Top Brands for Menswear

It’s time that we pay homage to the designers and labels that are shifting the definition of what menswear is today. The menswear industry is proving to be one of the most interesting and innovative corners of the fashion world.

From minimal luxury to grungy rocker, men’s closets are becoming as diverse as the audience itself. But above the shifting tastes, trends, and designers, there’s a selection of brands that continue to stand out among the rest. Today’s male models and actors have made the common guys conscious about their look, personality and outfits. This is why a lot of clothing brands for men have been seen rocking the worldwide markets. Here are some of the favored brands:


Italian powerhouse Gucci has been around for quite some time.  With its visionary new creative director, Gucci has thrust itself back into the limelight with a unique brand of gentle androgyny and a retro point of view.

The Gucci connection with its luxury consumers of today is still going strong, just in a slightly different direction.

Top Brands for Menswear - Gucci®


H&M®Men’s Fashions

Top Brands for Menswear - H&M®Men’s FashionsH&M®has gone all out to offer some of the trendiest and most requested fashions for today’s men. If you’re into casual men’s fashions at affordable value pricing, H&M® can deliver. Whatever your lifestyle, from casual business wear to hot, sizzling date nights, your wardrobe will turn heads –be the best-dressed man on any scene with H&M®!


Top Brands for Menswear - H&M®Men’s Fashions



Top Brands for Menswear - Calvin Klein®Calvin Klein®

CK &style are synonymous when it comes to top fashion brands for men.The Calvin Klein brand has been one of the most powerful names in the fashion industry for decades. The designer has a savvy marketing mind: his name is synonymous with style and quality – dressed up or dressed down.

A lot of things that are so closely associated with classic CK have enjoyed a great comeback in the past few years — there’s such reminiscence for all things ‘90s. Many of today’s designers reference Calvin Klein’s earlier work with this renewed vitality.

Top Brands for Menswear - Calvin Klein®






Top Brands for Menswear - Armani®

Chris Pine @ Cannes Film Festival


Armani, is another one o the most recognized brands for men’s fine clothing. Armani, is all about looking stylish and “on top of the world” all the time! It is rocking the global markets. From jeans to smart looking suits, you can’t go wrong with Armani in your wardrobe.

 Top Brands for Menswear - Armani®



Top Brands for Menswear - Diesel®Diesel®


Diesel is an innovative and forward-thinking Italian clothing brand for men.Join this season’s most original style movement and be inspired by their unique and affordable designs. Diesel instinctively caters to the fashion styles of young men and delivers Top Brands for Menswear - Diesel®styles with flair!

Top Brands for Menswear - Diesel®











Top Brands for Menswear - Polo® by Ralph Lauren



Polo® by Ralph Lauren

There’s no denying the charm, simplicity, and accessibility of Polo.Polo combines the luxury of Ralph Lauren with a price point that isn’t too prohibitive. It’s simple enough to incorporate a little logo flourish into your wardrobe, and come up with the luxury connotations as big and prestigious as Ralph Lauren. The little pony says it all! The Top Brands for Menswear - Polo® by Ralph Laurengear is undoubtedly clean, and there’s always time to browse the shelves at Polo Ralph Lauren.








Top Brands for Menswear - J.Crew®For the ultimate in quality casual wear, J.Crew is a name every man should  remember. Not everything stylish is expensive.  J.Crew has been offering quality styles at affordable prices for quite some time now.

Top Brands for Menswear - J.Crew®If it’s trending business casual you are after, J.Crew’s got you covered. Timeless, versatile and seriously styles, such as the Ludlow collection, (a staple since 2008) will quickly become the foundation of your suiting wardrobe. Their suits are from an Italian mill that’s famous for its fresh approach to classic fabrics.







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