Tips on Choosing the Right Sunglasses for Men ’s Face Shapes

Tips on Choosing the Right Sunglasses for Men ’s Face Shapes

Tips on Choosing the Right Sunglasses - Men’s Face ShapesTips on Choosing the Right Sunglasses for Men’s Face Shapes


Choosing the right sunglasses is as important as choosing the right hairstyle – they should complement a man’s facial features. Both should create balance, so it is also important to take into consideration such things as:

  • Do you wear your hair short or long?
  • Do you have facial hair, beard, and mustache?
  • What color are you’re your hair- dark, light, silver, white?

Once you have settled on a hairstyle as well as any facial hair, keep these tips in mind when shopping for men’s sunglasses:

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Choosing the Right Sunglasses – Sunglasses and Skin Tone

Pale complexions
Choose lightweight frames or those with an only a hint  of color, I .e.amber or rose

Dark complexions
The Mediterranean, Asian or Olive skin with dark hairdo exceptionally well with silver, gold or clear frames

Black Skins
Choose metallic frames – amber often works

If your hair texture and length are:

Soft & curly
Choose rimless frames and translucent colors
Very curly
Classic small frames that follow your hairline
Rounder or Geometric frames work best
Very short
Bold designs, bold colors,  decorative styles
Long hair
If you wear your hair down or back, try the frames both ways

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Choosing the Right Sunglasses – Shapes of Men’s Faces

Men’s faces come in a variety of shapes:

  • Oval
  • Square
  • Diamond
  • Rectangle
  • Oblong
  • Round

Regardless of the shape, men should take all the factors into consideration to achieve the balance.  Although not all faces fall perfectly into one of these categories, select the one that most closely resembles yours and work with it.

If you follow this rule of thumb, you won’t go wrong:

  • Strong jawlines or cheekbones, call for glasses with curves.
  • Round or oval face, look for boxy rectangular frames

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Shapes of Men’s Faces - The oval faceThe oval face

This shape is ideal – the almost-perfect balance gives you the freedom to choose any hairstyle or sunglasses – have fun with it!

DO:  Choose deep frames, as shown. Experiment with the latest looks, such as wraparounds or shields. Square shaped frames with gently rounded edges and higher temples also look good on an oval face.

AVOID small frames or geometrical designs.

Shapes of Men’s Faces - The Square Face The Square Face

If you have a square face with a prominent jawline, the goal would be to elongate the face. To help soften the features and create balance, choose top-heavy frames with soft edges, such as aviator styles.

Tips on Choosing the Right Sunglasses for Men’s Face ShapesThe Round Face – balancing a round face is quite simple. The goal is to create an “oval “illusion” by redirecting the eye. Instead, choose frames that will add length to your face; this will also slenderize it.

DO: Choose rectangular, angular, or double brow styles. Look for higher temples to help create a longer profile.

Avoid adding round shapes.

Shapes of Men’s Faces - Oblong or Rectangular Face ShapeOblong or Rectangular Face Shape

Oblong and rectangular faces typically have long, straight chin lines – this can be challenging in creating balance and softening the angularity.

DO: Choose round or square shapes as well as frames with long vertical lines and short horizontal ones. Frames with contrasting or decorative or temples also work well.

Shapes of Men’s Faces - Diamond or Pear Face ShapeDiamond or Pear Face Shape

Create the optical illusion of balance and choose semi-rimless or top-heavy frames. The goal is to make the face appear broader balance and minimize the thinner parts of your face.

DO: Oval sunglasses soften contours. Softly curved square frames will also work well.