What Shiny Shoes Say about You – Tips to Get Shiny Shoe

What Shiny Shoes Say about You?

Shiny shoes can speak volumes – whether it is at the office, a graduation , a wedding or any other event, they set you apart as a person who pays attention and cares about their appearance. So, What Shiny Shoes Say about You? Taking care of shoes will also help them last longer.

What Shiny Shoes Say about You

You don’t have to be a soldier to shine your boots like one

From spit-polish to burning the top coat of shoe polish, there are a variety of ways to get that soldier-shine to your shoes and boots. Here are some simple tips on getting that shine:

  1. Protect the area you will be using with newspaper or old grocery bags cut open. Shoe polish has a tendency to be messy.
  2. With a good quality brush, clean all the dirt and dust from your shoes or boots. If you wet them to clean them, allow them time to dry.
  3. Use a good quality shoe polish brush and apply polish to the entire shoe, making sure to get into all the crevices – allow to dry
  4. With your horsehair brush, remove the excess polish and leave a small amount of shoe polish on the outside
  5. Toe/Heel shine – for that extra shine, use a cotton ball and dip into water – squeeze out excess. Put a little polish on the cotton ball, apply to heel and toes in a circular motion – repeat, and continue until you achieve the shine you want.

What Shiny Shoes Say about You – Your Personalized Shoe Shine Kit

The basic contents of your personal shoeshine kit should include:

  • Wax polishes that match your shoes and boots
  • Quality horsehair brush – for shining
  • A good quality shoe polish brush to use as an applicator
  • A small bag of cotton balls
  • A good quality shoe shine cloth

Achieving a spit-shine look is easy if you follow these steps. With each subsequent wear and shine, you shoes will be easier to care for.

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