Understanding Lambskin Leather Handbags –

Understanding Lambskin Leather Handbags

Lambskin Leather: Dig Deeper– This is light, creamy, soft leather made from the hide of baby sheep. It’s also delicate and fragile, which makes it difficult to maintain. Traditionally used for the making of fine gloves, recently, lambskin is becoming more popular in high-end designer handbags. Understanding Lambskin Leather Handbags

Lambskin leather are extremely soft and gentle to the touch. They have a creamy elegance that few materials can match. Unfortunately, this beauty comes at a price. Lambskin is a fragile material that can be easily scratched, torn and stained if not cared for properly.

Understanding lambskin leather:

  • Lambskin leathers comes from the hides of young sheep.
  • The skins from hair lamb produce the highest quality leather. This is because the numerous fine wool fibers, as compared to the lesser number of coarse fibers on hairless sheep, cause the skin to be more open and soft in texture.
  • Although lambskin can come from anywhere, the most prestigious hides come from Karakul lambskin. A species of sheep indigenous to the mountainous regions of Central Asia, Afghanistan, and Namibia.

How to Clean Lambskin Leather Handbag

Most women purchase lambskin leather handbags for the luxurious, buttery soft feel. It has an exquisitely soft texture, and in order to keep it that way, certain care guidelines need to be followed.

How to care for, clean and condition your lambskin leather bags:

  • Lambskin leather handbags are available in either fine grain or a nap finish, similar to nubuck.
  • Prevention is the best protection when it comes to lambskin. Keep your eyes open for potential spills, avoid setting your bag down on the floor and any other such potential hazards. A bag hook is a great accessory to have in your purse.
  • Wipe off dust and dirt with a dry, clean terry cloth.
  • For nap finishes, use a soft bristle brush.
  • Try to avoid using water, as this can cause unsightly spotting.
  • For stubborn stains on full grain lambskin leather, try using a lightly dampened cloth on a small inconspicuous corner of the bag. Test for discoloring and color bleeding. We had to take our lambskin purse in for professional cleaning due to the amount of color bleeding we saw.
  • Lambskin is a very delicate and fragile leather. It’s unpleasantly problematic to clean and certainly not worth damaging.
  • The best advice is to take serious and in-set stains to a leather professional. Be sure to find a good and experienced one. Ask him a lot of questions until you feel comfortable and confident that he knows his stuff. If you’re not sure, it’s best to go elsewhere. Happy hunting!
  • When not in use, be sure to store your lambskin leather purse in a box or cotton dust bag. It needs to breathe. Never put any leather products into plastic bags.
  • Don’t fold or stress the purse in any way. Allow it to rest naturally, with plenty of space and nothing sitting on top of it, pressing it under its weight.
  • Tuck the strap inside, especially if there’s a chain or hardware on it. This will prevent it from scratching the leather.

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