Top Unisex Perfumes and Colognes

Top Unisex Perfumes and Colognes

Top Unisex Perfumes and Colognes

One of the trendiest perfume trends in 2014 and continue to be popular in 2019 is the unisex perfumes line.

This is the line of perfume to add the charm of each individual. That means he can be strong, warm on his skin and gentle, sexy on her skin. In other words, unisex fragrances match the individual’s self and do not equate them with the available sex formulas.

In essence, the unisex perfume has appeared more than 20 years ago, with Calvin Klein’s first CK One perfume bottles. Commes des Garçons pioneered the creation of perfumes for both men and women, and this perfume was almost a cult in connoisseurs. Many famous perfumes have unisex products. Including Tom Ford, Creed, Killian, Hermes products are mostly unisex perfumes.

When it comes to mainstream fragrances, the clichés about how men and women want to smell are deeply entrenched. Big brands looking for a scent with mass appeal just need to follow a formula.  Even Coco Chanel does not like her product being restrained in exaggerated femininity such as Chanel No5, her most successful product. Here Top Best Unisex Perfumes For All Time that you can use:

Top Unisex Perfumes For All Time

1. CK One by Calvin Klein

Ck One fragrant for both men and women. The unisex perfume brings in freshness and purity while expressing a new look of perfume. When sprayed on people, Ck brings a gentle scent and relax but also very close.

The original fragrance brings many ideas and inspiration to the user. Then the fragrance bloomed with fresh jasmine fragrance, bring fresh feeling. Green tea leaves and amber bring a subtle warmth to the perfume mixture. Papaya and pineapple in the district along with a few lavender flowers create a refreshing and full of energy.

You can use CK One perfume on your body generously as the fragrance is soothing and relaxing, giving a sense of intimacy. Fragrances are suitable for daytime use whether you are working or holidaying on weekends. Use it to feel confident attachment throughout the day.

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CK One by Calvin Klein

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2. Vanille Tobacco by Tom Ford

Tom Ford has launched a new unisex scent called Tobacco Vanille in 2007. Tobacco Vanille belongs to the oriental spicy group. From the very beginning, the sweet scent of fresh, luscious fruit candies will welcome you.

It’s a taste similar to the vanilla-cinnamon taste of tonka bean and a mixture of vanilla, cocoa, and dried fruits. Followed by the smell of old cigarettes but still very luxurious, Tobacco Vanille gradually became warmer, more pleasant and sweet.

As soon as you smell the aroma will settle down, they become stronger and overwhelm you. Tobacco Vanille is a pretty fragrance and you should be careful when using.

With Vanille Tobacco in the Private Blend, Tom Ford has opened the door to a world filled with fascinating and unforgettable handmade fragrances. And with Tobacco Vanilla, it will take you all the way to the clubs of luxury, elegance, and sophistication.


Vanille Tobacco by Tom Ford


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3. Un Jardin Sur le Nil

Un Jardin Sur le Nil is a fragrance that was launched in 2005. This is the second destination in Hermes’s memorable journey. Its aroma leads us to the gardens on the islands of the Nile in Assouan – the place of inspiration as well as the starting point for the journey of the olfactory senses along with the aroma complex. This fragrance is a masterpiece created by Jean Claude Ellena.

This perfume is suitable for both men and women. Starting with a combination of citrus scent and ripe mangos; this fragrance is very delicious and stimulates taste; followed by the excellent taste of grapefruit and carrots. The aroma of the opening is really amazing and no less natural. During the first grade until the fade, this fragrance continues to maintain its quality. The middle notes are light, floral and natural, thanks to the presence of lotus and reed.

It is interesting that when exposed to the skin, the middle notes become fragrant floral fragrance. Orange and peony tend to take turns expressing their strength; the lotus contributes to a very delicate feeling, like the taste of water. Top notes of the oriental fragrance, all flavors of incense, cinnamon and iris; at the same time, the scent also makes the scent more complete, encapsulating the aroma; making it wild and extremely unique, bringing the gentle air sacred in the church.

Inspired by Hermès’s annual theme, this fragrance is like an odor of sensuality, impressive and creative. Jardin Sur le Nil reminds us of a long trip along the banks of the Nile. Un Jardin Sur le Nil is a brand new definition of freshness: fresh, palatable and strong aroma; the scent of light and vitality, rich and full of surprises.


Un Jardin Sur le Nil


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4. Mugler Cologne

Thierry Mugler wanted to create a scent that was almost like the kind of soap he bought from Morocco and seemed to have come true. The new fragrance was launched in 2001 as the Mugler Cologne.

The classic combination of perfume (bergamot, orange flower, petit and lemon) is blended in a mysterious mixture called “S”. The stems that have just been cut off from the branches with the residual sap leave a sense of freshness and freshness. Finally, the white musk spread gradually, bringing a little natural and gentle for the Mugler Cologne.

A simple but very unique fragrance, Thierry Mugler Cologne is designed for both women and men; you will always receive compliments, as well as being overwhelmed and drunk. Irresistible passion will make you perfect even on ordinary occasions.


best unisex perfumes and cologne


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5. Philosykos by DIPTYQUE

The scent was released in 1996 under the modification of Olivia Giacobetti. Top notes are figs Leaf and figs. Middle notes are coconut and the scent of greenery and the base is cedarwood, woody notes, and figs.

