Top Alfred Sung Perfume – Alfred Sung Best

Top Alfred Sung Perfume – Alfred Sung Best

Top Perfume Brand Alfred Sung Perfume

Shanghai-born, Hong Kong raised, Chinese Canadian designer Alfred Sung; knew early on his aspirations lay in couture and was able to convince his parents; to allow him to Paris to study at the Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne in the late 1960s. New York and the Parsons School of Design was his next destination and upon completion honed his skills as an assistant designer for a dress manufacturer on Seventh Avenue.

Sung moved to Toronto in 1972 and worked for a time in the garment district before opening his own shop; Moon, in 1976 in the trendy upscale Yorkville area.1980 saw Sung join with Saul and Joseph Mimran; to create Monaco Group Inc and develop the Alfred Sung brand. His label launched the following year in the United States; with great success and Sung was well underway to becoming an icon.

An aggressive fashion licensing campaign was undertaken which led to the Alfred Sung name; appearing on a series of products; such as eyewear, watches, accessories, jewelry, bridal, home fashions and fragrances.

Top Perfume Brand Alfred Sung Best

His first women’s perfume entitled Sung, was launched in 1986 with the men’s cologne equivalent hitting the market in 1988. His minimalist style which emphasizes simplicity and sophistication; reflected in the undertones of his scents and in the understated designs of his fragrance bottles and packaging. Notable Alfred Sung women’s perfumes include Always, Forever, Jewel, Pure and Shi; while men’s colognes include Paradise and Hei. Top Perfume Brand Alfred Sung Best

Top Perfume Brand Alfred Sung Best – Alfred Sung Perfume for Women


Always by Alfred Sung

Always by Alfred Sunglaunched in 2009 by the Alfred Sung perfume house and Perfumer maker Clement Gavvary created a wonderful floral fragrance for women which quickly became one of the best perfumes for women in 2009. Always by Alfred Sung wanted a very romantic and feminine scent. And Clement Gavvary crated top notes of water lily, kumquat, and neroli; followed by base notes of sandalwood, patchouli, and ambrette seed; to create a wonderful floral scent a long-lasting and memorable.

The Sung perfume perfect for casual wear as it is non-offensive; office-friendly and a very classic fragrance with hints of fruity notes to complement the floral nature of this fragrance.

Top notes: Neroli, Waterlily, Kumquat; Middle Notes: Orris, Pink Peony, Honeysuckle; Base Notes: Ambrette Seeds, Sandalwood, Patchouli

Bai by Alfred SungBai by Alfred Sung

Launched in 2006 Bai by Alfred Sung a perfume for women; from the house of Alfred Sung that classified as a crisp white flower floral; with perfume notes of waterlily and gardenia over white musk. And inspired by an A perfect drop of water and a limited edition perfume; that is a soft and sensuous fragrance for women.

Alfred Sung realized from an early age that his aspirations lay in the creation of couture; as Sung was able to convince his parents in the late 1960s; to allow him to study at the Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne. And then the Parsons School of Design to fulfill his dreams. Sung was born in Shanghai; raised in Hong Kong, studied in Paris, studied and worked in New York before moving to Toronto in 1972. While in New York he worked as an assistant designer for a dress manufacturer on Seventh Avenue. And in Toronto Sung work in the garment district; before opening his own boutique in the trendy upscale Yorkville area in 1976.

Created: 2006 Type: Floral crisp fragrance for women

Top Note: Lotus, yuzu, and tuberose; Middle Note: Jasmine, mimosa, and gardenia; Base Note: Incense, patchouli, and white musk

Forever Perfume for WomenForever Perfume for Women

Add a sense of exotic locales and luscious jungles to your daily activities with Forever by Alfred Sung. Forever enhances your self-confidence and brings out the dreamer in you. Splash it on your skin in the morning before you leave for work. And enjoy the sense of confidence it inspires throughout the day.

