20 Black Jeans Outfit Ideas You Need To Try

20 Black Jeans Outfit Ideas You Need To Try

What To Wear With Black Jeans – 20 Styling And Outfit Ideas

Black jeans are a wardrobe staple for both men and women across the globe. It makes sense because they are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing in a closet. If you ask me your wardrobe is incomplete without them and fashion gurus agree. Also, a fashionable wardrobe is not one with fancy and haute-couture stuff, but working your statements around basic pieces of clothing and putting them together to create stylish and chic outfits. Let’s revisit this essential pair of jeans today and explore some outfit ideas on what to wear with black jeans.

  • What Color Shirt To Wear With Black Jeans?

In one word – Any color.

In many words – black goes with just about any color, print or pattern. They come in many styles like ripped, boyfriend style, frayed, skinny, etc. Let the style be your cue. Some colors tend to look better with a specific style than others, but more often than not any color works!

  • What Sandals To Wear With Black Jeans?

Again, styling your black jeans is a no brainer. Just wear black sandals or match them with the color of your top. If you are a fan of color blocking, it’s the easiest with black. Nudes or suedes stand out really well with black jeans too. So, whatever suits you will work just as good!

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What To Wear With Black Jeans – 20 Styling And Outfit Ideas

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1. Distressed Black Jeans with a Blazer


Dinner at a fancy place or a date night at your favorite restaurant; Team up your black distressed or (regular) black jeans with a tank top and finish it off with a blazer for a polished yet chic look.

2. All Black


Monochrome look with black head to toe, cascading curls, ankle-length boots, Smokey eye makeup, and Ruby-woo is all you need to get some heads turning. Effortless!

3. With A Checkered Shirt

With A Checkered Shirt

Checkered shirt and black jeans are like comfort food. They never fail you!

4. Skinny Black Jeans And A Trench Coat

Skinny Black Jeans And A Trench Coat

Trench coat in red, orange or camel has forever been synonymous with fall and winters. A pair of skinny black jeans with a bold colored trench coat, tote bag, boots and perhaps a pumpkin spice latte will totally get you to spring-ready.

5. With A Chambray Shirt

With A Chambray Shirt

Chambray – a shirt we all own and it’s a safe choice to make. Instead of the regular black jeans try it with the distressed variant, and accessorize with oxidized silver jewelry. It’s totally fitting!

6. Black And White Striped Shirt

Black And White Striped Shirt

I know this is an obvious choice for most of us, but it had to go in here just in case.

7. With A Plain White Shirt

With A Plain White Shirt

Wear a chiffon or silk plain (loose) shirt, half-tuck it with high-rise black jeans and complete the look with a pair of pumps or wedges. It works as a perfect outfit from the office directly to a date night.

8. With A Powdered Blue Asymmetrical Shirt

With A Powdered Blue Asymmetrical Shirt

Peplums, asymmetrical or corset tops will all look great with black jeans. Pastels and powder undertones work for formal occasions while printed and vibrant shades work otherwise.

9. With A Floral Tank Or Ruffled Top

With A Floral Tank Or Ruffled Top

Just about any tank or floral top goes with your black jeans. You can add layers irrespective of the color; you don’t have to overthink with these.

10. With A Funky Printed Top

With A Funky Printed Top

Printed T-shirts with emojis, hashtags, and movie merchandising have caught up because they are cool, comfortable and fun. Wear a pair of black jeans with one of these with folded sleeves and converse shoes.

11. Off-shoulder Crop Top

Off-shoulder Crop Top

Off-shoulders or crop tops or both of them in one will be punk, perfect and stylish. The best part about these outfits is that you can either dress up or down depending on the occasion.

12. With A Blazer

With A Blazer

A blazer either in linen, corduroy or velvet with black jeans is classy. Go with a no-makeup look and use fine jewelry pieces to complete the look.

13. With A Plaid Shirt

With A Plaid Shirt

Plaid shirts will go with just about anything, but some colors stick out better with black jeans than your natural blue tones. You could pair it up with a tank or bralette and tie it around the waist on warm summer evenings.

14. Crop Top And Denim Jacket

Crop Top And Denim Jacket

The denim jacket is again a piece of clothing most of us have, so are crop tops. Layer a gray-colored crop top with a denim jacket; accessorize with a big watch, messy bun, aviators and a tote bag to spend your day at the mall.

15. With A Backless Top

With A Backless Top

Light printed or plain blacktops or muted tones in reds, blues, etc. will look great with black jeans. If you’re not sure of how to style them, just wear your black jeans, you’re sorted.

16. Distressed Jeans And Oversized Sweater

Distressed Jeans And Oversized Sweater

Oversized sweaters or hoodies are something most of us live in all through winters. A pair of black jeans and a few of these are enough to go on an entire semester for people like me or most of us. Wear bandanas or put your hair up in a bun all day every day with flip flops or funky shoes and finish it with nude lipstick.

17. Chiffon Top And Boots

Chiffon Top And Boots

Wear a fancy chiffon tank top and a pair of brown boots with your black jeans when you run out of time for sudden plans with friends. Add accessories to add oomph; no one will ever know that you were in a hurry!

18. With Captioned T-Shirts

With Captioned T-Shirts

We all love captioned T-shirts, don’t we? You guessed it right, pair it with black jeans!

19. Noodle Strap Top, Denim Jacket, And Boots

Noodle Strap Top, Denim Jacket, And Boots

Go for a full black look with spaghetti or noodles strap tops, and add colors with scarves, jackets, boots, and accessories. Little details to this look will bring the look together.

20. Color Block

Color Block

Color block your outfit with black jeans. Keep everything else bold—from your shoes and tops to accessories and bags, etc.

Styling ideas is a bottomless pit, and I can sit here forever discussing this.