Top 10 Tips for Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress

Top 10 Tips for Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress

Who does not want to be gorgeous and beautiful at the most important occasion in their life? A wedding is such an event of anybody’s life when everybody wants to look good. Without a perfect wedding dress, a bride won’t get her ultimate look. You need to select an outfit that suits your body best. You may be perplexed by a dress on a hanger but it may not look so good on yours. It may be not from a high fashion world but it needs to look best on you. Finding out a perfect wedding dress is the real challenge for a bride. It’s better to devote a considerable amount of time for this search on your own and let others involve for rest of the arrangements.

Be Selective With Your Perfect Wedding Dress


First and foremost you need to be sure about your body shape. Whether you belong to an hourglass, D-Shape, Pear-Shape, Full-Figured, Petite, Tall and Thin, Broad Shoulders, Full Breasts, and Full Arms you need to decide first while selecting your bridal gown.   If you are looking for a dress that really makes a statement of style, be careful while selecting your dress. Most brides want to look different from their wedding dress. Follow the tips to get the best and look unique:

Focus On The Theme Of Wedding:

Apart from being selective according to your figure, you need to follow the theme of your wedding. If your approach is traditional, you need to go to a traditional wedding dress. If you follow a modern theme, you need to look modern through your attire also. Wedding dresses for both the bride and the groom must complement the décor of the place.


Where are you getting married? On a beach resort? An ornate cathedral? How about a candlelit ceremony in a refurbished warehouse? You know what they say, it’s all about location and the same goes for your wedding dress! Think about the overall vision of your venue and go from there. You probably don’t want to wear a heavy ballgown on the beach, and you probably won’t want to wear a short and simple wedding dress in a large church.

Consider The Season Of Your Wedding:

It’s better to consider the season of your wedding and plan to wear it accordingly. Moreover, time is also a factor. If it’s a day ceremony, plan according to that. It won’t be a good idea to wear a bright and very rich kind of dress. It’s better to go for a sophisticated one.

Give Priority To Your Personality:

Whatever the look maybe but you should give priority to your personality. It’s better to choose a dress that suits your personality enhancing your beauty as well. A normal bride can never be comfortable with an extremely fashionable dress or vis-a-vis. A wedding dress should not un-comfort your gesture that matters most. You need to be smiling and attending to the guests and a dress should not be a constraint for that.


Give yourself a price range and stick to it! Be vocal and honest about your price range and how much you can realistically spend on your dream wedding dress. When you make an appointment, tell your consultant exactly what you’d like to spend in order to avoid trying on a dress, falling in love with it, and ultimately having sticker shock.

Know These DO Not’s When Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Dress

To do things right, we also need to know what not to do. While you research and plan before shopping for a wedding dress, you should also spend some time studying the related “Do Nots”. Following what a bride should avoid doing, to make her dress shopping a roaring success. So, let’s start.


Do Not get caught up with the trend

Ruffles or figure-hugging silhouettes may be the hottest wedding dress trends of the day. However, it isn’t wise to pick your wedding dress based on the trend of the moment. Although these details are important, it is more important that you find a silhouette that suits your body type, and a dress that reflects your personality. Your wedding gown should make you feel beautiful, rather than just being the fashionable choice.

Do Not forget about comfort

You may look splendid in a wedding dress, but realize that it is not the one for you if it feels uncomfortable in any way. Since you will be spending several hours wearing it, make sure to avoid choosing one that wouldn’t allow you to relax. Pay particular attention to the top and neckline. Do you feel the plunging neckline of the dress is too revealing for your comfort, or a snugly fitted corset just isn’t for you? If yes, it may be better to continue looking.

Do Not be fixated on specific ideas

Trust your bridal consultant. They are the best people to help you find the dress that flatters your body. Not all dresses possess hanger appeal. So, it may be a good idea to try on that dress before you write it off for how it looks at first sight. Be open to suggestions, and listen to your consultant’s recommendations for silhouettes or patterns that you may not have considered. When you work with an expert, don’t be surprised if you walk away with a dress that you least imagined as “The” one.

Do Not bring too many people when you go shopping the Perfect Wedding Dress

More isn’t merrier, as far as wedding dress appointments go. Too many people mean too many opinions, and all this does is confuse you further. Choose a few favorite girlfriends, maybe your motheror bridesmaids, who know you best. They should be honest with their opinions and have a good dress sense. Only then can they actually contribute to the experience.

Do Not continue searching, once you find “The Dress”

You will know it once you find the right dress. Trust your instincts. It may perhaps be the first dress or even the tenth one you tried on, but stop looking once you do. Don’t worry about not feeling all emotional about it. Enjoy the moment, make the purchase, schedule your fitting appointments and proceed with the rest of your wedding plans!

You’ll Know When You Know!

Just like your groom, you’ll find the right one when you’re ready. Don’t pressure yourself into buying something just because it’s on sale, or losing weight to look a certain way, or saying yes because your friends like it. Focus on what really matters and the dress will find its way to you!