In 1980 Alfred Sung joined forces with Canadian fashion designer and entrepreneur Joseph Mimran; to create Monaco Group Inc. and to develop the Alfred Sung brand. Launching in 1981, the Alfred Sung label was a great success and paved the way for his bridal wear; of which he is very well known. His sophisticated minimalist approach to bridal wear denotes a sense of classical appreciation; with his dresses coming in all possible shapes and forms; from the silhouette form to the romantic, to the luxurious and the elegant.

Launched in 1995, Alfred Sung released Forever by Alfred Sung which classified as a freshwater floral perfume for women; with perfume notes of yellow freesia, lily of the valley and sandalwood.

Created: 1995 Type: Floral scent for women

Top Note: Peony petals, plum, tayberry, and raspberry; Middle Note: Freesia, narcissus, lily of the valley and rose; Base Note: Sandalwood, mimosa, and amber

Jewel Perfume for WomenJewel Perfume for Women

Sparkling, creamy, luxurious

Jewel by Alfred Sung is in itself a jewel: shimmering, luxurious and precious. A crisp white flower floral featuring notes of neroli, jasmine, and acacia wood; mixed with cassis, pear, orange blossom, and coconut milk; Jewel A creamy and sparkling, feminine and sensual. Launched in 2005.

Top Note: Neroli Flower, Pear, Black Currant; Middle Note: Orange Flower, Night Jasmine, Frangipani Flower; Base Note: Coconut Milk, Plum, Acacia Wood

Paradise Perfume for Women Paradise Perfume for Women

Lush, floral, feminine

Designed to become the fragrant version of a modern utopia; Paradise by Alfred Sung is the design house’ interpretation of what Paradise smells like; with notes including tropical greens, tagete absolute, white peach; jasmine, gardenia buds, Rose de Mai petals, orchid vanilla, sandalwood, and musk. Launched in 2003.

Top Note: Peach, Tropical Fruits; Middle Note: Gardenia, Rose, Jasmine; Base Note: Sandalwood, Musk, Vanilla

Pure by Alfred SungPure by Alfred Sung

Alfred Sung joined with Canadian fashion designer and entrepreneur Joseph Mimran in 1980; to create Monaco Group Inc. the corporate entity that would develop the Alfred Sung brand. By the end of the year, the Alfred Sung label launched in major department and specialty stores in Canada. And in the following year introduced in upscale department stores in the United States. Through an aggressive licensing campaign; the Alfred Sung name has been expanded and now appears on eyewear, watches, jewelry, and fragrances.

Created by perfume maker James Krivda in 1988 Pure by Alfred Sung; he wanted this perfume to be of nature and perpetual cycle of energy. And for this fragrance to be elegantly simple that made with perfume notes; of orchid bloom, tangerine, lightwoods, lily, peony, amber, musk, sandalwood, and cinnamon.

Created: 1988Type: Refreshing, flowery fragrance for women

Top Note: Orchid bloom, tangerine, and lightwoods; Middle Note: lily, peony, and amber; Base Note: Musk, sandalwood, and cinnamon.

Shi by Alfred SungShi by Alfred Sung

Launched in 2000, Shi by Alfred Sung a perfume for women that try to find the center of women; by balancing true inner balance with a floral fruity perfume; inspired by the elements of the earth like a perfect water drop and nature’s constant cycle of energy. Shi a perfume that takes the natural beauty of water and combines with light floral rhapsody notes; to make a perfume that gives you serenity and existence.

Alfred Sung called this woman’s fragrances “Perfect Sung’s Drop”; which, as an element of nature brings the fullness of life and the fragrance made with pure water; combined with lotus blossom and fig leaves.

Top Note: Lotus blossom and fig leaves; Middle Note: Fresh sweet accords of orange blossom, shining tangerine; Base Note: Birch and musk

Sung by Alfred SungSung by Alfred Sung

Launched in 1986, Alfred Sung’s classic Sung perfume for women; fuses elegant white flowers with fresh and sensual accents; for an alluring and feminine fragrance. Each phase of Sung laced with fresh white florals; while orange blossom and lemon give zest to the introduction and vanilla mixed with sandalwood. And vetiver gives weight and sensuality to Sung’s base.

