Matching Your Glasses With Your Outfit

Matching Your Glasses With Your Outfit

Matching Your Glasses With Your Outfit

Fashion rules and trends are constantly changing; so it’s hard to know if you should be worried about matching your glasses with your outfit, or totally ignoring them.  Just when you learn whether to go oversized or fitted, hipster or glam, fads change and it’s time for another change! Fashion is fluid…so if you want to stay “with it,” you’ve got to keep up! Then there are eyeglasses; one necessary accessory that you can’t overlook; their presence is often the first people notice when they look at you. We’ve found that glasses are overlooked as an accessory and people NEED help with styling them. This guide has the answers; to how matching your glasses with your outfit

Match The Look of Your Glasses, Not The Color

Does wearing your purple glasses mean you should dress like Barney the dinosaur from head to toe? Of course not! Your glasses don’t even have to have the same shade or be in the same color family as your outfit. Matching your glasses with your outfit isn’t necessary, but you do need to match their “look.”

That means if you’re wearing a funky, colorful frame; you need to wear an outfit that can hold its own with an attention-getting pair of eyeglasses. Match the vibe of your glasses to your wardrobe.

Add Your Glasses To The Outfit First

Let’s say you have a great new dress, but you aren’t sure how to accessorize it. Do you really need to go out and buy a new necklace and pair of earrings to match? Probably not! Our advice: Put your glasses on first. Accessorize around your glasses instead of around any other piece of jewelry; because your glasses will be what people notice first. Let them be your statement necklace!

Frame Your Face, Not Your Clothes

The most important rule when choosing an eyeglass frame is finding a frame that fits your face. Don’t worry so much about the frame matching the clothes you’re wearing or the clothes you wish you had. Make sure that the shape of the lens, the size, and the colors look good on YOU! People will react first to how the frames look on your face; and second to how they go with the rest of your outfit. Take your time choosing some great pairs or shop online to get a feel for how certain frames will accentuate your facial features.


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Your Guide to Matching Your Glasses

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