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Winter Wardrobes Essentials You Must Have

Winter Wardrobes Essentials You Must Have

Looking to fight the cold weather without sacrificing your fashion sense? We know precisely what you need. From chic skinny jeans and statement coats to classic cashmere sweaters and turtleneck tops, this season’s staples are as cool as the temperature. Below, you’ll find the top ten winter wardrobe essentials you must-have for a chic season.

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1. Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are perfect for winter as their streamlined silhouette allows you to layer multiple items on top for warmth. Wear them with flat heel booties and a leather jacket in the day or pointy toe heels and a silk drape top for a night out on the town. These go-to pants can do no wrong.

1. Skinny Jeans



2. Cashmere Sweater

Nothing says off-duty chic like a cashmere crewneck sweater. This chic layering piece can be as easy to dress up as it is to dress down. This sweater looks great with a collared shirt protruding from underneath and goes with everything including midi skirts, jeans, printed trousers, and leather pants.

2. Cashmere Sweater Winter Wardrobe Essentials

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3. Fedora

Although a hat might not spring to mind when thinking of winter must-haves; wool or felt fedora is a great way to keep warm without sacrificing style as this accessory can make any outfit look more put together.

3.Fedora Winter Wardrobe Essentials



4. Statement Coat Winter Wardrobes Essentials

In winter your outerwear is the most important aspect of your wardrobe so why not make a statement? A statement coat will add a pop of color to any neutral or all-black outfit.

4.Statement Coat Winter Wardrobe Essentials



5. Over The Knee Boots

Warm and chic – the perfect winter combination! Over-the-knee boots can be dressed down with jeans and a jumper for a casual daytime look or glammed up with a skirt or mini dress at night.

5.Over-The-Knee Boots Winter Wardrobe Essentials

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6. Knitted Jumper Dress

The easiest way to show a little leg and stay cozy at the same time is by wearing a knitted jumper dress. For added warmth, pair it with tights or pop your favorite winter coat on top, which can be removed once inside. Choose from a form-fitting style or a relaxed version; you really can’t go wrong here, and a bonus is that this style looks good with most shoes.

6.Knitted Jumper Dress Winter Wardrobe Essentials

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7. Blanket Wrap Scarf Winter Wardrobes Essentials

The blanket wrap scarf is a chic and effortless addition to any winter outfit and the bigger, the better we say! There are countless ways to style this cold-weather accessory, either thrown carelessly over your shoulder or wrapped around multiple times.

7. Blanket Wrap Scarf

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8. Turtleneck Top Winter Wardrobes Essentials

Investing in a turtleneck top will ensure that your neck is nice and snug all winter long! This style looks good with anything whether it be paired with a sweater and sleeveless dress, or simply worn on its own with jeans.

8. Turtleneck Top

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9. Leather Jacket Winter Wardrobes Essentials

leather jacket is crucial for every winter wardrobe and adds instant edge and coolness to any outfit. Toss it over your jeans and tee on the weekend or blouse and pants for the night; this jacket has the power to transform any winter outfit from drab to fab!

9. Leather Jacket

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10. Ankle Boots Winter Wardrobes Essentials

Ankle boots are a perennial wardrobe staple. Ever so stylish and versatile this shoe never seems to get old. Pair with a dress and tights in the day or finish off any going-out look.

10. Ankle Boots

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How to Dress for the Fall Season

Dressing for the fall season requires careful thought in order to stay comfortable and fashionable as the heat of summer slowly gives way to the chill of winter. At the start of the season, when the weather is still warm, men and women can add layers to summer clothing, increasing the weight of fabrics and incorporating fall coats as temperatures drop. Choosing and matching the right colors maintains a look in keeping with the season and adding accessories provides a final autumnal touch.

Wearing Layers for the Fall Season

Temperatures can vary within a single day, especially at the start of the fall season. This means that outfits should be versatile enough to suit the changing weather. The ideal solution is to wear layers. Women can start the season wearing shorts and summer dresses with leggings or opaque tights and a cardigan or jacket, while men can continue wearing T-shirts and add a button-down shirt or lightweight sweater.

Layering Fabrics for the Fall Season

When wearing layers, it is important to consider the fabric, making sure that there is not an unbalanced mix of very light and very heavy materials. For example, mixing a sheer top with a heavy knit cardigan creates a bulky appearance. Starting with a cotton T-shirt, tank top, or dress keeps the wearer comfortable and allows the skin to breathe. Add a flannel shirt or long-sleeve T-shirt as the weather gets cooler and a cashmere sweater as temperatures dip even further. Lightweight linen or denim jacket offers an additional layer of warmth. Increase the weight of each fabric as winter draws closer until the fall outfit includes jeans, tweed pants, and timeless leather jackets.

Colors and Patterns for the Fall Season

Taking inspiration from nature’s fall colors is the perfect way to be in harmony with the season. The colors of autumn leaves, such as brown, orange, and deep red, are part of a traditional fall palette. To make earthy colors appear more vibrant, add gold tones or garments with embellishments that sparkles, such as sequins or glitter.

On-Trend Colors for the Fall Season

Each year, fashion editors promote new autumn colors, so spending time researching magazines over the summer ensures that consumers know about the current trend when fall arrives. According to Vogue, shades of beige, gray, mustard, coral, and dark green are fashionable colors for fall. In general, warm colors, such as burgundy, are also popular choices, but cold colors, such as teal, are increasingly becoming fall favorites, as they enliven muted tones.

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Patterns for the Fall Season

Plaid is a popular pattern for fall as it is reminiscent of the shirts worn by lumberjacks. The print appears on all garments, from shirts to skirts to jackets. The traditional colors of red and black are ideal for fall, but there are many other combinations available. Animal prints, such as leopards, are also perfect for autumn as they add fun to an outfit while incorporating earthy tones.

Accessories and Footwear for the Fall Season

Fall is the time to put away the sun hat and flip-flops and embrace ultra-stylish headgear and footwear. Consumers should choose items appropriate for fall.

  • Hats: Baseball cap, Baker boy hat, Fedora, and Beanie hat for late fall
  • Scarf: Light wool for early fall and Heavy knit for late fall. Fringing adds texture to the outfit. Avoid floaty fabrics associated with summer, such as chiffon
  • Jewelry: Chucky pieces in natural materials, such as wood and Rhinestone necklaces and bracelets add sparkle. Gold offers a warm look
  • Bag: Oversized tote or backpack Large enough to carry discarded layers of clothing
  • Footwear: Oxfords for early fall Ankle boots with chunky heels for late fall. Tall fashion boots for skinny jeans and skirts and avoid sandals

Accessories and footwear are a good way to introduce bursts of color when dressing for the fall season. Consumers can experiment with contrasting colors that enhance earthy tones.