Top Note: Orange, Mandarin Orange, Galbanum, Hyacinth, Ylang-Ylang, Bergamot, Lemon; Middle Note: Osmanthus, Jasmine, Lily Of The Valley, Iris;  Base Note: Amber, Sandalwood, Orange Blossom, Vanilla, Vetiver


Top Perfume Brand Alfred Sung Best – Alfred Sung Cologne for Men

Alfred Sung Cologne for Men

Hei by Alfred Sung

Hei by Alfred SungAlfred Sung launched Hei by Alfred Sung in 2002which is an Aromatic Fougere fragrance for men that was inspired by the concept of constantly moving the energy of nature’s elements; earth, wood and minerals and this best-selling cologne for men is classified as a fresh and woody fragrance. A fresh cologne for men due to the blend of spearmint, marine accords, and bamboo; leaves with light floral notes of lavender, and mahogany-musk base.

Recommended Use Daytime

Top Note: Violet leaf, bamboo, mint, and bergamot; Middle Note: Lavender, jasmine, dill, neroli, cardamom, and water notes; Base Note: Mahogany, amber, tonka bean, and musk

Paradise by Alfred SungParadise by Alfred Sung

From a very young age; Alfred Sung knew he wanted to be a fashion designer and thus convinced his parents in the late 1960s; to allow him to study at Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne in Paris. And then the Parsons School of Design in New York. Born in Shanghai, raised in Hong Kong and educated in both Paris and New York; Sung added Toronto in 1972 to the list of cities in which he was to reside. Having worked as an assistant designer for a dress manufacturer on Seventh Avenue in New York. And then in the garment district in Toronto; Sung felt confident enough to open his own boutique in 1976 in the trendy and upscale Yorkville area.

Paradise by Alfred Sung a sensuous cologne for men launched in 2003. And a sensual blend of aromatic spices with fresh citrus sure to turn heads; made with perfume notes of rosemary, sea notes, papaya, anise, cardamom, carnation; white amber, sandalwood, patchouli, and musk. Buy Paradise cologne at for discount Alfred Sung colognes and fragrances. And a wide selection of cologne brands, designer cologne for men in the US.

Created: 2003 Type: Fruity, masculine cologne for men

Top Note: Papaya, marine notes, and grapefruit; Middle Note: Cardamom and white amber; Base Note: Patchouli, sandalwood, and musk

Sung Homme by Alfred SungSung Homme by Alfred Sung

Best Men’s Cologne

Sung cologne has been providing a unique finishing touch for men for more than 20 years.

Alfred Sung launched his signature cologne for men in 1988 called Sung Homme by Alfred Sung; which when released in 1988 put Alfred Sung colognes on the map. And made his fragrance line one of the best-selling colognes for men in the 1980’s and 90’s.

Sung Homme classified as a sharp, spicy, lavender, amber fragrance and a crisp aromatic Fougere scent for men; that definitely a masculine scent made with a blend of lemon, tangerine, sage and pepper, cedar and sandalwood. What makes this cologne so special are the spicy notes of caraway, juniper berries, pepper, artemisia, basil, sage; bergamot, galbanum, bay leaf and petitgrain that makes this a very unique cologne. This fragrance for men rounds out with a rich base of woods; musk and patchouli bring masculinity and strength to this classic cologne.

Sung Homme by Alfred Sung is a perfect fragrance for men for informal and casual outings; whether you’re in a meeting or on a casual date or just going out with the guys. Sung Homme will work well for you by providing pleasant citrus notes with alluring elements of spice.

Created: 1988 Type: Crisp aromatic Fougere scent for men

Top Note: Caraway, juniper berries, pepper, artemisia, basil, sage, bergamot, lemon, galbanum, bay leaf, and petitgrain; Base Note: leather, sandalwood, fir, patchouli, musk, oakmoss, vetiver, and cedar