The scent opens with the fresh sour taste of the fig leaf and then when the appearance of the fig, the aroma gradually softened with the sweetness gradually spread but just enough level not too strong. Two notes of leaves and figs interact on the base of dry woody aromas combined with rich aromas of soil. Not only can you feel the fragrance of leaves and fruits or plants but you also feel the aroma of related things such as the ground, wood, and sky.

Many influential figures have spent so much praise on the scent from year to year. And it deserves this with its unrivaled greatness.

One of the best perfumes ever made, and one of the most loved fragrances ever; Philosykos a magnificent poem to praise the fig trees of Greece. At the hands of perfumers Olivia Giacobetti, this is a scent of natural and fresh figs – a scent of fresh figs is waiting to be harvested.


Philosykos by DIPTYQUE


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6. Black by Bvlgari 

A fresh scent of wood and moss launched by the Bvlgari brand in 1998 under the name Black. A black perfume designed not based on the scent model in the world of perfume. The scent of perfume created by famed modifier Annick Menardo. Black seems to have carved out the multifaceted aspects of urban life and described as “an exotic masterpiece that encompasses the exponential numbers of urban concepts.”

The citrus notes appear and disappear full of speed, leaving a bold black tea aroma; creating a scent of dried firewood and smoke. A bit hot, as bitter as rubber and tan leather mixed with a little soft, the whisper of tobacco. And when it’s dry, a soft and pleasant mixture of vanilla, combined with musk and wood, leaves some of the smallest fragrances, but just enough to keep the smell of the smoke and rubber.

Black of the Bvlgari brand is one of the perfume masterpieces of the perfume world, depicting the essence of urban life; Walking paths, or skyscrapers of New York, Berlin, Hong Kong, and Tokyo. Try the Black experience, letting you release your stressed emotions, reaching out to endless horizons.


Black by Bvlgari


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7. Chergui by Serge Lutens

Serge Lutens has launched a new oriental fragrance called Chergui in 2005 for both men and women. Chergui created by the hand of perfumer Christopher Sheldrake.

The beginning will be the scent of chalk – the fruit is full of aromatic pine wood with aromatic notes of tobacco and sandalwood as background. The sweetness of the “Lutensian” sweetener gradually softened by the violet aromas, orris, woody notes, and mossy notes; grassy soil or tobacco warmth… Bring the majestic eastern beauty of luxury and humility, not as sophisticated and as rich as other Lutens fragrances. As time goes by, Chergui will bring a simple and subtle harmony, which is the blend of cigarette and a mixture of aromatic resin, amber, benzoin and finally sandalwood and Iris flowers

Chergui is not a hideous monster coming out of the Grimm fairy tale. Simply its wonderful scent will “whisper” to your skin, then it will bloom like beautiful and brilliant flowers. Time of incense is quite long and the aroma is quite good, sure Chergui will not disappoint you in the cold winter days and cold.


Chergui by Serge Lutens Unisex Perfumes


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8. L’Amir du Desert Marocain

A slightly lighter version of Le Maroc Pour Elle; It is one of the most popular fragrances of the Tauer brand. L’Amir du Desert Marocain launched in 2005. The creator of this perfume is Andy Tauer. L’Air du Desert Marocain has the scent of lust; inspired by the world of the scent of the Maghreb desert, powerful, sexy and pure.

Aromatic elements include cedar, cedarwood, and rose and jasmine flowers. Some typical Moroccan spices include coriander, dill, and petitgrain. This is a unisex fragrance because it has a warm and soft late-on scent of cedar, amber, and vetiver.

The perfume bottle designed with a classic pentagon with the dark blue tone with label number 02. The shape of the bottle is both modern and mysterious, has strong strokes of both strong and attractive. seductive of women.

You definitely love this Swiss perfume because its fragrance is very attractive. Unforgettable, L ‘Air du Desert Marocain is like a beautiful landscape with beautiful flowers and light in harmony.


Unisex Perfumes and Cologne


9. 4711 Original Eau de Cologne

Maurer & Wirtz’s original Eau de Cologne fragrance offers the citrus scent of both men and women. Launched in 1792, 4711 Original Eau de Cologne refined by the talented Wilhelm Muelhens.

Fragrance notes of citrus orange and bergamot add a touch of pure and freshness. The scent of orchid flowers inspired by the scent of roses and lilies, melon blends with orange and lemon.

The endnotes beautifully blended with patchouli, rose, greens, cedar, sandalwood, and musk. Tender melon with lemongrass tallow deep in the nostalgic remnants is very quiet aftertaste; Flavor neutral, and feminine gently in the top notes; then boiling masculinity in the tone of deposition musk.

The bottle design is quite simple with the round cylindrical shape of the glass. The label printed on the bottle expresses the look of classical motifs and carries the image of nobility solemnly.

4711, created by Muelhens, evokes an exotic scent that blossoms in the fresh citrus scent of orange and lemon extract. 4711 offers a balanced and fresh scent for a long day. Since its launch in 1792; this classic, aromatic scent; is the perfect choice for an evening out on the street and you are sure to be the center of attention and attention.


4711 Original Eau de Cologne Unisex


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Top Unisex Perfumes

With the concept of unisex, the gender gap in the scent for men or women is no longer clear. Now men can also be strong, strong with floral scent and women are still romantic with wooden or leather.