Top Paul Sebastian Perfume – Paul Sebastian Best

Top Paul Sebastian Perfume – Paul Sebastian Best

Top Perfume Brand Paul Sebastian Best Perfumes For Men And Women

Paul Sebastian an American brand launched in 1979 by Leonard Paul Cuozzo and Alan Sebastian Greco; after Cuozzo created a men’s fragrance he wanted to sell. Relying on the business expertise of Greco, who was a national sales manager for a multi-industry company at the time; the pair marketed their cologne in the New Jersey area to three men’s clothing stores. Their fragrance was a hit and within two years they expanded distribution to over 300 stores.

Despite its success, Paul Sebastian did not gain its following in the traditional way. The company did not embark on any national advertising campaigns, rather it chooses to focus on building relationships with their distributors who were in many instances, specialty stores.

Paul Sebastian was also the inventor of the “gift with purchase” concept. It started with stuffed animals in the beginning and then moved onto fine porcelain pieces; which matched the fragrance it was promoting; a sales tactic that soon became the company’s trademark. Though Paul Sebastian Inc sold in 1999 by Cuozzo and Greco; the popular fragrances still produced today.

The launch fragrance, a men’s cologne entitled Paul Sebastian, is the top-selling cologne at It is a mixture of spices, sweet florals, and citrus with soft musky undertones—a refined masculine scent. The first women’s perfume, Design, did not arrive until 1985 along with the matching men’s cologne. Casual, another women’s perfume and men’s cologne pairing notable of mention introduced in 1995. Top Perfume Brand Paul Sebastian Best

Top Perfume Brand Paul Sebastian Best – Paul Sebastian Perfume for Women

Paul Sebastian Perfume for Women


Casual by Paul Sebastian

Casual by Paul SebastianTen years after Design, Paul Sebastian catered to women who weren’t into operatic Florientals and sweet lushness with a light and airy floral which captures those moments when we feel at ease and like home. Casual, like its name, suggests, a cozy, carefree scent; comprised of a classic floral bouquet projecting at the pitch of a hushed alto. Long-lasting and perfect for summer wear; it’s unobtrusive enough to be carried at the office in small amounts too.

Created: 1995 Type: Floral

Top Note: Muguet, Jasmine, Rose, Fresh foliage, Citrus notes. Middle Note: Cyclamen, Ylang-ylang. Base Note: Tuberose, Heliotropes, Tonka

Design Perfume for Women Design Perfume for Women

The snow-blind white of the gardenia and tuberose blossoms sparkle with beguiling sweetness, with narcotic opulence; the atmosphere instantly becomes dreamy upon inhaling their emanations. But the beautiful rendered dangerous if you smell too much of either. Paul Sebastian stops just short of the haunting dark intentions engulfing you with his Design, adding a garland of tempering elements with a soapy vibe (orange blossom, rose and jasmine) and some spice (carnation’s clove-y hint) for good balance. The insinuating base, though, full of animalistic civet; recalls vintage perfumes of yore when women were real women and had men for breakfast.

Created: 1985 Type: Floral – Oriental

Top Note: Tuberose, Orange Blossom, Peach, Jasmine. Middle Note: Honeysuckle, Carnation, Gardenia, Lilac, Ylang-Ylang, Rose. Base Note: Sandalwood, Black Currant, Musk, Civet.


Top Perfume Brand Paul Sebastian Best – Paul Sebastian Cologne for Men

Paul Sebastian Cologne for Men

Casual by Paul Sebastian

Casual by Paul SebastianLaunched in 1995, this is one of Paul Sebastian’s best colognes for men and this is one of the best-selling fragrances over the last 10 years. Casual for men a fresh and masculine cologne; mixing sharp energetic fruits with rich, aromatic woods And the fruity notes of this cologne make it perfect for all seasons of the year. And like the name says it is meant to be worn for everyday use. Despite the fruity notes Casual definitely a masculine cologne. This product not available at most stores anymore and it gets harder and harder to find Casual for men.

Casual for men starts off with a sharp citrus zest mixed with spices; then connected right away by a floral accord of Jasmine and light rose; to make up fresh and clean refreshing cologne with a light soapiness; that is perfect for work or casual wear. This Paul Sebastian meant for the modern man.

Remember that there are a lot of fake Paul Sebastian colognes on the market so, be careful where to buy.

Casual for men made up of Jasmine, mandarin and rose mix with woods and musks; for a balanced scent that is clean, light, and refreshing.

Design PerfumeDesign

one of the best-selling colognes in the world and classified as a fruity-fresh aromatic Fougere scent for men. launched in 1995 and was an instant success. Design by Paul Sebastian is one of the best colognes for men over the last decade.

Design a woody spicy and light oriental fragrance with a hint of fruity sweetness; due to light amber and tonka bean in the base notes.

The main fragrance notes include honeysuckle, spicy carnation, citrus, warm musky notes, and rose.

Paul Sebastian by Paul SebastianPaul Sebastian

launched in 1979 and this is one of the best-selling men’s cologne over the last 30 years. And this timeless cologne for men has stood the test of time. The fragrance still relevant today as it once was back in 1979. Paul Sebastian by Paul Sebastian a wonderful blend of lavender, sage, jasmine, rose, amber, and musk. And features sweet floral scents combined with musk and soft wood tones. And classified as oriental cologne for men.

This fragrance comes in a fine cologne spray; eau de cologne splash, eau de cologne deluxe; Paul Sebastian aftershave lotion, deodorant stick, and aftershave balm. This cologne for men not overpowering and extremely long-lasting; that lasts for hours and is perfect for an evening out. This is a masculine scent an alluring cologne for men; that is increasingly becoming harder and harder to find.

Paul Sebastian by Paul Sebastian is cologne that has notes of amber, lavender, musk, jasmine, oakmoss, sage, ylang-ylang and rose.