment.

Basics Kitchen Utensils

  • Mixing spoonsMixing spoons:

Avoid using metal utensils in your cookware, especially if they are non-stick coated. Wooden utensils will help you preserve the finish of your pots and pan. Get a variety of sizes. Wooden spoons are not expensive, so buy a couple of sets. Or, if you like the newest silicone mixing spoons, buy several sizes and colors!

  • Kitchen Utensil Buyer’s Guide -WhisksWhisks:

A vital in any kitchen. Here too, buy wisely and buy quality. The ones with the weighted handles will work very well in most cases. They are worth the investment. The cheap ones will rust and fall apart. Buy some stainless steel ones in different sizes as well as silicone to prevent scratching your cookware.

  • Kitchen Utensil Buyer’s Guide -Cutting boardsCutting boards:

The Cutting boards preserve your counters. They come in all shapes and sizes as well as a variety of materials. Be sure to invest in some silicone cutting mats as well as hard Teflon cutting boards as these materials do not absorb the germs and bacteria of meat. They clean easily with a spray mix of bleach/water (1/5) that kills salmonella and other dangerous bacteria. Wooden cutting boards are great for bread, cheeses, vegetables, etc.

  • Kitchen Utensil Buyer’s Guide -Mixing bowlsMixing bowls:

Invest in 2-3 sets of mixing bowls; these too come in a variety of materials, such as stainless steel, silicone, and glass. All of these materials are non-porous and clean up easily; all are dishwasher safe. Be sure to purchase 1-2 sets of various sizes so that you are prepared to cook!

  • Kitchen Utensil Buyer’s Guide -ColandersColanders:

One well-chosen colander is all you should need. From veggies to pasta, you can rinse and drain anything. Choose from a variety of materials, such as stainless steel or plastics. Avoid the flimsy plastics – buy heavy-duty to prevent you from being burned.

  • Kitchen Utensil Buyer’s Guide -Oven Mitts and Hot PadsOven Mitts and Hot Pads:

The Oven mitts and hot pads are must-haves! Protect your hands with oven mitts; protect your tables and counter-tops with hot pads. Choose wisely!

  • Kitchen Utensil Buyer’s Guide -MasherMasher:

the utensils you want when you are making fluffy mashed potatoes, mashing bananas, grapes, peaches, squash or zucchini, etc. Even if you have an electric hand mixer, keep a good quality masher in your arsenal of cooking utensils

  • Kitchen Utensil Buyer’s Guide -Serving utensilsServing utensils:

Set yourself up with slotted spoons, tongs, large forks, ladles: be sure you have a good mix of stainless steel and silicone pieces

  • Kitchen Utensil Buyer’s Guide -Measuring cups and spoonsMeasuring cups and spoons:

Remember to get measuring cups for both solid and liquid. Pyrex is one of the best brands and will last you many years. Keep 1-2 sets of measuring spoons sets. They come in handy when you are doing a lot of measuring and do not want to stop and wash them.

  • Kitchen Utensil Buyer’s Guide -Quality knife setQuality knife set:

Cooking knives come in all qualities, sizes and price ranges. Select a quality set – the best your budget will allow. If you opt for knives with wooden handles, do not place in the dishwasher – wash by hand. However, there are many other materials, such as stainless steel, high carbon steel, and cold steel. These are constructed in such a way that no food particles or bacteria can be trapped in the handle or between the blade and handle. They are also dishwasher safe

  • Kitchen Utensil Buyer’s Guide -Kitchen shearsKitchen shears:

The Kitchen shears come in handy and can be used to snip grapes; parsley and other fresh spices cut up chicken, and create beef or chicken strips as well as open bags of frozen vegetables.

Specialty Kitchen Utensils

We also recommend some of these basic specialty kitchen utensils. You can add to your collection of cooking utensils as you go!

  • Kitchen Utensil Buyer’s Guide -Can openerCan opener:

A can opener is by far one of the most used items in any kitchen. From soups to beans to canned vegetables, a can opener is good to have. Manual can openers feature “comfort” handles or you can opt for an electric can opener. They even have hand-held battery-operated ones!

  • Kitchen Utensil Buyer’s Guide -Vegetable peelerVegetable peeler/mandolin slicer

Vegetable peelers work great for carrots, potatoes, cucumbers, turnips, etc. Peeled vegetables look far more attractive when cooked.

  • Kitchen Utensil Buyer’s Guide -SpatulasSpatulas:

There are two types of spatulas – ones that help you scrape foods off the sides of bowls, pots and pans and those that are used to flip foods. Both are extremely handy to have. They come in a variety of materials – keep in mind what type of cookware you have when purchasing spatulas.

  • Kitchen Utensil Buyer’s Guide -GraterGrater:

Graters come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes and work well for cheese, carrots, potatoes, and other vegetables! If you enjoy freshly grated cheese, you may consider a hand-crank cheese grater for faster, easier grating.

  • Kitchen Utensil Buyer’s Guide -ThermometerThermometer:

Depending on what you are cooking, there are different types of thermometer. There are meat thermometers, poultry thermometers, combination thermometers, test thermometers for sauces, refrigeration thermometers, and candy thermometers. There are digital, analogy and USB thermometers. Buying a quality thermometer will ensure you are getting your foods to the right temperature.

  • Mini food chopperMini food chopper:

This is one of the handiest little gadgets to have in the kitchens. From onions to nuts, you can shave time off your meal preps with one or two of these. Use one for wet and one for dry ingredients.

  • Mortar and pestleMortar and pestle:

Mortar & pestles come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. From hand-carved wooden ones to granite and marble, they have been used for centuries to grind fresh and dried herbs, spices. Wipe clean with a dry towel and NO SOAP!

  • Mandolin slicerMandolin slicer:

The mandolin slicer will make small work of slicing onions, potatoes, carrots, squash and so much more. They are relatively inexpensive and make life in the kitchen so much easier!

  • Ice cream scoopIce cream scoop:

If you enjoy frozen concoctions, i.e. ice cream, sherbet, frozen yogurt, this is a must-have. Ice cream scoops work perfectly as a cookie dough scooper as well!

  • ZesterZester:

Zesters come in a variety of shapes, depending on how you will use them. Making citrus zest and garnished with a zester makes life in the kitchen much more fun!

  • NutcrackerNutcracker:

Nutcrackers have been around for centuries, from ornate wooden soldiers, and simple hand-held models to zany cast iron ones. Add fresh nuts to a salad or into your baked goods! Or, just crack some and eat them!