Guide to a Man’s Wedding Suit Styles and Cuts

Wedding Suit Styles and Cuts

A man’s suit or tuxedo for the wedding comes in a variety of styles and cuts, therefore meaning it is as different as the cultures of the world. From silk “dresses” to tuxedos, a man’s suite should fit him perfectly.

The color of the wedding suit is also of utmost importance as it is important that the color blends with the wearer’s personality. Men who are fair should opt for either navy, charcoal or black suits as it blends with their complexion as well as gives them an elegant look. Men who are dark in complexion could also opt for light shades of suits to complement their overall look.

Wedding Suit Styles and Cuts – Fabric

Wedding Suit Styles and CutsThe quality of the suit’s fabric is also important, as some styles and cuts do not look good when if designed from the wrong material type. Regardless of the fabric, it should be wrinkle free. This will improve your smart and formal look on your wedding days. Tailor made suits would tend to enhance all your body features and make you appear your best on this special day.

If you are getting married during the summer, choose light fabrics. The color of the fabric should also be appropriate for a summer wedding. If you are getting married during the summer, you should opt for fabrics that are darker in color.

Wedding suit comes in different cuts and styles. Some of the most common cuts and styles include:

Wedding Suit Styles and Cuts

British Suit: Suit Styles – British suit is designed for individuals who have a heavy body structure; it is a classic attire. It has a single button at the bottom part of the front.

Contemporary Suit: The contemporary suit is well suited for individuals with a short stature. This style of suit would make short people look elegant and classy. The contemporary suit fits people who do not have an athletic physique. It further draws people’s focus away from the look of the individual to his face. It is also very comfortable to wear.

Double Breasted Suit: Individuals who have a thin and tall body structure could easily opt for the double-breasted suits. It makes individuals with the thin and tall body structure look elegant.

Italian Suits: Italian suits are very popular for weddings. This is because the Italian suit is very versatile and makes the groom appear elegant irrespective of his body type. The suit is very appealing which has been the reason a lot of individuals have opted for it as their desired wedding suit.

Single Breasted Suits:Single-breasted suits are also popular for weddings. They are most suitable for grooms who have an athletic structure.

Tuxedos : For the ultimate in formal-wear, the Tuxedo is smart, sharp and neat.





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