Why The Over 50s Were The Real Beauty Stars Of The Oscars 2018

Why The Over 50s Were The Real Beauty Stars Of The Oscars 2018?

Beauty inspiration from the red carpet is no new thing: the hairstyles and make-up looks created for Hollywood’s leading women can say so much more about them than meets the eye: a simple swipe of red lipstick is never just a simple swipe of red lipstick. Although traditionally red carpet beauty inspiration has come from the likes of 20-something stars like Margot Robbie, Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone, it certainly seemed that there was a beauty power shift at last night’s Oscars for women over 50. Helen Mirren, Meryl Streep and Jane Fonda among other stars flew the flag for the over 50s Were The Real Beauty Stars Of The Oscars.

50s Were The Real Beauty Stars Of The Oscars

Jane Fonda’s striking appearance

At 80 years-old, Jane Fonda’s striking appearance last night in a figure-hugging crisp white Balmain dress was matched with an equaling striking beauty look. Her skin was matte and perfected, a far cry (and refreshing change) from dewy skin that’s been the go-to choice in base for so long. The All Hours Foundation by YSL Beauty, £35, is a great option for a full-coverage foundation. powdery, filtered finish on her skin was enhanced with a pinch of youthful pink blush on the cheeks. What’s so great about Fonda’s look is it defies all traditional beauty rules for women of a certain age. Why must you switch to a softer brown liner if a bold black kohl is your thing? Fonda unashamedly rocks a bold eye and looks fantastic for it.

Why The Over 50s Were The Real Beauty Stars Of The Oscars 2018 - Jane Fonda

Her hair is exceptionally true to her style, too

It’s big, it’s bold, and yes, it may not be the chicest, most modern hair ‘do, but Jane has made bouffant bob her beauty statement. Add in some face-flattering buttery cream highlights around hairline, and it’s a great style for when you need some extra lift on the face.

72 year-old Helen Mirren

And let’s also talk about 72 year-old Helen Mirren, who looked radiant and fresh on the red carpet last night. Her glossy white hair, flatteringly styled with a soft fringe, highlighted her complexion more than any sparkly make-up would. One of the great points of her look was that she kept her brows relatively dark – this is a key trick to making the eyes really stand out. We’re guessing Mirren’s powdery, dusky pink lipstick is the L’Oréal Paris Color Riche Made for Me Lipstick in Berry Blush, £6.99 (the star is an ambassador for the brand). It’s a flattering choice for any age.

Why The Over 50s Were The Real Beauty Stars Of The Oscars 2018 - Helen Mirren


let’s not forget Meryl Streep, 68

And let’s not forget Meryl Streep, 68, dressed in a ruby red Christian Dior gown with a soft, swishy updo. Her make-up look is brilliant – not with the disclaimer for her age, but just brilliant. It would equally suit a 20-something or a 40 year old woman. Her cheekbones have been lightly contoured and a pop of pinky blush applied on the apples of her cheeks. Try Charlotte Tilbury’s Hollywood Contour Wand, £29, to re-create – the soft liquid is easy to apply under the cheekbones and blends beautifully. Meryl Streep’s eye make-up, beneath her spectacles, is a Hollywood classic mastered – the full-on cat-eye flick in black. Try the Guerlain Liquid Eyeliner, £30.50, to re-create. It’s a long-lasting glossy inky black liner that is surprisingly easy to use.

Why The Over 50s Were The Real Beauty Stars Of The Oscars 2018 - Meryl Streep

Credit:  Kevin Mazur/ WireImage

50s Were The Real Beauty Stars Of The Oscars

What all these women prove is that beauty doesn’t; and shouldn’t – have any age limits; and in many cases they pull off beauty looks better than their younger colleagues on the red carpet.

Why should they have to tone down the make-up with age; or dodge a bold eyeliner or lipstick to feel like they look age-appropriate?

The over-50s really were the beauty stars of the Oscars red carpet! and after last night’s performance I’m sure there’s be a new crop of make-up artists; and hair stylists pitching to work with them come next show season.

Source: telegraph.co.uk


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